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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

THE WIND WAS ICE cold as Deryll drove the tractor through the cemetery toward the grave and he hoped that he would be able to get this stiff into the ground before freezing rain hit.  He hated it when Paul Fanders was the guy in charge of the funerals, he was a bitter, angry sixty year old who blamed the world for the fact he could not hold marriage together and thought everyone should suffer for the fact that his life was a hollow, meaningless shell and he was too old to do anything about it.

As a result Deryl and everyone else had to sit and wait for an extra stretch of time for everybody in the nation to have time to come and pay their respects over this kook who was no one special in the first place.  He was just some guy, and more than likey the ten or so people who had showed up at his funeral were the only ones who were ever going to. But because Fanders was in his mood, as always, Deryl got to sit on his rear in the steel shed surrounded by broken stones and old equipment for two hours so that everybody could have time.  Whooptie.

Deryl drove toward the grave and noticed the casket was not sitting right.  He cursed and got close.  He also noticed some fabric was sticking out around the edge of the lid.  He got close and looked.  Oh please let it be one of those gals who would sit there coming apart at the seams over this guy and begging him not to be dead, the same ones that spent fifteen thousand dollars on a box to sit the casket in in the ground so the lifeless, useless shell of a human being would not rot but would be there a millinium later for the archaeologists. 

With some worry Deryl grabbed the edge of the casket and shoved it open.  He cursed and looked around the graveyard.  The casket was empty and the inner sheets were damaged.  Someone had stolen the body and they would be all over him like gift wrapping if he had been sitting in that shed and missed the twisted idiot who took the guy home, probably to cut off his head and take the skull. 

It had to be some cult maniac or some idiot Satanist or whatever and there would be law suits out the wazoo over it.  There was some joker from the local actor's school who liked to walk around here in black coats and a top hat like some freak from the movies, living the falls eason all year long thinking he was that guy was just some nut, he wouldn't do that, steal a whole cadaver?

Deryl cursed some more.  Forget this crap.  He shoved the casket onto the rack and hit the switch, his heart pounding, hoping that Fanders did not pick now to come by and see how he was doing his job. 

Once that thing was in the ground some idiot with a shovel and twisted mind would take the blame if there ever was a question and there probably never would be.  Deryl stood there and to his shock and horror a truck was coming that looked like Fanders.  "Come on, you bitch, come on."  He cursed at the casket.  The truck passed by and went on.  Good.

Deryl got ont he tractor and worked the levers, shoving dirt over the casket fast till the grave was finished.  He then breathed a sigh of relief.  Whoever the turd was that made off with that body could have it!  You chop em up  and take the skull and eat the brain if you want to, the family pays respects at what they think is a grave with a man in it, and that is the end of it, everybody is happy and Fanders gets to buy himself a sack of smoke or whatever he was into.  Deryl glanced at the name plate.  Oh, Denise, thought it was a guy, who gives a care she isn't there anymore anyhow.

Deryl took the tractor back and put it away, then got into his rusty truck to leave the graveyard.  Once he got out of the gate he felt a surge of relief.  It was done.  Stupid idiots stealing from graves.  Wow, what would they do?  Sit the guy up in the passenger seat and drive in the HOV lane?  He cracked open a beer and drove on.  Not his problem anymore.
SHELLEY WENT INTO the waiting erea and went up to the mirror.  She looked at herself closely.  Her long blonde hair was brushed, just needed a touch up.  Her bust was prominent, necklace danging righ into the proper spot, perfect figure accentuated by the dress she was wearing...oh yeah, take the thigh split on the dress and unzip it a spot more so show some more leg,  make sure her high heels looked right, ah there we were, ready to deal with a man.

Flipping her hair out of her front so her top would show, Shelley walked into the office where the promoter was waiting.

"I'm told we have a problem?"  Shelley asked.
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"I'm told there is an issue over paying my band?"
"No issue, I just need them to wait on the pay till tomorrow afternoon so the funds will be in place."

