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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Heart of Believe

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



Let say you focus on 'heart of truth' of your own, you will connect to the heart of truth on your heart.
And so let focus on 'heart of believe' and you will feel their a shift in the mind towards a specific part in the heart.
And you feel within 'something about' it.
That heart part will be able to manifest a dream.
You must say 'I believe in an event of creation of event' and let the energy flows to the universe.
Then you must tell what you want to happen.
I say 'God and the Supersoul will moves Me and protect Me from all angles no matter what and They will not stop no matter what'
And then I feel the energy from above moves and an energy drop on the head and body as if 'it's going to happen'.
It like He and God drop themselves in Me and moves Me to how They see fit for protecting Me.
So if you believe 'a guy' or 'a girl' comes into your life, it will happen.
The energy will drop on both of you and one day the energy will meet.
But it could mean that the guy or girl may have walk a path where they have to break up with their partner in order for you to see them.
So if you believe or wish such, the Supersoul will moves and make it happen where both will end up breaking up just so you can get your wish come true.
So believe in a 'single' person than 'someone that taken', you rather know you didn't condemn a relationship for your selfish needs.
But what will you want to believe to happen for your life?

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