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Submitted: July 10, 2019

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Submitted: July 10, 2019



A Girl, when she is in her Mother’s Womb, that’s the 1st step the mother starts developing lots of Dreams in her Mind and Heart. Even when the World and Family is no Happy As she is a Girl. But the only person who is most happy as well Sad When she comes to Know its Girls Child. Happy because she is been blessed with her Childhood Back and at that movement the mother takes a decision that she will make her Child so brave and strong that she can fight against all her problems with courage and she tends with proud that her daughter will fulfill all her wishes which she could not. Sad because of the Society, Family and the main reason for her sadness is her Fear that what if, her Child will also be Disrespected as she is and was…, what if the People Blame her For Everything Just Because She is A Girl Child.

That Moment the Mother Become Strong and Decides that No Matter what happens I won’t Let those things, those Situations, those Disrespect ness…, happen to my Daughter Ever. Those months that Mother Bare the Pain As well she Prepares herself as a Defender as a backbone as a body guard for her Child. Few Months Later, when the Child Come in this beautiful world the mother protects her in all way no matter what. The Mother Teaches her all good and bad, makes her to develop a good character good behavior and so on….

As the Child Grows up the child is been send to schools, colleges and more ever all her wishes where been fulfilled by her Mother but the Child Gets in with a group where there is one negativity and all other positivity the Child Forgets all the things and starts choosing the Path of her Life. Because negativity attracts more faster than Positivity. The Child Slowly starts Feeling bad and Doesn’t understand the Love the care that the Mother does, she is just been seeing around and reacted that she is not been Loved just because the mother scolds her, and her mind stops think why for what reason the mother is scolding her, Fact was the mother scolded her for good future. But, due to the negative influence the Child Forgets all and starts Creating her own thoughts and stop respect the Love, care etc., given by her Mother to her. That Moment the Child Starts feeling that the mother does not Love her all time she keeps scolding. The Child at that state of Mind forgets the Love and starts getting influenced and starts speaking bad about her Mother.

After Few days, the child Find a Friend while she was yet to complete her studies, at that stage she starts Loving a guy without even knowing him From the dept of her Heart she trusts him blindly, starts speaking Lie, telling wrong words, arguments, she gets so much deeply into love with the guy so, that she cannot see anyone else’s love or believe anyone else and not even her mother. Then one fine day the mother gets Shocked and finally she finds out was the reason behind the bad behavior of her daughter. As the finds out that’s it’s a bad influence and come know that the guy she Loves blindly and who made her Child Forget the Belief, Character, her Lessons, and teaches the girl too disrespect her mother ignore her etc.., is not the Write Person she is with.

The very Find the Mother Changes Herself and Becomes too polite with her Child and Calmly warns her but the Child gets Rude and starts Misbehaving. Then the Child with her anger meets the and says him to get married to her. The Guys was Shocked because the guy wasn’t ready yet nor he was serious in a relationship. Meanwhile, the mother new the guy’s Character wasn’t good and she was more worried for her daughter. Even after warning her daughter, she comes home n say that she wants to get married to the guy she Loves, the mother disagrees with it so the girl didn’t bother to care for her words she just informed in the family as she was aged the old age’s at home agreed for the marriage as she convince them with the fake description about him as she was blind. Still the mother and the family Except old age’s doesn’t agree.

The Girl Child Decide with the old age’s at home and get happy that they are supporting her for the guy they love. Meanwhile the guy was depressed and was unhappy and could not show the girl or say anything to her because something that matter him was always her beauty not her heart, not her loyalty. ­­The girls Goes against the mother and Listens to the old age’s and gets married. The girl had many Dream after marriage about her Life, but at the start of her marriage the guy made the to blind trust and be he wanted. The Girl still could not get rid of the fraud Mind the guy had.

After Few Days of Marriage, the guy just made the girl believe his family is not good they don’t love him n so on he created all non-sense talks the girl blindly believed him. There the guy even started talking all wrong things about the girl to her family that the girl treats her too bad. The girl and the guy’s Family where been trapped by the Guy.

The guy’s family starts hating the girl they start behaving wired to her. The Girl meanwhile things about her husband’s word that his family never supports him n loves him, the girl finally trusts him and starts hating her family. The guy was so Sharp minded that he never realized what he doing because he plan was working as per him, (to use the girl, to make family hate her so that she always tries to believe him n be with him n do as he says, and use the other girls behind her?—?complete misuse of her Love).

The Girls Was So Blind that still she could not identify the trust and over come her Loyalty. As days going on the girl was too happy with her cruel husband, and he was so confident that he can never be caught. His confidence one day made a mistake and the Girl was been realized that she was been trapped by him, but the girl could not believe. Days later, the girl started absorbing her husband’s behavior how is trapped his family against me and me against his family just because he loved his family and showed the love for my beauty and not my Loyalty.

The Girl was Completely broken by him but she was forced to hide all her pain as she knew her husband is the real theft. That was the day she realized the worth of her Mother and could not stop herself from shedding her tears. She realized each and everything about how she was been trapped. But now the girl is scared to share it with her mother as she had already warned her as she went against her and got married to him.

One fine day the girl was almost out of her pain she just goes to her mother and speaks out what all happen to her after listening to the mother was very upset and started blaming herself for the suffer caused to her daughter. The Mother get depressed and just wait for her daughter and just thinks how to overcome her problems. But… but… but… the girl was wrong in her way again yes; she did a good thing to say everything frankly to her mother but she could say her husband anything what caused her pain by him. Because she loved him blindly.

Today the girl is in a situation where nor she can trust nor have any kind of understanding nor have the curtsy to even believe him back no matter, he is saying the truth. Because when she gave all 100% to him and in return was just been trapped and misused by him, she was depressed. From that day she blamed herself and was doubting that was this the person she loved and for this person she went against her mother. She was completely killing her self and started thinking she can’t do anything in life without him. She was in a fake world in and around.

The girl made her so weak that now she can’t even move forward because she feels this is the end of Life, but she forgets the message given by her mother when she was young. The girl now as no choice left as she was married, she had to stay with him as well she even lost the respect in his family. The husband now pretends to love her because he just in of her beauty and girl is so weak that she does everything again for him. The guy just pretended to change but he never changed, but in return she did a mistake by supporting him in his way. Instead she could have been strong and taken a stand for herself and could fulfill all her wishes going against all. So, here the quest. Arises how?

She could have done everything for herself by being strong because even if she does good things or bad things his family would always think she is wrong. As they trapped by their son in such a way. So that was the right moment for her to move on instead supporting him. Even after knowing all the girls feels she can’t do anything. Being a girl she things she can’t do anything that’s a shame on a girl for proving her self wrong when she was all way loyal.

The girl thinks she failed in her Life but the mother things She failed her Life where in she pushed her daughter to the hell. The old age’s are no more in the world to realize what the girl is going through. but what ever one wrong person spoiled so many happiness. And still we support them to kill us even more and be slave to them is our big mistake.

Now it’s the time to say young girls or women who are been trapped by someone like this then don’t be a fool to trust them again and great thing don’t make yourself so weak that you yourself decide that u cant do anything because you are a girl or what society will think if u take a step for your self respect.

Let go the society if u respect yourself the society will respect you. The thing is you need to step forward being strong and being a example for every girl like u being trapped.



“DO NOT BE AFRAID BECAUSE”GIRLS YOU NEED TO FLY AND NOT GET DRY” show your power girls, come on just trust yourself then no person can break you as well you Heart.

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