Shelley leaned over so her top would push out, and as expected the promoter's eyes traveled down then back up. 

"Then we will be on our way down the road to the next event and when there is a problem in the system we wont be able to come back and fix it and you will be conveniently out of the picture, right-ems?"

  "No, there's no problem, you WILL get paid tomorrow afternoon!"  He insisted.  Shelley then smiled her perfect smile accentuated by the little pointy nose that made her sister call her mouse face.  "In that case we can come back tomorrow and play the music!"

"The festival ends this evening, just go ahead..."

"No pay, no play!"  Shelley said angrily.  "You aren't dealing with an amateur, I've been doing this for some time now and I've been there and done that.  You either get my boys their money or we get the hell out, Per...e...odd.  Got that?"

"I can't just go out and announce to twenty five thousand people that the band is not playing!"

  "I can."  Shelley whipped around and her hair swished through the air as she glided out the door and toward the stage where the band was waiting, tuned and ready to go.  She counted down mentally and on one, there he was, running madly.  "Okay, okay, hang on!  I'm getting the guy on the phone so you can get paid in the next few minutes!" He yelled.  Shelley stopped, spun around and flashed a big smile.  "Wonderful! In that case in a few minutes we have lots of loud music for the fans!"

Within a few minutes the fans were roaring and the band began playing as Shelley stood off to the side and swung her rear in time to the music.  She then noticed the promoter standing off to the side staring at her.  Phooey.  She should not have to stand still just because this guy was getting a big charge out of seeing her there. 

The promoter left as the band went into their last song, and Shelley checked her scheduler and saw that they had a television show that night, then that was it for a few weeks, a nice little well deserved break. 

They had started out as a small  rock group in a dusty town no one had heard of who made maps and they had traveled around town playing in a few teen gatherings and even made three small recordings which sold well.  They started entering contests and after three years of hard work they were in her city to do another contest and she had begun to promote them.  They ended up staying, making more money, playing better gigs and wound up with a spot on national television and were seen by a huge music legend.

They had gone on tour and rereleased their material and gone stellar.  Shelley was along for the ride, and she handled their business since the hotsy blonde got into cracks they could not, kind of like a mouse.She had much better negotiating power.  For the time being she was enjoying it.

Shelley went to let the promoter know they were packing to leave and she opened the door to hit his mirror and cause four lines of coke to splatter all over him.  What he had in the straw got blasted back on her dress.  He looked like such a moron with white powder all over his face and a look of shock in his wide eyes.  Shelley dusted the coke off her skirt.  "We're packed and out of here.  You can send the invoice with all the others."  She smiled dryly and departed, leaving him sitting there.

The band got into their respective vehicles and pulled into a town called Ashford three hours later, enough time to shower, get a night of sleep and have some time to mess around the next day before going on television.

Shelley went to her room and her attendant brought her little mini refrigerator up.  As he left she got out a package of raw steak, some raw chicken and  large bottle of stiff fluid.  She then sat back and turned the television on.  She got up to check and make sure the door was locked.  There was an animated show on and she turned up the volume.  In the next room the boys were bedding down and she could hear a guitar being tuned.

Shelley took out a huge piece of steak and bit into it, taking out a huge chunk and chewing it vigorously.  They always bled them too much.  She took a second bite, and a third, ripping the steak to bits and devouring all of it, then she bit into a chunk of chicken.  Bone snapped and she crunched it.  Delicious.  She ate the entire piece of chicken and two steaks, then she bit the lid off the bottle and spat it across the room.  She tipped it up and felt the warm, salty stuff satisfying her thirst.  She then wrapped the packages up and threw them away, washed the mass of steak blood, chicken juice and goo off her face and laid down to rest. 

Shelley got up that morning and called the local airport to confirm her plane to take the boys home that night after the show.  The drummer and second guitarist had decided to stay on and catch a swimming suit competition that night while the frontman, a cute long haired guy named Alex and the bass player Daniel who had a wife and daughter, decided to hop the plane and go home to other persuits. 

