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Hey I will post the other chapter in from basic army to gf of jimin after this

Chapter 5 (v.1) - cooking dinner

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Liz pov

”nineteenth!” I yelled trumpiantly at kookie. We were still peeling potatoes for a big salad as well as fries, and it had turned into a competition. “How are you so good at this?” He said laughing. He hacked away at his potato savagely and we both completely cracked up. Both of our faces were bright red and we gulped for air between laughing. Suddenly, the door opened. In stepped rm and the rest of the boys. But me and kookie were in such a mood that we just pointed and cracked up at them hysterically. “Are you drunk?” Rm asked us, but we just laughed harder. “No-o” I said between breaths still laughing. Finally me and kookie composed ourselves. “What the heck? Look at all of these potatoes?!?!” Jin pointed out in disbelief. “It was a potato cutting competition!” I said and looked at kookie as we both threatened to crack up agian. “Where were you guys?” I asked. “Getting all of this” V groaned as he lifted a mass of groceries. “I’ll help you with that” I said and took all of the bags from him. “Thanks. Since none of you,” He looked at the rest of the boys “ offered to help. Where’s jimin? He usually helps unload.” I suddenly remembered. “Oh, leave him be. He’s still in the chair by my bed, sound asleep. He deserves the rest.”   V nodded and I helped him finish unloading. After we unloaded all of the groceries, we made some dinner. Since none of us had eaten lunch, we were going to feast. “ What’s with all of the oatmeal?” I asked as I pulled out box by box what must’ve been 200 oatmeals. Rm and v shared a look. “Jimins.” I answered myself softly. “What will he eat? Noodles? Thai?” I wondered what I could make him. The boys were surprised by my concern. Jin spoke first. “ Jimin does like noodle bowls. But we’re going to have some pork today. He won’t eat it as usual.” He looked at me, wondering my plan. “You guys just save me a little piece of pork, I’m going to do something with it” I reached into the cupboard and came out with a noodle package. Jimin would love this. The boys smiled at me and exchanged looks at each other as I cooked a meal solely for jimin alone.


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