A Very Inconvenient Truth

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Submitted: June 27, 2019

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Submitted: June 27, 2019



by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.
This insane hysteria over CO2 in the atmosphere is just that, insane. Humans account for 3%, yes a whopping 3% of the carbon released into the atmosphere, the rest comes from forest fires, volcanoes and organic decay. The Earth is a complex, self correcting organism. Climate change is a normal phenomenon that correlates with the solar cycle. Global warming caused by man doesn't exist. That does not mean we are not trashing the planet, but again, it's a self correcting organism. People need to stop fearing that which isn't real, that which they cannot change and stop trying to save that which doesn't need saving. That goes for species as well. Extinction is the rule in natural and artificial selection. When mankind is gone, Earth will wipe away our stains and new species will flourish. Life does not flourish due to survival, but rather from countless births and deaths. Humans are more valuable to the planet dead than alive so stop feeding the delusion of existence.
When someone attempts to judge the health of the planet by 800,000 years of polar ice data which is .018% of the earths 4.5 billion years of existence, you will get misleading erroneous results. During Earths most proliferative period of growth, the Cambrian period or Cambrian explosion as it's most often referred, there was an enormous explosion of life due to CO2 levels that were 800% higher than today. The polar icecaps are melting as we are in a warm period of an ice-age, even if only by definition. Again, it all boils down to living in constant fear and worry. Will you somehow prevent this so called devastating climate change and the destruction of the Earth with your "facts". What is your premise for such worry? This worry is based solely on belief rather than truth, derived from a deep seated need to believe. When the Earth is viewed as a living organism that has been alive and well for 4.5 billion years the doom and gloom model of climate change goes out the window. We must ask the question, who are we to question God, if Earth's natural progression is to be very much like Venus? Is it human centered conceit, the notion that the universe was made for mankind, the very reason we have created this problem to begin with? This human centered conceit is culminated in the notion that we were created in "God's" image, that the creator of the universe is just like us, what a convenient and satisfying delusion. Am I over simplifying life? We are born with innate ideas about metaphysical truths, complexity of thought can destroy those innate truths. Truth is conformity to God, whereas fact is conformity to the sociocultural dogma of the day which history proves is often wrong.

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