If that's what they wanted to do, she decided to take one of the other tickets for herself and ride back to town also and work on her other projects.

Shelley called a cab so she could go to the store and lshe knocked on the door of the band's room.  She expected them to still be sleeping, but instead, the drummer, Kenneth, opened the door and she found them all dressed and cleaned up discussing business.

"Wow, no point telling you guys we need to be at the studio an hour early at least for sound checks."

"No, we were going to hit a music store in town and pick up a few things.  I really need to change drum hads after tonight."  Ken said.  Alex was sprawled bonelessly over a couch with his unplugged guitar in front of him and Daniel was sitting next to him as if he had been hit by a car going over lyrics.

"Working on something new?"  Shelley asked. 
"No, putting music with an old idea."  Danb replied. 

Chris, the other guitar player, had a fist around his hair, with most of it dangling and he was whipping it with a brush, getting it fluffy.  Shelley laughed.  "All that hair is a pain isn't it.  Maybe you should get a crew cut or shave it."

Chris looked at her, Mr. Serious.  "No, after seeing what I looked like with short hair back in the days when mom and dad were telling me how the devil invented rock music to corrupt our youth, methinks I'll stick with the pain."

Shelley looked at the boys and said "Ok, I'm off to the local mall, I will be back in time for us to be gone, so stay ready.  Thanks guys."

Shelley walked out of the room and outside where her cab was waiting.  She rode to the mall and got out of the car, straightening her skirt and paying the driver, then turned to catwalk into the place, feeling his eyes on her as she moved.
Inside the mall there was the sound of the dry, tasteles music they played to sooth everyone so they would spend more money and the smells of pretzels, pizza and pasta, thoroughly disgusting.  Shelley walked past the eateries, and she came to a vegetarian place.  Her stomache knotted and she felt herself gagging. 

Shelley could not get away from the vegetable counter fast enough and she knew she was going to throw up, so she doubled to the bathroom.  She made a mess in one of the stalls and tried to get the smell and sight of vegetables out of her head. 

It took a few minutes for her to get prettied up again and she walked out of the bathroom.  Her eyes met the eyes of a man going into the men's room, and at first he just looked, then a look of shock and utter disbelief filled his face.

  He turned and watched Shelley walk away, then he began following.  She kept walking, then she turned and looked at the man.  He just shook his head.

"No way.  There's just no way.  That isn't possible."  He stammered.  Shelley stood and looked at him.  "What isn't possible?"  He looked even more horrified and he bumped against the wall as if he was about to faint from shock.  Shelley had a flash of revelation and she looked around to see who was watching them.  She was not sure what to do.

"You arent possible!"  The man said.  "I don't get it!  I saw your body and I went to the funeral, you were in the casket, dead. I held your hand and talked to you.  You aren't twins!"  Shelley grabbed the man by the sleeve and led him to a table and told him "sit down and quit making a scene."

He leaned over close to her and began to speak in more serious low tones.  "Making a scene?  We were dating!  Have you forgotten, or did that bump on the head ruin your memory?"

Shelley just stared at him for a moment.  He looked into her eyes and shook his head.  "I can understand amnesia, but I saw you in the casket, you had been embalmed and unless they managed to wake you up while the casket was sitting on the rack waiting to be lowered into the grave you were dead." 

"Is that who she was?  Your girlfriend?"Shelley asked.  "Wow, I would have thought the chances of that were impossible."

  The man looked at her.  "What the hell do you mean, is that who SHE was?"

"The girl who's body this is.  I'm sorry you lost your girlfiend."

There was such disbelief on his face, the man shook his head, stunned at what he was hearing.  "So what are, YOU?  Some kind of alien?"

  Shelley laughed.  "Wow, that's amazing, I never ran into anyone who knew the body before, but then I make it a practice to get far away from wherever they were anyhow.  It makes the body feel more like it's mine."

