Dear Him

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Sometimes love isn't what we expect, it can surprise us..

Submitted: June 29, 2019

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Submitted: June 29, 2019



 A mystery they said…

Only few could understand it-- others blindsided by it.

Problems seemed meaningless along with the distance-- that I couldn’t fully conquer.

they didn’t approve of our passion, just like Romeo and Juliet, how could we end up here? 


Waiting for your reply, Waiting for our encounter, Waiting for a mere sign


The walk was difficult to strive-- you should’ve noticed. 

A secret was needed to succeed this destiny.

Missing each other was the highlight of our day 

Risking my life for you is the best gift you could ever receive --sometimes it wasn’t enough, you never knew.


The rumors, rumors I heard in town-- quite the newspread on a saturday evening 

you only wanted her for pure pleasure even money, they said.

Evading me every second of the say, was your task

Leaving me wondering was your delight  


That man, once I loved, has become indeed a stranger-- that I couldn’t evade, nor contact  

If I looked at you, eye to eye-- one more time, would you say the same….


Truest misery and torture was this, him hating me and I (myself), trying to love him again…


 A mistery that we both feared-- 

one left and the other that tried…


- Poet: Chelsie Rivera (-2019) 

© Copyright 2019 poetcheel. All rights reserved.

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