My Criminal Future

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - I

Submitted: July 02, 2019

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Submitted: July 02, 2019




Mr and Mrs Dunkowski were just about to close their restaurant when two cars arrived on theparking lot of their establishment. Two black Audi A4s. And they immediately knew what thatmeant. A man got out of the first car – the one they feared the most – The Boozer – the boss of his band of troublemakers, whom they see about once a month but his visits are never quitelike a visit from your grandma once a month, who leaves you a $100 and kisses your cheek,unless your grandma took the money from you and destroyed all your toys.

  • Hello, hello! How lovely it is to see your smiling faces? See that, Vlad? I told you that scar under your eye would heal in time for our next visit!

Mr Dunkowski smiled lightly and scratched his face, where there was still a visible scar from Boozer’s last visit, a scar that needed 13 staples after it was caused by a right hook from Magnet – Boozer’s resident bully notorious for always wearing brass knuckles. But it wasn’t violence just for the sake of it. Boozer was an honorable man… Or at least as honorable as a gangster can be. He considered violence as the ultimate punishment. He preferred frightening others and threatening them. He believed that to break a man, one has to break their spirit first. Nearly a month earlier, Mr Dunkowski, unwisely told Boozer and his goons that he didn’t intend to pay them for the income in the restaurant was much smaller than it usually was. I suppose none of you, readers, would make the same mistake knowing how many times someone tried to not pay Boozer and his goons their “tribute”. And I assure you, Mr Dunkowski would not make the same mistake again.

  • How about we get inside and talk business, huh? – Boozer said lightly and pointed at the restaurant, where soon he headed towards with Mr Dunkowski and Magnet, who was known as his boss’ shadow, wherever he went.

At that moment the rest of the gang got out of their cars: Crispy, Oti, Dodger and Morning. Though there were dozens of members of the gang, those were the ones that Boozer trusted the most.

  • Does Magnet really have to wear those fucking knuckles everywhere he goes? He’s scaring away chicks at the bar! – Dodger said.
  • He keeps going on about protecting his brand or some shit. I got no idea why a six foot three two-hundred-sixty-pound dude, with his muscles weighing at least two fifty, need knuckles as well but hey, try telling him that. I’ve never seen him run to be honest, tell him that and we’ll see whether he’s got some good cardio as well.  – Morning answered.
  • Yeah, right. I’d like to keep my life, thanks. But does he really need to take those A4s when we ride out? I get it, he wants to look cool in the city, but when he drives 10 miles an hour so that everyone sees his bald head in the car, we’re always at least two fucking hours late! Today it must have been at least 90 minutes.
  • And I waited for y’all for at least an hour. Maybe it’s time to learn how a watch works, huh?
  • Cut the bullshit. You know very well that we’re always late and you’re always early. Hey, Oti. You got any cars on your radar? I’ve heard that they took the cameras down on the 37th Street for 24 hours ‘cause some lunatic threw shit at them. We ain’t gonna get any better opportunity to add something to our collection, will we?
  • Tempting. I nicked a great Lamborghini a few nights ago, and the guy had a miniature Hardmann safe inside. Had to pay some asshole 2k to crack it but there was over 15k inside so hey, worth every penny and I got over 120k for the car. Going straight for that mechanic job after school was the best choice of my life. Thanks, fellas, for teaching me how to use a pocket knife!

All four started chuckling when Oti took out his most prized possession – a professional, red, Swiss pocket knife with the initials “TA” engraved on it – it was the first thing he stole, when he was only 14, during a school trip to an airport. Since that day he’d been telling everyone that he bought it himself and the initials mean “Totally Awesome” but everyone knows the true story, which doesn’t diminish the fact that truly few people could use a pocket knife quite like him.

  • Hey, Magnet and Boozer are coming back. That was quick. I was expecting something longer. – Dodger said.
  • That’s what every girl who has the bad luck of meeting you says. – Crispy said.
  • Fuck off. It just ends too soon.
  • That’s what they say, too.

Dodger was about to clap back when Boozer spoke.

  • It looks like that’s all for today. To be fair I was expecting more of a resistance. Something doesn’t quite add up…
  • Why? – Dodger asked.
  • I don’t fucking know why. If I did, I would tell you. For now let’s just get out of here and drink those 20k away.

Nearly a second after Boozer’s last words, there was a loud police sound and three police cars got onto the parking lot and surrounded the gang members. They hid straight away behind their own cars.

  • Come slowly towards us with your hands raised and nothing bad will happen. – one of the cops said. – No shot needs to be fired here, today. We can get back to the station peacefully.
  • We’re fucked. – Crispy said to his mates. No escape route. We’ve got two options: either we take our chances against them or we’re going to the can.

They all knew that the second option was out of the question, so at the same time all six of them grabbed their guns and turned towards the cops.

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