More Than This

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
What am i but a lost soul?

Submitted: July 03, 2019

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Submitted: July 03, 2019



It felt like a normal and boring night at first. I was walking home from my regular hang out spot. Like every other day, I decided to kill time and laugh off every ounce of pain I felt, throwing it all out in that place, which always leads to ridiculous hours wasted on a table near the window. Same old, same old.


When the bright screen on my hand showed the digits “10.12.p.m” I knew I had to get going, so I packed up and leave. My walk home is usually peaceful; it’s a part of the habit. I usually think of all the stress I’ve been trying to forget and I always think to myself, “what the hell am I doing?”


Tonight though...tonight is different.


It is stupid for a teenage girl to walk in a dark, small alley at night; yes, I know that, but I’ve never been smart about my decisions anyways. That, and all my choices never bit me in the ass before...until tonight. 

I can hear the loud cries of a baby and a woman. Her sobs and pleas sent shivers down my spine.

“Please, I’ll give you anything! Spare my baby, please!”


I crept closer and clamped a hand over my own mouth to suppress my gasp. The lady’s legs were positioned in an unnatural way, making it obvious that something—or someone—did something to her. 

Under the slight moonlight, I could see the bruises on her eyes and the blood caked on her face, but that was not the scariest sight. A hooded man was standing there, his back facing me. Even without looking at his face I could tell that he had a sinister smile. His knife glinted under the small amount of light and he was staring at the baby. 

I was about to watch a murder.


Then, the woman saw me. She gasped and tried to crawl towards me, crying every time she inched closer.

“Help! Please, help us! Help!”


My eyes were as wide as saucers. The man looked back, spotting my presence right away. If this was a scene in a horror movie, I would’ve cussed the lady out for being an idiot, but this was real life. A scary, thrilling, deadly situation...I can’t blame her for doing something so reckless and slightly idiotic.


I froze. I don’t know what to do. I’m sure I’m about to die.

A loud, ear-splitting scream bounced off the walls of the alley. A soundless scream came out of my mouth as I watched the man pull out a gun and shot the woman in the head with no hesitation. One down, two to go. 

The baby is still crying...that baby’s life is in the hand of a stupid, useless teenage girl who had no idea what to do.


“Toss me your phone”

The man croaked, his voice deep and raspy. I think I’m about to throw up. He pointed the gun at me and I had no choice but to toss my cellphone away, leaving me defenseless. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot.


He slowly approached me with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other. It’s like I could hear his voice in every step. “Which weapon should I kill her with? Gun or knife?”


The baby’s loud crying was the only sound I could hear, apart from my beating heart. Is this really how my life will end? Out of all the times I said I wanted to die, I never expected the universe to obliged; not this way, at least.


Now he’s only about two meters away from me. This is it. This is what death feels like.


I wanted to run. Oh, how I wish I had the strength to run, but my jelly-legs couldn’t take me anywhere. So this is what the idiot at every horror-thriller movie feel. Helpless. Defenseless. Dead.


“You will die”

He said. Good-bye world. I shut my eyes.


“Nah, she won’t”

I suddenly heard a voice; an oddly familiar voice...A little too familiar.

I peaked a little and saw a girl, leaning on the wall near him. Where did she come from?


“Let the girl go. Let the baby go. Hell, you know what? Just leave, won’t you?” The girl taunted, a hint of humor laced in her familiar voice. It can’t be. I must be imagining things?

The man’s head snapped to his right. Even from here, I could feel his death glare. “You’ll die first then”


“No I won’t”

She said confidently with a chuckle. I could almost hear her smirk. I couldn’t make out her face in the darkness. All I could see is her masked face and her dark red hoodie, tucked inside her leather pants and her black combat boots. Am I going crazy?


The man, probably running out of patience, lunged at the girl with a knife. She easily dodged him, moving to the side with such ease. I wanted to grab the baby and run, but it felt as if an invisible force was forcing me to watch. I’m scared.


