The Bricolage Project

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Healthy Range

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



Have you looked at yourself?” Krillian asked when Nix came inside the space vessel with a snack box of fried chicken.

Ellie has to work tonight,” Nix shrugged, knowing all to well what the A.I. meant. Krillian had been his trusty companion in flight, but now the AI was turning into a nag he preferred to avoid.

Ellie had taken Nix out to get new clothes last week. She used his debit card to fund the purchases, but he counted on her to know what was appropriate in her culture. He'd have sent her to requisition them herself, but she needed him to try on this latest batch to make sure it could fit him.

I don't know what size you are anymore,” Ellie said.

Krillian projected an image of Nix that was more accurate than any Terran mirror could be. He gawked at the sight of a chunky man. He hadn't merely filled out, he'd gained weight.

It's disgraceful!” Krillian said.

I need to adapt to my environment. Most Americans are overweight. I'm blending in,” Nix shrugged.

Most Americans give themselves chronic health conditions because of their dietary choices! I can show you the latest data!” Krillian called up a documentary with the relevant facts.

Ohh,” Nix groaned. “I'm not in the mood.”

Keep this up, and you may not get into 'the mood' with Ellie at all,'” Krillian said.

Nix yawned at this and put the snack box in the processor. Krillian blew up all the red numerals to show him the amounts of fat and calories in the delicacy, “Ohh!” He winced at the numbers, but he still ate it for dinner.


Nix used the processor in the Jordans' home rather than put up with the AI's nagging when he ate. The Jordans' fridge was full of tempting treats and he ate more calories. He would've avoided sleeping in Krillian, but Ellie preferred to be in a place where they had the illusion of privacy.

Krillian knew of what they were doing. The other Jordans knew he and Ellie were together, but she'd rather not use her bed in the family home for their private time.

The AI spoke to Nix when he was cleaning up the captain's chamber for the night. Ellie had bought him new bedding, and he thought it best to put it on the bed for the night, “Have you gone native and given up any chance to go into space again?”

Huh?” Nix said.

Even Terran sgencies have fitness requirements to meet before their astronauts are allowed into space?” Krillian said.

Krillian projected a holo of a human in the optimum fitness range and showed Nix's current state in 3D. His outline was much puffier and rounder than was ideal.

, “Fixing you will be a long term project if it ever gets done at all.”

And if you get fatter and fatter all this time, you won't be able to go up when it’s done, or else you’ll spend even more time dieting yourself to an acceptable weight range. I bet you couldn't even pass a gravity endurance test!” Krillian said.

Krillian, I don't have time for this. I'm about to have company,” Nix snapped. At this rate he'd have to pay for a motel room to have private time with Ellie if Krillian lectured him every time he entered the vessel's interior.

He wondered if it was possible to power down everything but life functions and reduce the AI's cerebral functions to minimal levels to get peace.

Ellie gets off of work in half a bell. You have time for a quick test at least,” Krillian said.

the artificial gravity to approximate a gravity endurance test. Artificial gravity was used in space or on planetary bodies that had low gravity wells. Nix cried out in pain as the weight of the air crushed his ability to breathe!

Krillian!” was the last thing Nix said before he lost consciousness, clutching his chest as he was felled by the weight and pain.


I can't believe you attacked, Nix, Krillian,” Nix heard as he came to. He was laid out on the bed.

I was showing him he wouldn't pass a gravity endurance test in his current condition, which must've been even sadder than I thought,” Krillian snapped. “I had to reduce the gravity to half Terran normal so you could carry him to the bed.”

Ellie looked down at Nix with wide eyes, “Krillian, told me that the nanobots in your system could take better care of you than an Earth doctor could so I gave you CPR and didn't call the ambulance.”

Mmm,” Nix grunted.

Are you all right?” Ellie asked.

loss regime that day.

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