Bedroom ft. HJFURL

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Submitted: July 01, 2019

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Submitted: July 01, 2019





I'm sat in my bedroom,
All alone,
Stress everyday,
My life isn't changing,
The love of my life so far from me,
I'm beginning to hate the fact that I breathe,
I don't feel right,
And I haven't for a while,
I've been feeling like this ever since I was a child,
Recently the pressure has been holding me down,
And to be honest I'm done with this feeling now,
Either take my life,
Or take my pain,
I can't live on this planet in this horrible way,
No one to help me,
Everyone getting on,
Whilst deep down I'm dying,
And one day I'll be gone...


You're sat in your bedroom,
No longer alone,
I'm here to give you headroom,
Here to take you home,
I'll cure you of your aching,
I'll take your stress away,
You life is changing,
Let's celebrate your New Day!
We blow your angst away,
Love and care and passion,
Will always lead the way.
The love of your life is near you,
You love the joy she breathes,
You feel right, happy, content,
For the first time in a long while,
You've been feeling this joy ever since you were a child,
But concealed your feelings, raging wild like the sea,
The pressure of the crashing waves holding you down,
And to be honest we're done with that feeling now,

I'll take your hand, and lead you to a new paradise,
I'll take your pain and pour it down life's nearest drain,
I can thrive on this planet in this new joyous way,
I'm here to help you celebrate your New Day!
I'll encourage you, make you smile, make you win!
Even as, deep down, I'm crying still within,
As one day I'll be gone...
So go on, Man, be Strong!

Written by Sohaaaaail & HJFURL

© Copyright 2019 So-So. All rights reserved.

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