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Chapter 44 (v.1) - The Embers of Love

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019




The reunion that I had with my old friends led us to decide to merge with them and their combined clan.  This was a decision all three of us came to- Denoven, Dark Silence and me.  We felt we'd be safer with the others than just by ourselves.  I didn't act overjoyed tho, as I didn't want my friends to see how happy I was that I was finally coming home again.  

Before we left tho, something happened, and it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me, although it did,

About a day or so before we left our camp, I'd lain in my tent, my hands folded across my rib cage.  I was having those thoughts again, and I was desperate not to let them have the best of me.  I had had an exhausting day and evening of work and I should have been long asleep by now.  But thoughts of Shemokk kept popping into my mind.

When I suddenly heard a sound coming from my tent entrance, I wasn't shocked or anything.  It was like I'd expected it.  It was Shemokk, clad in his dark clothes, his body gleaming from his night bathing, which he still liked to do on hot nights. was him.  Finally, HIM.  In person, not in my imagination.

He walked steadily and silently up to me until we were face to face.   I watched him kneel down, his eyes gazing down as I opened my arms and took him in.  His lips quickly found mine, and he kissed me with a fiery passion that I hadn't experienced before from him.  Our lips moved in unison, his tongue gliding smoothly inside my open mouth as I pulled him closer.  Our heads titled, and his mouth drifted down and found my neck, which he kissed with the same fiery passion.  As he did this, I felt myself drifting back onto the bed.  He held me up, one leg wrapped around me, half kneeling, half sitting.  

His hands took hold of my waist before he slid off the shirt and tossed it aside.  I felt my heart pounding as he undid my pants and lowered them down and off and then removed his own so that our bodies were naked and hot to the touch.  He slid over me, his face pressing gently on my abdomen as his hand caressed my pelvis, which he now tasted with his tongue.  His tongue bore deep inside and lapped up all he could before he used his lips to kiss me right at the edge of the opening.  

Shemokk took control of the whole night, taking my body and kissing it in the most amazing ways possible.  His fingers pushed gently onto the bottoms of the breasts and he pushed them up so that he could savor them with his mouth.  His lips kissed and sucked wildly at them as his hand dipped in and out gently from my vagina opening, which was moist from his touch.  

I felt him lift me up and onto his lap as he sat down.  He held meby the waist as I held him by wrapping my arms around his neck.  He continued to kiss and push his lips into my nipples, hitting that divine point in my body that made me swoon with ecstasy.  He sucked to exhaustion, then kissed the tips gently as he laid back a little on the bed.  

I stroked his skin and observed his lean muscles which were obvious on his arms and torso.  Much of it was from flying and other exercises the Mexul did to stay in shape.  God, he was beautiful- from that handsome face to his well constructed body.  A work of art.

I balanced my hands on the sides of his body and lifted my butt up.  He saw what I was doing and used his hands to guide me down so that I could position my vagina opening over his hard and ready tip, which went easily in and which made me gasp in satisfaction.  I pushed my pelvis in and rocked over him, the sensation soon causing us both to react almost in the same way and at the same time.  

He closed his eyes and pushed into me, and I did the same.  His hands slid over my hips then came up to touch my pubic area.  He stroked the hair and slid his hands up and to my belly button.  He began to breath in a very intense way, his body still pushing rhythmically into me.  I matched him and continued to push hard against him.  When he finally climaxed, I finally felt our bodies begin to slow down and wind down.  I still had my eyes closed as I tried to control my breathing, then tried to lift up and off him.  

Shemokk helped me down and kissed me gently.  Our hands came together and our fingers intertwined.  

Up to now, we had not spoken at all.  There weren't any words needed.  We had each other again, and this was everything I had wished for.  I kissed him again, my hands sliding from his hip to his butt.  Our eyes met and I gazed into their beauty.  I felt him pull my leg up and over him and surrendered yet again to his sensual kisses upon my most private of areas, which he explored now with his lips and hands.  His hands were bold yet gentle, as he pulled me open so that he could taste me again.  This act caused me to do something I hadn't done up to this point.  

Filled with fiery desire, I pushed him down on his back and slid my face down so that I could kiss his perfectly sized  penis.  My intentions had only been to kiss him there, nothing more.  But the moment his hands touched my buttocks and dipped in, I felt myself jolted into action.  I used my hands and glided him inside my mouth.  Although I'd never done anything like this before. I instinctually knew what to do.  I licked and began to suck at it causing him to breathe faster and moan softly.  Although I initially thought I was hurting him, I soon found out it was the complete opposite.

It was hard to stop, as he had tasted so good and I felt invigorated.  I crawled back to his side and we continued to kiss in that hot way, our tongues playing side by side until finally he giggled (which he'd never done before) and he whispered that he couldn't believe what was happening.

"What's happening, Shemokk?"- I asked as I nibbled his neck.

His hand stroked my breasts and he answered- "Us, Avaris.  We are happening.  I love this...I love what we have between us. you....that way..."

Realizing what he had just said, I stopped kissing his neck and gazed into his eyes.  I didn't know how to respond.  He seemed to know this and said gently-

"You do not have to say anything....just kiss me..."

I titled my head and we kissed  in a new, more meaningful way.  Even though he had said that I didn't have to say anything, I nevertheless did.  It happened just after the second time we made love, and he was still in my arms.  

I leaned into him and whispered into his ear-

"I love you too, with everything I have to give."

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