Mere moments before being crowned king of his late father's kingdom, Katar is betrayed by his very own blood. Left for dead Katar seeks his revenge and to claim his rightful spot as king from his brother's destructive grasp

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The day could only be described as too beautiful. The sky was a special kind of blue without a cloud in the sky. It was so warm that it f... Read Chapter

Enter the Usier

Katar drifted in and out of consciousness. Even when awake his blurred vision proved to be a hindrance, his dire condition forcing the wo... Read Chapter

Roses of Blood

Back in the city of Avalon, King Tyrus IV sat proudly on his throne. Besides him sat the woman he took as his queen soon after being crow... Read Chapter

The Prince of Roses

Katar was dropped right on his head, the thorny vine that had lifted him up by his ankle withdrawing. Katar sat up rubbing the top of his... Read Chapter