Chapter 6: VI

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Dominick felt water being poured onto his head and woke up. It took him a minute to recognize where he was. He was hanging upside down from the ceiling of the cellar of the bar. Morning and Boozer were staring right at him and the latter was the one who was holding a bucket of water.

  • Rise and shine, piggy. – said Boozer.
  • Hey… What… What’s going on? – asked Dominick.
  • Oh, only what was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve suspected there was a rat in my crew for months now but I had no idea he was that close to me. I trusted you, Crispy, I truly did. You were like a son to me. You were making Becky happy. And now you’ll have to die, painfully. That is a shame.
  • Hey! What? I am no rat. You are making a giant mistake!
  • Am I? You see, when me and Magnet went to the Dubrowskis for the money, they told us all about the cameras at the parking lot. And guess what, they sent us the link to the footage as well, just like they did to the cops. So imagine my surprise when I watch it back and see that you purposely let that cop go and, in the process, not only undermined my leadership, but let a witness go that can identify us all.
  • Woah, woah, you are wrong, you see…
  • I am not finished yet, asshole. So, I talked to Morning here, you know. – Boozer looked at his right-hand man who was staring into Crispy’s eyes with disgust. – And we decided – hey, let’s not rush to judgements, maybe the kid just had a bad day, got soft, whatever. But something inside my told me otherwise. – he said and punched Crisper straight into the abdominal muscles. – And I told Morning to shadow you the next day a little bit. And imagine my surprise when I get a call saying that you’re meeting some weird guy in the park, who very much looks like the guy who busted our good friend Yeti a few days ago. So, that was unfortunate, wasn’t it? I had to check it out. So, I drove there myself and met our mutual friend one on one. Well, actually, he didn’t really want to talk. So, we brought him here! That’s right! He was hanging from that very same hook you’re hanging from now! Isn’t that something? And yeah, he had some fight in him, I’ll give him that, but after some wonderful research by Morning, and some info about his beautiful, eight-year-old daughter, the guy broke. And I mean it was pathetic. You see a lieutenant’s badge and you really expect the guy to put up a fight. You really want a challenge. But hey, at least he told us what we wanted, corporal. – said Boozer and grinned.

Dominick didn’t know what to say. He’d had nightmares about such a scenario for about three years. This was it.

  • I bet you aren’t afraid of what I’ll do to you, huh? You’ve seen a lot. You’ve felt a lot.
  • Damn right I have.
  • Shut up! You are not to say anything but “please”. And trust me, you’ll beg us to finish you. Gordon! – shouted Boozer and a man entered the room, whom Crispy only heard of. The baddest of the bad. 15 years in prison for tortures. Escaped the can early that year, with the help of Boozer. – Our friend here has made some bad decisions in his life. But we don’t really need to hear about them. We’ve heard it all from the lieutenant, haven’t we?
  • Yes, we have. – said a low voice in the darkness.
  • Have you gotten rid of the body yet?
  • No, sir. He’s still there. – Gordon said and pointed at the other end of the room. Lieutenant Baker was lying there, motionless, with scars all over his body and a gunshot wound in his head.
  • All right, well, take them both somewhere and finish this one. I don’t want to get the cellar even bloodier than it already is. – Boozer said. – We had a good thing, Crispy. Shame you turned out to be a fucking traitor.  

Submitted: July 03, 2019

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