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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



It was midnight and the stars lingering in the blackened night sky sparkled and twinkled as they reflected off of the ocean’s surface. The moon however was nowhere to be seen as Von Dryte raced across the Atlantic waters in a small, motorized boat wearing nothing but plain black clothing periodically peering down to look at a miniature, stainless steel compass to make sure he was heading directly west away from Daytona, Florida. Directly behind him, he could hear the loud roaring of a larger transporting boat containing incapacitated animals along with food, water, and supplies to last him till next month.

The scientist glanced once more at the metallic compass to find that he was still traveling west. Up ahead, he spotted the massive, exiled island welcoming him. Von Dryte gave a slight smile as he quickly approached. Making landfall, he pulled his boat to shore as the other anchored far out in the water unloading one cage at a time. While the workers made their way towards the island, the scientist paced towards an opening at the base of a nearby mountain that led to his experimental domain. As he entered the cave and approached a steel door, Von Dryte retrieved a bronze key from his pocket and shoved it into the keyhole.

Hearing the locks and gears click as he turned the key, the scientist slowly opened the door and headed into a long narrow corridor that was lined with ten padded cells on each side where the animals were held captive. They were animals that were scheduled to be put to sleep for aggressive behavior, but he was lucky enough to find a dealer who was able to deliver and provide for his research. Nobody was going to miss these animals and Von Dryte thought of himself as a savoir but also being somewhat of a death dealer. In his experiments, he gave them a second chance for life but it didn’t come without a fight.

It was either survive or die.

He walked all the way to the last cell on the left where the little girl was kept isolated. Opening the little hatch on the door, he peered through to find the little girl curled up in the far corner of the room asleep. Watching her small chest rise and fall, he gave a small smirk, but there was still anger in him from a week ago when she had bit him. Most of the anger was toward him for hitting her continuously in the head and he knew it was self-defense, but he would continue to carry the guilt of hitting her.

Then a sudden loud bang echoed through the corridor that made him lose his attention on the girl. Von Dryte turned to find three workers walking a cage containing a tranquilized mountain lion towards the first cell to the right and he watched them repeatedly run the cage against the jagged walls of the mountain.

“Be careful damn it,” the scientist yelled at the workmen who answered him in Spanish. “Fucking idiots don’t understand how careful they need to be with these animals.”

Shaking his head, he looked back into the cell to find the girl this time sitting up straight with her knees tucked to her chest as her arms hugged around them holding her legs in place. Her brown eyes stared into his and he could feel a slight discomfort as he saw what looked like the eyes of a killer starring at him. Though it was disturbing, he couldn’t deny the fact that the little girl wanted to kill him badly. The scientist didn’t blame her for he knew he would want to kill himself if he was in her shoes.

“It’s nice to see you awake, my dear. I can see in your eyes that you want to hurt me and possibly kill me because of what I did to you.” Von Dryte knew what she wanted, but what troubled him was the fact of how and when she would do it.

Death was no stranger to him for he saw it each and every time he conducted one of his experiments that dealt with animal behavior when faced with death. And with that, after each and every one of those experiments there would be a lifeless carcass that was to be disposed of. After disposing the bodies, dark, metallic crimson painted his hands reminding him that life was a precious gift that he was either taking or giving. But there were those instances where the dead were eaten and he would come in to find blood stained bones scattered among the cell. He didn’t think of it as a sign to compensate for the hunger the scientist deprived the animals from, but he thought of it as the animal ate their victim as if they were a trophy.

Von Dryte stared at the little girl for a few more minutes before closing the hatch and run off to retrieve his supplies he needed to stock. The girl sat in the corner still hugging her knees to her tiny chest rocking herself back and forth. A faint smile painted her face as she continued to stare at the closed hatch. The scientist’s words about her wanting to kill him echoed endlessly in her mind.

“Yes, I do.”

It was nothing more of a whisper that made her start to giggle.




Waking up from a dream, a young, blonde woman sat up in bed with her naked body under the covers drenched in sweat. Her hair stuck to her skin as it moistened and she wiped it away as she looked down to glance at a man lying next to her also bare. She couldn’t remember his name but did remember the hour before she fell asleep, when she physically had sex with him. Unfortunately, she didn’t find the sex to be soothing enough to please her and that’s why the man now lied in bed with a dagger in his chest. Blood painted the sheets and the woman took her index finger and ran it around the wound where the knife was buried. Seeing crimson now on her finger, she ran her tongue against it tasting the bitterness.

But she could not escape the dream she had awakened from as it continued to plague her mind. In fact, it was more of a nightmare for her given the fact that the nature of the dream was a memory of three years ago when she abandoned someone who she loved dearly. The face she could remember so clearly as it sprang to life in her imagination.

It was the face of her child.

The face of her baby.

The face of a little girl that was left in an alley in the middle of the night.

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