Tragedy - Passing By

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Submitted: June 27, 2019

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Submitted: June 27, 2019



Tragedy - Passing By



We drive away from our home.

Skies are blue and grass is green and growing high.

We expect things to get bad.

The storm rages off our coast.

We fear for our safety and the safety of our family.

We have left them all behind.


The dark raging storm coming towards us calms and our fears ebb.

We begin to relax and feel safe.

Our comfort and peace of mind are shattered within hours.

The raging storm may not be large anymore, but it isn’t moving quickly away.

Our fears are back.


Skies darken. Fat raindrops fall and wind whips and wails.

Looking out the windows we feel protected.

And we are.

We are far from the drenched and shattered coast.

But our fears still rise in our throats and unease settles in our stomachs.


We have left our family behind.

A call in the middle of the night causes our fear to skyrocket.

Dark, murky water is rising fast.

Roads are closing.

Power has been lost; and the water still rises.


The cool wind is stronger now and is knocking at the windows protecting us.

We think to ourselves, “If it is this bad here, what did we leave our family to endure?”

Fear continues to rise in our minds; we are on high alert.

Water is still rising; darker and murkier than before.

Cars can no longer reach certain places, even walking is hard.

It is still dark, and the storm is slow moving.

We try to sleep but it evades us.

We dread what the morning sun will bring.


Slowly the sun rises, and we can see clearly what was done the night before.

We are safe, and the fear and anxiety we had the night before wanes a little.

Reality hits us.

Our family! What about our family.

We left them behind!


The news tells us the storm is still raging at home.

Water is still rising.

Is it safe to go back home yet?

I am told, “No.”

Worry builds even more now.

There is no comfort for us yet.


We wait day after day for news of our family and our home.

Phones are down, power is out, and our anxiety feels like it can’t get much higher.

How wrong we are.


We try to leave our safety; we want to go back home.

Our way home is cut off.

The water has risen so much that roads are covered.

The water is black and menacing.

We know there is danger and turn back.


Again, fear rushes into our souls3 as we worry even more about our family.

Our home and family are by the river that has risen to cover large areas of our path home.

We are safe, but we left our family behind.

We hear from those we were dreading were hurt.

They are safe.


I watch as my mom keeps up with the news of what is going on and where.

Her anxiety is high; she knows we have our house and we can return, but tragedy will strike.

Days wear on and she keeps an eye on the news; it doesn’t look good.

Our several members of our family have lost everything.

The dark, menacing waters have claimed their memories and everything they have worked for.

We try again to get back to our home and family.

This time we will make it.

As we drive back our hearts sink.

The sky is bright blue; but the world around us has turned black.


We can see a line of death across all the trees we pass.

We roll the windows down to get some cool air; they are quickly rolled back up.

The smell of death surrounds us.

Dead fish and water polluted by farms that have been flooded has left a lingering smell of decay.

We can see dead fish and things dredged up from the bottom of the river on the side of the road.


I think that it can’t get much worse than this.

I am very wrong.

The smell of houses sitting in sewage water and black mold wafts into my nose and chokes me.

I am desperate for clean air; I walk quickly away from the open doors of my grandparents’ house.

It’s gone, all of it; there is no saving it.

The horrible smell sticks in my nose and throat like it has been glued there and I can’t remove it.


Tragedy has struck and I feel useless and helpless.

I can’t bring it back and I can’t go back and stop it.

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