secret art of meditation

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Memory

Submitted: August 14, 2019

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Submitted: August 14, 2019



1. In Emerald Tablet of Thoth:

List ye, O man, drink of my wisdom.

Learn ye the secret that is Master of Time.

Learn ye how those ye call Masters are

able to remember the lives of the past.

Great is the secret yet easy to master,

giving to thee the mastery of time.

When upon thee death fast approaches,

fear not but know ye are master of Death.

Relax thy body, resist not with tension.

Place in thy heart the flame of thy Soul.

Swiftly then sweep it to the seat of the triangle.

Hold for a moment, then move to the goal.

This, thy goal, is the place between thine eyebrows,

the place where the memory of life must hold sway.

Hold thou thy flame here in thy brain-seat

until the fingers of Death grasp thy Soul.

Then as thou pass through the state of transition,

surely the memories of life shall pass, too.

Then shalt the past be as one with the present.

Then shall the memory of all be retained.

Free shalt thou be from all retrogression.

The things of the past shall live in today.

- With Thoth ways, it seem you focus on the heart until something brew comes up and you move it to the tip of the nose and forehead area to read it.

2. My method, this could only work if you know how to read energy as in you dive in the energy and feel words springing up speaking what the energy is saying.

When you detach from every desire, have no thoughts, the mind is empty, and the heart is cleanse and clear of attachments. Turn to the Supersoul that seated in the heart, you should feel within a name in the heart of who you are, spiritual speaking. Ask the Supersoul what is your spirit name. 

With the mind, focus on the Supersoul seated in the heart and bring it out in front of you.

With the mind, hold the thought 'spirit name' and feel what the Supersoul say or what the energy say or read as. (usually the spirit name floats in the heart or above the head)

With the mind, hold the thought 'spirit blood' and see within and feel the energy is a color that represent you.

When you read the energy, it will tell you what you are.

With the mind, focus on the Supersoul across from you.

With the mind, focus on the Supersoul kingdom that holds an energy forest full of trees.

With the mind, envision that their a 'fruit of memory', let the mind and heart act on it's own and let the image of that fruit be that without colorizing or shaping the fruit.

Just let the Supersoul reveal what it looks like without you imaging it.

Let the energy of the fruit in the energy field shines towards you.

With the mind, connect to the energy field.

With the heart, feel the energy move towards the energy of the fruit and the energy of the fruit and its wall shines towards you and feel you are engulf and in a trance of the energy field of the fruit.

By concentrating on the energy field if done correctly, their be words in the energy.

By diving into the energy and channeling of the fruit of memory energy field, you can feel the fruit give off certain vibes regarding your name and duty. 


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