A Modern Wedding

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Conversations inside a chapel.

Submitted: June 27, 2019

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Submitted: June 27, 2019



Inside a chapel, a wedding is going on. A beautiful Bride dressed in a white wedding gown, stood to my right, with her Bridesmaid dressed also in white. A handsome Groom wore a black tuxedo, stood to my left, next to him is his Best Man in a perfect fitting suit. The chapel is packed with friends and relatives. And I am the Minster.

"Friends: we are gathered here in the presence of these witnesses for the purpose of legally joining in marriage this Groom and this Bride, Dylan and Sally.

If there be any among you who know of any reason why this should not be done, let them now speak, or forever remain silent.

(Five seconds passed)

All being in accord, we shall proceed.

Dylan, is your reality of the love..."

'Wait a minute. Reverend Penn, I...I...'

'Yes? Best Man?'

'Well, I...I...don't...I...

'Please go on.'

'I...I don't want to remain silent anymore! I don't think they should get married!'

'It is a good resolution for not wanting to remain silent. But I am afraid that you had lost the chance to speak. I normally wait for two seconds for any rejection. Today I forgot my next line, so I gave you another three seconds, but you still did not speak up until thirteen seconds later. I shall proceed now. Today I have another four couples to marry still. There is only one pair of them who are never married before. Two Grooms, three Bridesmaids are old faces in weddings. Changing spouse is just like changing nappy in this current society.  So don't worry, I am sure you will get to marry this Bride some time later. If that is what you want. Now Dylan, is your reality of the love...'

'I am very sorry Reverend Penn, I know you love to express your opinions, the more the better, as there is less and less people come to listen to your sermons these days. And you make your every second count. But I was just too confused about what you said whom you plan to marry. Did you read the letter we sent you?'

'No. Why? The letter sent to me is normally about cancellation of weddings or changing of date. Nothing exciting. I saw everything was under preparation and ready to go, so I just kept reading my fantasy novels when there was nobody came for my services. You know, there is a very popular trilogy just got published one month ago, its title is What a Wonderful Earth. It is about how beautiful and perfect our world is...'

'Thank you Reverend Penn for your information. I will check the book out as soon as I get the chance. But right now I want to say I don't think they should get married.'

'Oh? Is that so? Would you please provide your reason?'

'The Groom's name is not Dylan. He is Nathan. We sent you a letter to inform you the change of couple's names.'

'Is that right? Groom? Nathan, you said your name is? Then, who is Dylan?'

'It is me, Reverend Penn...I am Dylan.'

'The Bride?! You are Dylan? And Sally? You? The Bridesmaid?'

'Is that two of you wanna get married? Nodding heads, huh? You have to excuse me! I only perform orthodox wedding ceremony! Is this a just joke or some kind of blasphemy? I don't even think the same-sex marriage is ever legal!'

'Please calm down, Reverend Penn. We know you live in solitude where there is no wifi or Internet, so you may not get all latest movements or evolutions of our current society. So I as the Best Man worked out with the Bridesmaid-Sally and decided to send you the letter to inform you that the same-sex marriage is now legal in most of the countries now. Includes us.'

'So you mean the couple I am going to marry now is The Bride and The Bridesmaid?'

There is some cheering or uproar starts going on among the audience. They are expecting to see this outrage yet exciting wedding. I see The Bride and The Bridesmaid standing closer to each other, their fingers are locked, same as their eyes.

'No! I quit! I am NOT going to do this. This is ridiculous! You two can just sign your names here on the certificate and sleep on the stage to show your love. I am leaving!'

'Wait a moment! Reverend Penn. I have something to say!'

'Yes, The Best Man. Do you want to tell me you want to marry The Groom as well?'

(A few secs passed, or minutes, I have lost count. I am too depressed about what is going on.)


'Please go on. I'm leaving, can't you see!?'

'Actually yes...'

'What? Alex? I am here only for attending my sister Dylan's wedding and making sure it looks okay and everything goes smoothly. You are my life time's best friend so I asked you to be my Best Man. But, why this?' The Groom, Nathan says.

'Actually I have a very strong feeling for you for a long while now and have been thinking to get our friendship moved up to next level. But I dare not to say, in case we lose our long-term friendship.'

'We have been very good and the best friend for more than twenty years. Alex. I never know you...you have that feeling for me...I thought you are simply a humorous, understanding and inspiring person to be with. But a totally tomboy. I sometimes thought maybe you like girls but boys. So I always thought you were a boy. I really don't know...'

'My full name is Alexandra. I like to wear T-shits and jeans, so we can hang out together to anywhere without restrains. But it doesn't mean I am a man. And yes, I have been having that feeling for you for a long time. Actually I love you. But you seem never notice it. Even when I was dressed in skirt or gown at the parties...'

'I am sorry. Alex. I am so used to have you being with me, and I never thought of how you have been actually sharing the same feeling of mine. I wanted to tell you many times that you were very beautiful when you were in dress or pants. But I did not, as I was afraid to break our friendship too...'

'Okay, okay. That is enough now, you pair. That was the best sentimental confession I ever heard. Really romantic indeed. Now, Nathan. She has told you she loves you. What do you say to that?'

Nathan pulls Alex closer and lowers his head to gives her a long kiss on her lips. A burst of applause arises from the audience, people are totally ignoring two women's stage show, but this real coupe's romance.

'From now on, please don't be afraid to be yourself. You can dress in skirt anytime you want. I will still take you anywhere we want!'

Wow! Wow! Wow! I decide to perform one more wedding before I quit. I go back to pick up my wedding book before the tears wet and burr my eyes. Throughout the whole ceremony I pray to God for his mercy not to take away all real loves from this world. We need them to hold on and to come back with.

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