The Salem Witches A novel

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Epilogue

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019




Salem, Massachusetts

July 11, 2019.

6:00 AM.

Cora-Lee Smyth blinked her eyes.

She wasn't burned at the stake.

She wasn't evil; she wasn't damned to serve Satan.

Or part of a witch's coven.

She was in her bedroom.

The darkness of the outside lamps illuminated the street. Cars were parked near the kerb. She threw the book of witchcraft on the brown table to the far left of her bed. She yawned. In an hour or so she would need to get dressed for school. She sighed, and had a shower. Afterwards, she grabbed her red towel, and dried her body, arms, and legs. Then she was was wearing her school dress, and black, school shoes on her feet. 

She brushed her teeth, and swirled mouth wash in her mouth. And spat it in the faucet. She heard her parents' bedroom door light glow in the hallway. She went to the toilet, and flushed it. She washed her clean hands, and walked out of the bedroom. She reached the kitchen, and cooked eggs, bacon, and tomatoes in a black frying pan. The aroma of smells wafted across the open window.

"Cora, are you awake?", Mom asked her.

"Yes, Mom. I had a dream that I was in Salem, Massachusetts in the seventeenth century", she answered.

"That's a strange dream. Father O'Dear will have to talk to you during Sunday School Mass". Cora stared at her mother. Who was Father O'Dear?, she thought to herself. She frowned, then turned the gas off the stove, and served her breakfast on a plate. She poured cold water in a jug, and the red colored light illuminated the kitchen. She poured fresh coffee into a mug. Cora hugged her mother, as her father grabbed his brown suitcase, and placed it onto the blue rug. "I have a business meeting at nine o'clock", he stated.

"Eat your breakfast, Dad", Cora said.

"Fine, Cora. What's the book about?", he asked her.

"Witchcraft in the seventeenth century", Cora answered.

She didn't smile, as the flames burned across her eyes.

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