To Catch a Glimpse

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - 41

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Submitted: July 31, 2019




There were a good four dozen cars parked in the parking lot, Lyla noted as she crept closer. Anyone who had been in view had long since disappeared inside their identical houses. FEMA-run, no doubt. Some of the cars were wider spread apart then others, she wondering if she should go between those or slip between the tight ones. She'd always been plump, she'd never be able to squeeze between them. Or maybe-

Lyla gaped when she caught her reflection in one of the car's mirrors. She shocked herself so much she immedialy spun to see the woman standing behind her. But there was no one. SHe probably shouldn't have stalled but she checked, and sure enough, it was her.

Her cheeks had sunken in. She remembered even then her dad saying that when she grew up the "baby fat" would melt away- it never had. Now it did. A waddle of thin crepey flesh clung to her chin, all fat gone. Her clothes were so thin- so much for modesty, but it revealed a skeleton with hanging flesh. A nightmarish look. She'd long desired to be thin, but this? Dizzy, she tore her eyes away from her reflection, sniffing softly to see where the food would be located, ducking and weaving around the cars. She slid down quickly to catch her breath as the guard strolled by, the same empty look on him as she'd seen in the other three people. They didn't look different.

He had a few scars, but it was impossible for her to tell if it were from acne when he was a youth or from the wrath of God upon they that received the mark. He didn't see her as he made his way around and back again three times before disappearing behind the lengthy building. She could easily get inside and back again, running for her life before he made it around the building at the pace he was walking.

It might have been wishful thinking. Yet when adrenaline hits you, you go! Hunger gnawed at her as she paused for one last second before leaping up and dashing towards the open window, clambering inside. Sure enough there was bags of food- rolls and bagels. No one around, she shoved a bag under her arm, leaping out of the window, landing on all fours, her wrist bending at an awkward angle, a cry nearly escaping her lips, tears forming readily as the buns spilled from the bag.

She tore her ragged teeth through her lip to keep from shrieking. She'd likely broke her wrist. Her eyes noted the lanky figures maneautivering, almost dance-like, ever so graceful around the cars. She couldn't quite make out if they'd seen her, she dashing back towards the cars her heart thundering in her chest. There was no time to collect the spilled food. She had four buns left in the bag. It would have to suffice if she could escape undetected. The bagels rolling each and every which way was surely a telltale sign an intruder had come.


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