The man just stared at her speechless.  Shelley looked at the meat counter where the sandwiches were.  "This is one of the pretty ones.  The last one I used was a man, and you know the funny thing about being in a man is that you can't wear nice clothes and perfume, nice jewelry, you have to have a woman's body for that.  I've really enjoyed this one. So what was her name?"  Shelley asked.  The man just stared at her. He grabbed her purse and she gave him an angry look, but in a moment he looked at her driver's license and looked shocked again."

"Shelley Charlene Francis Lane."  He read.  "Oh my God, everything about you is some gal named Shelley.  What the hell are YOU doing in my girlfriend's body?"

Shelley leaned close to him and her eyes widened with excitement.  "What WAS her name?"  The man looked horrified.  "This can't be true.  No way.  Her name was Denise, and she was a sweet girl.  We were going to get married then some idiot on a Sunday night had too much to drink and hit the car.  She was driving and got a hard hit to her head, it killed her instantly."

Shelley looked pleased. "Wow.  I never knew that much about anyone else, but then after I found their body and repaired what damage was done to cause their death I didn't care.  I can only use the ones with some small thing like a bullet or something, not the really bad ones.  I'm sorry, whoever you are, but your girlfriend has been dead for ten years.  I really don't mean to sound cold, but I never knew her and...well, there is no nice way to say it, she's freakin dead!  She has an awesome body though, nice figure, nice legs, nice hair and face, I love it."

The man looked disgusted.  "Yeah, and one way or another, that is the truth.  That's just what they told me after the accident too.  She's dead.  Amnesia or alien invasion, she's freakin dead."  He got up and stared at Shelley as he walked away.  She got up and went for the clothing section, staying away from the food court.

THE MIKES WERE set and the camera's aimed.  Shelley sat off to the side and watched.  She was proud, they were like her children.  She drew a piece of raw pork out of the bag she had in her purse and snacked on it as she watched. 

The audience went crazy and the announcer yelled out the name of the band, Long Haired Screaming Rock Band, so named as a joke, a joke that had caught on such as the band once known as the Trash Men, among others.  They roared into the first song as the promoter came up to Shelley and let her know that the pilot had the plane waiting for them and had been brought in to see the show.  It was his first time flying a well known band.

The second song exploded and the audienc was jumping and screaming.  Shelley ate her last strip of raw pork and tossed the bag as the band played, shaking the whole house and the cameras moved gently from side to side catching the action.  In all, they did two new songs and three of their big ones that had made them a name.

  With some slaps of audience hands they headed for the door.  In the bathroom, on the back of the toilet seat, the pilot waited for them to finish the PR crap and he poured a glass of alcahol, followed by heavy cold medicine and he drank it down.  Four lines of coke and he was buzzing.  He used breath spray and brushed his teeth then went out and got pictures with the band and made a pass at Shelley.  She was totally disinterested and that was going to wreck his night.

They rode down to the air strip, several blocks away, and the boys trotted triumphantly to the plane.  The pilot felt as if he was in space as he bounced around and teased his passengers and could not take his eyes off Shelley's body.

The plane fired up as light rain pelted the windshield and light fog rolled in.  Daniel came up to the pilot as everyone settled in.  "How foggy do you think it's gonna get?"  The pilot laughed, sweat rolling down his face.  "Oh we'll be way up there by the time that becomes an issue."

Dan didn't like the tons of sweat coursing down the pilot's face and he sat down next to Shelley.  She looked out the window as the plane began to move and Daniel looked at her.  She smiled and he decided to dismiss the whole thing.

The pilot was singing one of their songs just enough to be heard as the plane lifted off, then a pressure, and finally a searing pain erupted in his chest.  He gripped the steering and wondered if he should turn the plane back around, but then they would wonder why, find out and he would get in huge trouble and lose his job.

Daniel was nervous but he began to talk to Alex about getting together back at home.

