Water My Living Earth

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Please do submit any request if you really have a deepest call. I humble in this presence. Amen.

Submitted: July 04, 2019

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Submitted: July 04, 2019



Wherever God lead our mission for the Young generations,

Always have one unifier for the entire humanity,

When this song of living Earth necessitates your ignited soul,

Searching for solutions on the Earth salute your divine peace,

Towards a common purpose when time will be non-violent without droughts,

Networking for one vision above the Earth purifies the value of heart and minds,

A unifying spirit of our great soul who plough this farmland,

Unlocking a potential under the Earth plan our mental infrastructure,

Our supreme sacrifice will be maintaining greener environment sustainability,

Deeper than this poverty line I hear the voice of our youth sing,

The mission of nation building starts from accepting difference from all walks of life as one,

Where small aim is a crime in the shores of my home,

Today we got freedom for this disease-free happiness,

Our health quotient keeps burning the live force of our sweat,

A lamp of knowledge respect why we are born for,

Who guards our food chain with a water mission may irrigate all walks of our society,

One ancient vision made this global presence in our core strengths,

I asked God how can you improve the quality of life and at the same time add value additions for all our resources we depend on?

God enquired where I have worked for can we do it together?

I realized God wanted to make our future brighter,

Only people who have lot do need to share with those who have not,

We need to work and sweat for eco-friendly future,

Limitations must cherish a dream entered into me like a challenge unforgettable ever dreamed yourself to be,

A change I wanted God to do,

Today came upon us as a unity of mind and choices,

I find myself as a weaver giving our youth the skills with which they can find employment and start living wiser,

A moral leadership today welcomes myself learning this ability to exceed myself into a creative innovation,

I don’t want to teach or procrastinate but dispose to do the right things and influence others also to the right thing,

So that everyone make the very significance essential to gain a right place in our world,

God asked me, what I would call this essential needed for?

I thought, am I myself made of a task team?

If so, what is our essential element to sustain life around us?

May be more than everything I needed the well being of our people,

Some experience told me,

I must request God to await and weave some steps to develop the way we want,

But I noticed everywhere what must be the promotional incentive?

Who am I alone apart from the life without limits?

Finally I requested God,

“God in the shortest time you are so much attached for one dream to make it happen. For anything our living Earth request, I embrace your vision that this vital step may water every future need to sustain itself with good harvest, blessed happiness and long-lived healthy environment. I cannot ask for this lifelong grant only in one name. I call this as my most humble prayer before you. You have already taken time to prepare ourselves for this challenge in defence of all our needs. Let you make us near this self-reliance always sustainable for our present events. Now my God, I welcome you here for this greatest need to water our living Earth for your divine purity, I call from within my soul. May I be fortunate to witness this longest-lived experience together here. Our future is this joint effort.”

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