My Criminal Future

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - II

Submitted: July 02, 2019

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Submitted: July 02, 2019



Boozer’s gang knew very well that if it was a shooting competition down at the range, his people would win the gold no problem. The average age of a police officer in Bartington was about 49, they attended the shooting range once every two or three months and it was more to chat with themselves and flirt with the owner than to practice. But that night was different. The officers were prepared for a fight, heavily armed and organized, while the gang believed it was going to be a peaceful, uneventful evening. Morning knew that there is a good chance that extra cars are probably on their way and once they get there, their chance will drastically go down. They had to finish it quickly. After three minutes of gunfire, two officers were down unconscious next to their cars and one was lying in the back of another car, with his arm heavily bleeding, but five of the officers were still standing and firing at Boozer and his squad. Finally, Boozer shouted “Cover me!”, stood up, aimed at the heart of the officer with the megaphone. Bullseye. He hid behind a trash can a few feet away and started taking out the cops one by one. Though he wasn’t a young man, when he fired that gun he felt and looked like an excited eighteen-year-old boy. Soon all the officers were lying on the ground, unconscious or dead. The gang approached the car with the bleeding officer and dragged him to the ground.

  • How did you know we were here? – Boozer asked.

The officer didn’t answer. He was coughing blood and in incredible pain after getting shot in his right shoulder.

  • Fine. Don’t wanna talk? Don’t. Looks like you’ll be joining the others. Magnet, Morning, you’re coming with me to talk to our friends in the restaurant. I wonder whether everything that happened here was a surprise to them. Oti, Dodger, get their guns and badges, maybe there’ll be some use of them. Crispy – take him out.

Without a moment of hesitation, everyone obeyed Boozer’s commands. He was a feared and respected boss, but he only made a few steps when once again, a bunch of police cars arrived on the scene.

  • Fuck! Crispy, finish it and let’s go! Quick! – Boozer said.

The gang ran towards their cars and Crispy was left alone with the bleeding police officer. He was visibly struggling. Suddenly he showed the cop to lay still on the ground and fired two shots right next to him and ran towards his mates.

  • Done? – Boozer asked.
  • Done. – Crispy answered, calmly.

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