From basic army to gf of jimin prequel to finding ur way

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Hey sry about that but now the chapter is here!! Thanks for waiting!!

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Plan in motion part 2

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Sienna pov

I rubbed my eyes and sat up to a surprised jimin who was now 2 inches away from me. I studied his eyes carefully, then I said one word that answered his question. “Yes.” I looked at his face, now lit up with joy and happiness. He took my and and helped me off of the couch. He took me over straight to his recording studio. He looked at me. Another silent question. One that I couldn’t ignore. “One needs to feel a very strong emotion to write a song.” I stated. Was this too far? We had only just met but...well here goes nothing. I grabbed the tie he was still wearing, and pulled him over so that his nose was touching mine. His eyes asked the same question. One of the same answer as the last. “ Yes” I said and his lips crushed against mine. The kiss was beautiful and powerful, and when we pulled away from each other I hugged him tightly. “ you don’t know how much I’ve worried about you. Before I even knew you. I always knew we were meant to be.” I looked him in the eyes. “Now that was good song writing material!” I joked, lightening the mood. “Come on that song ain’t gonna write itself!” 

Rm pov 

I really hoped that jimins plan was going well. They HAD only just met, but you could tell they were soulmates. That they were of the same nature, yet different. I waited and waited. Hours ticked by. Just as I was about to give up on waiting, a happy jimin and an even happier sienna opened the door. In fact siennas energy was contagious and I jumped off of the coach over to them. “Can I see the lyrics?!?!” I pleaded like a child. “So desperate” joked jimin. He handed me a notebook and I read the lyrics. They were beautiful. Written about a first kiss. I looked up and found jimin and sienna blushing down at me, knowing I would catch on. “ great lyrics. REALLY VIVID. Hmmm...” I joked making them blush harder. Now to seal the deal. “So Sienna, the real question is, will you come on tour with us?”


omg what will she say?!?! Find out soon!!!

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