A letter to myself

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Dear fighter,

How are you today..??

There are many reasons why I am writing you this letter. To start with , I want to congratulate you for fighting and defeating a battle that many people don't even consider to be a battle in first place. Congratulate you for having the courage , strength , determination to fight off something that is so much more than a "temporary phase" and finally ,to congratulate you for being a WINNER..!!

Now that we have got that out of the way ,I would also like to tell you how impressed I am by you. Impressed that you decided to fight and not let your depression overcome your life.. those who have never experienced it will never know just how emotionally draining ,dreadful and even dehumanising suffering from depression can be..!!

They will never know how,at times it effects your will to live ,how even getting out of bed becomes the world's most daunting task,how nothing positive seems to be left your spirits and how your anxieties and insecurities start getting the better of you. As such ,you having overcome your depression is no mean feat and it's important for you to know that..

Another thing I want you to know is how crucial it is for you to now continue to stay strong . Not only because doing so is going to be good for you,which it will,but also because you will end up inspiring others suffering from depression to fight it and not let it overtake their lives..!!

Nothing inspires people more than seeing a success story,which is why it become important for you to make sure that others know about your success and how you overcome something as destructive as depression..!!

Finally ,I would like to give you a heads up. There will be days when you will feel like your depression is coming back and as frustrating as this may sound,it's likely that you may suffer from it again. But here's the important part you have to beat it again. You will have to make sure that if the need is,you once again fight it off. Just like you did before..!!

It may be hard ,but you will always have the support of your loved ones ,your spirit and your determination to help you win the battle. Here's hoping you continue to stay strong like this..!!

With love and admiration ,
A fellow fighter.....

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A letter to myself

Submitted: July 09, 2019

She needed a hero that's why she became one.
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