The End of The Line

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Submitted: July 01, 2019

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Submitted: July 01, 2019




Jake was done with the small town bull shit so he packed the few possessions he had to his name and started walking. He ended up by the train tracks; thought briefly about just waiting for the train to run him over.


That seemed to be the theme now a days...just run that bitch right over him then back her up and park. Had a poetic feel to it, Jake thought, as he walked to the stations still debating.


He bought a ticket for the next train out and as his foot hit the platform at track 1 he wondered if it was worth the money. Maybe it would derail. Hell on wheels and the whistle keeps blowing! Ha! 


No one knew he was gone; not that anyone would care. Better luck at the end of the line...where ever it is...can’t be worse then where he was. That’s the thing about small towns, there’s always a track 1 train calling. Only questions is how are you taking it? The choices are plentiful but not all advisable. 


Jake pulled his cap over his eyes and leaned back. Guess he’d find out at the end of the line.


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