Gone But Not Forgotten- Disappearances From 1980-1989

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Read about several missing children from mid-1989. From a street abduction to a possible home invasion, to the possible case of a tragic accident.

Chapter 89 (v.1) - Missing Children from 1989

Submitted: January 14, 2020

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Submitted: January 14, 2020




Disappearance of Cindy Marilyn Ray ( age 4 months)

Missing March 29, 1989  Fresno, California 


Here we have a case where things might not have occurred as the parents claimed.  Cindy Marilyn Tay was only four months when her parents Jonathan and Janine Ray claimed to have left her swinging on a swing outside their Fresno home on March 29th.  According to them, Jonathan left her unattended for an unspecified amount of time and when he returned to the swing he realized she was gone.  Cindy tho wasn't reported missing until April 01.  Janine explained that she'd been "afraid that Jonathan would be accused of harming Cindy due to his history of spousal abuse".  

On April 11 1989 the couple was tracked down to a motel in Visalia, California after a suicide pact had been committed by both- tho only Jonathan had died and Janine was still alive, tho comatose.  Jonathan had been scheduled to take a polygraph test and had chosen to take his life instead.

What really happened to baby Cindy that day in March 1989?  Maybe see the suicide pact as an admission of guilt from both parents,  It is likely one of them ( Jonathan maybe) harmed Cindy and killed her ( maybe accidentally) and then the two concocted a story about Cindy being abducted from her swing,  She was probably disposed of soon after dying but it is anyone's guess as to where her little body might be.


Disappearance of Aaron Mitchell Anderson ( age 1)

Missing April 07, 1989  Pine City, Minnesota 


Aaron Anderson was playing in the front yard of his Pine City home on the afternoon of April 7th ( around 4:30 pm) when his mother left him unattended for a few minutes.  When she came back out to find him, he was gone.  

Police believed initially that Aaron could have fallen into the Snake River, which was near his home.  Believing he had drowned that day, the police focused on this theory and ignored other leads that pointed out to be possibility that he could have been abducted.  Because no body was ever found ( in the river) police now believe that Aaron could have been abducted that day.  But if he was taken by someone- what happened to him afterwards?


Disappearance of Jenna Ray Robbins ( age 9)

Missing May 14, 1989  Killeen, Texas


Jenna Ray Robbins was abducted on May 14, 1989 and she has never been located.  She was playing outside her North 4th Street in Killeen, Texas home with a six year old friend around 5:30 pm when a man in a gray or silver 2 door Dodge or Plymouth approached them.  Witnesses described the man as having slicked back dark hair, Caucasian, and aged between 20-25 years old.  

The man apparently enticed Jenna into his car, promising to buy something for her. He also tried to lure the 6 year old friend into the car, but she became frightned and ran away.  The man then drove away with Jenna and the car was seen traveling west on Garrison Avenue in Killeen.  

Two days prior, another girl had told police that a man had tried to lure her into his vehicle.  The description she gave of the man matched the description of Jenna's abductor.  This had led many to believe that this was the same man- tho nothing has been confirmed as of yet.  

What happened to Jenna?  Maybe one day we will know.


Disappearance of Anthony Steven Moya ( age 2)

Missing June 12, 1989  Denver, Colorado 


The details of 2 year old Anthony Moya's disappearance are vague and therefore mysterious.  He had been staying with his mother Jessica Moya and his baby sister at an apartment complex on the 500 block Webster Street near Sixth Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard in Denver.  According to his mother, she and him had been asleep in the living room on the early morning of June 12th when he vanished.  She claimed that she'd awoken sometime around 8:45 am and discovered that the front door was open and Anthony was missing.  

Jessica hadn't heard anything to awaken her and she assumed that Anthony had been abducted out of bed and out of the apartment after leaving through the front door.  But there are several mysteries here we don't know.  One was whether the front door showed signs of having been forced open.  Or are we assuming the door was unlocked to begin with?  Or did Anthony open the door and allowed his abductor inside?

Another thing is why no one heard anything.  I'm not sure how many other people where inside the apartment at that time.  But wouldn't Jessica have heard something?  She was, after all, sharing the same living room bed space as her son.  Was the abduction so silent that Anthony didn't make a sound?  Could he have been asleep as he was taken right out the front door?  Maybe.

But there is also the theory that Anthony was harmed by his mother and her boyfriend at the time.  She claimed they both had failed polygraph tests.  There is also the fact that other people living at the building complex hadn't seen or heard anything suspicious.

The third possibility is that Anthony left the apartment on his own.  Could he have woken up and snuck out without anyone realizing it?  Again tho, no neighbor clImed to have seen him wandering the complex or the neighborhood around the time he was said to have disappeared.  He was only two after all- wouldn't he have been spotted eventually by someone?

Sadly, the mystery of Anthony Moya's disappearance has yet to be solved.

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