She Dances to Drums

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Carney discovers he is in the same class as Milana-Macayle, he must overcome his awkwardness, win the girl, convince her to be his, while not standing in the way of her dreams. An impossible feat.

Is the girl who can barely give him the time of day even worth it?

Flawed characters growing from teenagers to adulthood by the grace of God.

The perfect pairing of adventure, love, hope, and dreams.

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Submitted: July 07, 2019

It was hard to say the exact reason why Neil pulled their van into the church parking lot of Nazarene Assembly- a church they'd... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 08, 2019

  Milana-Macayle's heart thundered- not audibly, she hoped, as she descended the flights of stairs looking aimlessly for the sup... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 09, 2019

  Miss Naisy clutched her heart at the sight of the young girl sitting in the second row from the front, gazing at her with eyes... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 10, 2019

Carney stared at the open door of the geography class right up until Mr. Kyle shut it before turning to the class solemnly, "There has... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

Milana-Macayle clutched the sweat-drenched paper she held with both hands, her face turning ashen as the majority of her classmates gi... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

It was obvious she'd never wanted, or intended to get her hair wet, as the girls entered the showers immediately after swimming. They wer... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  Milana-Macayle bit her lip angrily when her dad swung their van in the opposite direction that Sunday. Whatever happened to th... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  Milana-Macayle died a little inside when the van made the sharp right turn, signaling Nazarene Assembly was clearly a thing of... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

Milana-Macayle smiled leaving it at that as the two boys hurried off towards the exit, his face flushed. Typical.   "I ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  "We miss you at Nazarene," Carney put a hand in his pocket, trying vainly to keep a nonchalant stance even though he was barin... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

It wasn't the first time the family had been looked down upon or eyeballed as strange, sometimes with good reason, sometimes not so much.... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

Milana-Macayle kicked off her flats, curling her toes around the cracked-paint book holder under the chair in front of her, oblivious to ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

    Neil had fathered five children, and age crept up on all of them, the salt in his hair more abundant than the peppe... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

"Africa?" Milana-Macayle said nothing, the glimmer in her eyes saying it all, slouching back against the railing, she and Carney s... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  Carney tried not to scowl at the couple that took the stage. If only it were for an engagement announcement, but unless the ch... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  Summer break upon them, Milana-Macayle secured a job at the local coffee shop, the night shift the only one available. It w... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  Carney no longer stood taller than the other boys by twelfth grade, just dusting the six-foot line on a measuring tape. He ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  The photographer left as quickly as he had come, no doubt to doctor up the photo to compel the two to purchase, once they w... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  "I'm sorry," Milana- Macayle gasped as she pulled away, her lips still tingling and tender. "I shouldn't have..." Carne... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2019

  It wasn't as if she could be blamed. At eighteen, her head in the clouds at the adventure of a lifetime, and a family that was... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  She hadn't quite expected Mercy Ship to be so massive! It wasn't that she expected it to be a dingy, or a rubber inflatable bo... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  As the enormous boat closed in on Africa, Milana-Macayle, for the first time began to sincerely regret her decision. Courtney ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Behgha watched his countrymen sing and dance as they viewed the massive ship before them. It took everything in him not to grow angry. It... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Dear Carney, Greetings from Africa! It seems just a dream that this is actually happening. So many times I've wished to be writing th... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  "...well, Milana-Macayle, I'm proud of you," tears awkwardly sprang in her eyes as she re-read Carney's letter for the hund... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  Behgha perched on the edge of the small bed he once shared with Mardea. Despite being able to stretch out more comfortably, it... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Behgha gripped his stick, beginning to lead the cattle to pasture immediately after Valemia was taken for her daily trip to the market. I... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  It wasn't the first time he saw her. He well remembered their first conversation, if one could call it that. He didn't shake h... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Three long weeks passed after she mailed her letter to Carney. Perhaps she'd come across as rude, " Alice, huh?...". It was too late... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Milana-Macayle, despite the tan that had mercifully replaced the red-lobster burn, blanched of all color, her eyes flickering at Behgha, ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

"Dear Courtney, It's hard to believe how fast these past few months have gone by. I think I will miss everything about this place... ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Mrs. Laremy smiled tolerantly over the rim of her glasses at the young woman before her. "I'm sorry I can't help more. Perhaps if you wri... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

Milana-Macayle scanned the large auditorium for Carney, almost regretting her decision to go to Fundamental Baptist for the morning servi... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

To Milana-Macayle, an embrace is an embrace and for the first time in a year she didn't feel a yearning for Carney. In fact, she was more... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  Carney began to feel bad. Could he be blamed for the curse of wearing his heart on his sleeve? At least he wasn't like other y... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

"Mil, you busy?" "Not really. Surprised to hear from you." "Yeah, sorry about that. Studies and all." "NP." "Well, if thi... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  It was the last thing Carney and Milana-Macayle expected. Milana-Macayle, hurt, but bemused, Carney, horrified that his secret... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  "It's here!" Bochi shouted above the noise of braying cattle, "She's here!" Perhaps she shouldn't have said "she", there w... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  Carney hadn't heard anything about the man who's arms were around Milana-Macayle like his had been. He couldn't accuse her of ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 23, 2019

  It was simply a matter of time. Behgha had been right about Milana-Macayle. Material possessions didn't move her. Her heart lo... Read Chapter

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