One sided love story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance
This my true story as this feeling was held at my young age but that memmory was a bitter sweet but when I think about it I feel a nostaligic feeling only an one sided lovers can understand. But to tell you all truth it was a heart breaking feeling which no one can understand.....

Submitted: July 03, 2019

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Submitted: July 03, 2019



In the world when we think about anything such

as our first love story. It is an amazing memory

where we share all the feelings towards them. If

we think about one-sided love then it is very

heartbreaking. I would like to share my one-

sided love story. As for today also he does not

know that I have loved him. At times I do not care

about any type of love story. But as I went

through it I understood what the feeling of

heartbreaking is. I just wanted to share my

heartbreaking one-sided love story. Sometimes

when I see couples I thought if I get a chance I

would have expressed it. It was during the

summer season where I first saw him. His looks

very decent. We can say that he is a good

looking man who has thick eyebrows, a cute

smile, always enjoys his life to the fullest, he

often skips his class and especially he is

North. I just fall for him not because of his

looks but because of his behavior towards

others. He knows how to respect others advises,

he is very punctual about time. In every way, we

can call him "Mr perfect ". He was totally perfect

in my eyes. As his imperfections which others

see makes him perfect in my eyes. I was deeply

touched by him but I did not confess him not

even once. I just put all my feelings inside

myself. It was because of my ego I did not

express it. As everyone says that having a crush

on someone is like stalking him. I never stalked

him but whenever he sits in the class I

obviously watch him. It was just as hell when our

crush talks sweetly to other girls and just when

he saw me and laugh at me it was like a heaven

where I only see me and him in there. No one

else could enter those doors which I had locked

for only for him.  While he talks to me I just

want to fly like a bird with full of freedom and

enjoy every bit of talking. When the person loved

comes and asks us do u have a boyfriend or any

crush my heartbeat fast because of that talking.

As the time flew I was unable to express my

feelings to him. Just I cried out loudly throughout

the night with the feeling that after I wake up I will

definitely forget about him. But time passed now I

am seeing him far away from where he cannot

touch me and his life was, as usual, no effects in

him. Everyday thinking about him I was living

whenever someone proposed me I usually just

ignore him. After so much of research, I got that

this feeling towards him is what we called is love.

Sometimes living together with your loved ones

will not be called love but sacrificing your love for

the loved one's happiness will also lead towards

the love. It was the saddest story of my life which

I have been kept and even he does not know that

once I was fell for him. As the life goes we have

to move on just holding that love will not

progress us but what to do keep moving.

One thing you all should know is even if you love

a person if he loves someone who u cannot

replace just let him go with that person and do

not make his life difficult that he may end up

killing himself or you do not regret after making

him feel sorry towards you.

As the saying goes "love is not something which 

is just having the person love means a sacrifice

which every person must know if the loved one

loves a person just leave him and see him

happy just forcing them will lead to dismay."

© Copyright 2020 darkrose03. All rights reserved.

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