  As they talked, the pilot was nearly overwhelmed with pain in his chest and was forcing himself to breath in and out.  He could hear himself starting to gasp and sweat dribbled off his face and splattered onto his hands.

At that moment he realized he had to try and get some help, he could not ever do this again!  It was too close!  He thought of losing his job and having his career the plane flew to the ground and the body was ripped to shreds on impact. 

The passengers barely realized something was wrong as the plane tumbled along the ground bashing them and throwing them out.  In seconds it was all over and there was a flaming pile of wreckage and people on the ground. 

In minutes the rescue workers were there, lights flashing as they checked each of the vicims for signs of life.  There were none.

Body bags were opened and the victims were loaded up and transported back to the morgue. In the bag carried by the pilot, police found cold medicine, a bottle of whiskey, and a small bag of cocaine.  The policeman shook their heads.  They never learn no matter how many of them die.

The beds wheeled into the main room and the attendant took each one, wrote out the tags and laid them out in the waiting erea till the night shift could come and deal with them.  He had too many others waiting.

He turned the light out and left the room as a call was made to the other band members to come identify the bodies.  The room fell silent.  A zipper began to come undone, and as silence filled the air the bag opened.  Shelley sat up.  She sighed in great dissapointment.  Her back was broken, ribs broken, several organs ruptured and she had injuries in her head.  Her nose was bleeding as were both ears.  As she tried to hold her smashed body erect she was disturbed at the sound of the bones grinding and grating on each other.  What a mess.

Shelley stepped on the floor and found her right leg was badly broken.  She found a standing rack with wheels next to her and she used it to help her walk.  She passed by a mirror and looked into it. "Oh nooooooo"  Shelley said in total dissapointment as she saw what the plane crash had done to her face and body.  She continued on to the other beds.  There were five of them.  Two were Dan and Alex.  No luck there. 

Her bones grated and crackled as she moved and she removed the sheets on the next one.  A fat man with bad lungs and a heart attack.  Nope.  The next one was a woman in her seventies with two fake hips.  Nope.  Wow, this crazy old gal even had a glass eye and it was slightly open.  Ewwwwwe!

Then Shelley removed the last sheet.  She pushed it aside angrily and worried, since prospects on a new residence were not looking good at all.  Then she looked at the last one.She felt a surge of relief and laughed. It was a teenage girl, with a small injury to the brain which would have caused her death, pretty much the same as what had killed, who was she, Denise!  It wouldn't take long to repair that damage and she would be a teenager again and a girl.  Not a bad trade considering Denise's container had been smashed to bits.
It was a warm pleasant day as Gene sat on his tractor waiting for the funeral goers to get done.  He had seen it so many times it was old hat now and he sat back and snacked on chocolate. He watched them do their thing, and as the last one moved slowly to their car he checked his watch.  Ah, he would have plenty of time to shower and hit the club.  Awesome.  He fired the tractor up, and it died.  He did it again and it died.  He got off, kicked it hard, punched it and cursed it. 

After a few seconds Gene got back on the tractor and it started and ran.  He then put it in gear and began driving.  As he heared the grave he stopped.  He just sat for a moment. 

The casket lid opened and a teenage girl sat up.  Gene was very confused.  Was this a prank or what?  He turned off the tracor and walked up near the grave.  The girl got out of the casket and stood for  a moment, then examined her arms and legs as though making sure everything worked. 

The girl looked at Gene, who nodded as if to say "well this is sure something new."  The girl smiled in a silly fashion, closed the casket lid and looked at the street.  She then looked at Gene one more time.  "Thanks fer closing it."  He said.  She smiled again and turned and walked away as Gene shook his head.  His old friend Deryl had found himself missing a guy one time, at least he had assumed it was a guy, so he told him.  The body was missing then too so he buried the casket anyway and no one was ever the wiser.

  Gene put the tractor into gear, lowered the casket and pushed the dirt over it.  That was that.  She was pretty good looking for a zombie.

Submitted: July 07, 2019

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