“You little bitch”

The man snarled before he pointed his gun at her. He pulled the trigger, but the bullet just shot trough the empty night sky as the girl stepped in front of him, forcing the end of the gun to point up.


“Don’t piss me off. I’m kind of tired today”

She said with a sigh, no sign of fear at all. Her voice...I can’t believe it. I’m going insane. I think I’m losing my sanity.


The man attempted to stab the girl, but she caught his wrist with such ease. “Seriously, mate, just stop”


He didn’t listen. With whatever force he had, he pulled his wrist free of the girl’s grip. That seemed to piss her off.


“You think you’re some kind of badass, kid?”

The man growled at the girl, who’s now against the wall. She then knelt down and I could see her fingertips grazing the hem of her right boot. She looked at him.


“You are one stubborn bastard”


Just as the man was about to plunge his knife in the girl, she pulled out something out of her shoe and got up. I don’t know what happened next.


The scene before me was too ridiculous to process.


The man dropped to his knees, blood squirting out of his neck as he let out a choking- dying sort of voice. The girl pulled out her little knife from his neck and I could see the red gem on its handle, catching the light of the moon beautifully...too beautiful to be placed on a knife.


“It’s not a knife, by the way”

She said if she didn’t just murder a murderer. With one last blow, her boot got in contact with the man’s head and just like that, I’m sure he blew his last breath already.

“It’s a dagger. Sharper, more effective, and definitely so much cooler than a fucking kitchen tool”


She then walked towards the crying baby, and even if the man who tried to murder me is now dead, I still couldn’t find the strength and courage to move. Who is she? So familiar...too familiar...


I watched as she picked up the baby and held it on her arms, swaying it back and forth as she hums a melody...something that’s a little too familiar. The baby finally stopped crying. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m officially going crazy.


“You’re not going crazy”

She chuckled. Did I even say that out loud? Who is she?


“Who are you?”

I forced the words out of my mouth, yet it only came out as a mere whisper. She was quiet for a while. I could almost hear the smile on her face.


“I am life. I am death. I am love. I am hate. I am happiness. I am sadness. You hate me, but you love me...and for that, I am grateful”


My heart dropped. With the baby still on her arms, she turned around and slowly walked towards me. She was wearing a mask that covered her mouth and nose, and the color of her eyes couldn’t be seen in the dark of the night. The night breeze slightly swayed her medium-length dark hair. Who is she?


“Don’t be afraid. Please, I beg you...don’t ever be afraid of anything ever again. You are so much more than this. You are so much more than a stressed and confused teenage girl. You are so much more than a soul, seeking for comfort. You are so much more than a girl who wakes up every day, wishing that she was dead”

My breathing became heavier. Tears stung in my eyes.

“You are so much more than this. Fuck...So. Much. More...please be alive to realize that.

You have to. You have to survive. For me. For everyone. For yourself”


She was now right in front of me, and I was staring right into her dark eyes. I could see

everything...all the sadness, all the pain, and the comfort it gave me...


She handed the baby to me and it felt like my limbs finally found its power, for I took the poor little thing in my arms. Then she knelt down in front of me. I could hear her chuckle.


“Don’t give up and take care of your health. Take care of your soul, too”

She then got up again, her eyes boring into mine. “I am hope”

Her bloodstained hand reached out to her mask, pulling it down. I let out a silent gasp. I held the baby tightly to my chest. She smiled at me.


“I am you”


A tear rolled down my cheek...and another and another and another. I cried. I cried as I watched the girl—myself—smiled sadly at me. I watched as she wiped her thumb across my cheek, wiping away my tears. I watched as she disappeared.


Just like that, she’s gone...yet the evidence of her was still there. The man is still dead. I could still see the knife-wound.


It’s not a knife wound—it’s a dagger-wound


Her voice—my voice—echoed inside of my head. I glanced down. There, inside my black combat boots, was the dagger. The red gem glinted under the moonlight.


She is me, I am her...and we are so much more than this.

© Copyright 2020 jetblackheart. All rights reserved.

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