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Chapter 55 (v.1) - The Soul Emotions

Submitted: November 27, 2019

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Submitted: November 27, 2019



With the mind, focus on the Supersoul and bring out the soul and let that soul nature be you.

With the heart, open up the heart map where it open the emotions field where it show all emotions type on the wall energy.

With the mind, use an 'emotions' and see the energy line flow to that emotions.

And let the energy take over the body only but not the soul, and you will notice that the body doesn't react or feel that nature of that emotions you pick from hate or anger.

But when you use the emotions energy and place it on the soul and attach and feel it, you will feel the whole nature of your body react to that emotions.

So when you see that you are a soul that react to the energy, you are not the body.

When you let the Supersoul takes over the body, you will see that your body no longer belongs to you and that you are a soul apart from the body.

When you come to this realization and realize your subtle body, you will be able to tell where you are in the body as 'awareness' or 'ether' (gas) ... in a body of chemicals that formed this body and it carries a soul or gas.

TO see gas of this body has emotions, how can gas or ether has emotions?

How does this sperm has the power to seal a gas or soul energy onto it's body?

How do we flow to another sperm when we moves to another body?

To see we use the inner void (portal technique) and moves to a new body, we end up moving to a sperm instead and come out the womb.

And we someone come out of the womb and we are a soul that in a body, and it somehow 'carries emotions'.

And to see DNA codes on the blood, it show we are like robots that has a soul energy stuck on it and we move it.

What are we? How do we soul .... in this body ... has ... emotions? Where it comes from? Gas or Nature?

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