Neighbors Cat

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Submitted: June 20, 2019

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Submitted: June 20, 2019



"OK mom, i bought the paint at the hardware store. Yes. i got it to where it matches the color of the siding on the house, slate blue. I will be over in the morning to start painting the porch. See you then." i said to my mom. I promised her for the last couple of week to come over to her house and paint the front porch for her. I've  been busy with work, and started a new relationship with this woman who works for the post office. I love a woman in uniform.

Saturday morning, and i have got the paint and brushes and drop cloth in the trunk of my Volkswagen. I make a quick drive over to the post office to tell my new girlfriend that i will see her later tonight for dinner, and whatever we can come up with afterwards. she gives me a kiss on the lips, and wrinkles her cute upturned nose. I love a woman in uniform.

Haven't eaten breakfast yet,so i will pop  into the bagel shop and get two bagels with butter and a tea. Eat one bagel now, and have one while i am doing the painting. I can raid my moms fridge for something to drink when i'm over there.

Pulling up into the driveway, i see my mom talking to the neighbor, Ms Giacomo. "Hello mom, hello Ms. Giacomo." they both said hi, but i didn't really want to be around Ms. Giacomo to much, since when i was a kid and she caught me behind her garage smoking  with her daughter Anna. Hey, we were 11 years old, and she was in her girl scout uniform. We were just kissing, nothing major.  I think that is where my love for women in uniform first started.

Getting what i need for the paint job out of my car, i see that the neighbors cat who lives on the other side of my moms house, Huey is walking in between my legs. Huey is a very friendly grey colored cat, sometimes to friendly. Almost needy in a way. I have the paint in one hand,the brushes and drop cloth in the other, and Huey leading the way, stopping to look up at me. "Sorry, Huey, i don't have a third hand to pet you. Gotta get to work you know.

Placing the drop cloth on the ground, and putting the paint can on it, i opened up the paint with a screw driver that i had in my pocket, as well as a stirer to mix up the paint. Meanwhile, Huey the cat is lying down on the other side of the drop cloth, i guess he thought that  it was meant for him, and not to  make sure that i didn't leave paint on the concrete in front of the porch. 

After having mixed up the paint, i headed up to the top of the porch to begin to paint. On my hands and knees, i begin to do the landing by the front door, before i will work my way down to the do each step. Meanwhile, i was to busy to notice, Huey began to slowly walk up the steps behind me. He was curious to see what i was up to. It got to the point to where were were nose to nose. "Huey, i got to get this done, i don't have time to play with you." i said,. So, i picked him up and i brought him back down and put him into the front garden thinking that he would like to be among the plants. But that wasn't to be.

Continuning my work, i was making good time, and felt that i would only need to give the porch one coating. After i finished the landing and the first step, i stopped and went into the car to get my other bagel. At this time, i didn't see Huey around any where, but then again, i wasn't looking for him. I could still her my mom talking to the neighbor lady. Gossip, gossip, gossip. 

Stepping into the house at the side door, i wanted to get a drink to go with my bagel, so i got a can of coke to wash it down with. I'm in the kitchen enjoying my bagel and coke when all of a sudeen i heard my mom yell, "Huey, no!!!" That to me there was something that wasn't good. Maybe he was eating her flowers, he had a tendency to do that. Or maybe he had a bird in his mouth. Cats will do that. I come out the side door of the house and walk past the garbage cans and make the turn to the front porch. and this what i saw.

Huey had walked on the part of the porch that i had painted. at since it was still wet, there were his cat paw  prints on  the landing and the first step of the porch. As well on the drop cloth and also some on the sidewalk. But most of all,he still had it on his paws. So. i had to get the paint off quick before the cat started to lick his paws. I picked up the cat, and i asked my mom to get a bucket of warm sudsy water and a towel. I'm holding the cat, and looking at him in the eyes and saying to him, Huey, what were you thinking?" But then after saying that i thought to myself that he didn't know what he was doing. He was just looking at me with his green eyes, with not a care in the world, except that he had slate blue colored paws.

My mom came with  the bucket with the warm water, and the soap that she put in it. she held the cat while i washed off his paws. Huey had a look on his face like that he was enjoying this. It took a bit  of doing and scrubbing, but iwas able  to get alll of the paint of his four paws.  Thought he would put up afight, but he didn't.

After drying off his paws, my mom put him on the ground, and gave him a pat on his rump and sent him on his way. He went about twenty feet from us, and then laid on his left side  and streched out on the middle of the side walk, while the sun was on his body.

As for the porch, with the cat paws slowly drying in the paint, i had to wait for it to dry for good for a few days before i sanded it off and start all over again. When i went back the following week to paint the porch, i made sure that Huey wasn't around. We let his owner know what happened, and she said that she would keep him in the house for that time that i would be painting. I was able to finish the job, and put up a  barrier to keep the noisy,but friendly cat Huey away so that the paint could dry.

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