My Criminal Future

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - V

Submitted: July 03, 2019

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Submitted: July 03, 2019



The next day Crispy woke up once again without any text from Morning. He was going for a beer with Oti that night so at least he knew he won’t have to lie to Dodger that day. And just when he was going to the bathroom, he received a text, a text from a number that he knew, but hadn’t received a message from since the very first night in the gang. The text read “7 pm. Cave. Be there. Boozer”. Messages about gang meets was always sent by Morning, and Boozer sometimes wasn’t even there. That was a surprise that truly worried him. At about 5.30 pm he rushed out of the apartment and headed for the 84th Street to the gang’s center of operations. He wanted to be one of the first people there, though he knew that Morning was probably already there. That’s exactly how he got his nickname. The story is that when he was going for his first op – a robbery of a jeweler’s – he was supposed to arrive at the shop at 9 pm, but he had been there since 10 am, repeatedly going over the plan, and watching every step of every employee. Dominick believed that there was going to be at least a dozen people there. Usually it was just their small groups heading out for an op – himself, Oti, Dodger, Morning, Magnet and Boozer, but he knew that something important had happened and surely, he would see more members. He texted both Dodger and Oti when they were going to get there, but neither answered. He got to the “Lucifer” bar at 6.30, the bar was just a front for the gang’s activity, owned by Boozer. There was a giant bar on the ground floor, and the magic was taking place on the first floor. Assault, torture, murder, mutilation, the rooms on the first floor have seen it all. Crispy walked towards the counter to greet Becky, Boozer’s daughter, thanks to whom he was in the gang – she got him the job after saving her from two cops trying to arrest her outside the bar. Of course, the arrest was arranged by the lieutenant. He beat them up pretty extensively, but they both got vodka bottles as a thank you.

  • Hey, Bex. What’s u…
  • They’re waiting.
  • What? Oh, Boozer. Right. I just wanted to say hi.

But Becky grinned lightly and got back to cleaning mugs. Crispy walked upstairs and opened the door to the hall. He saw Boozer and Morning conversing in the distance and walked towards them, but once he crossed the threshold, he felt a metal pipe crushing his head and fell to the floor, unconscious.

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