Meddling in Foreign Affairs

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Palace

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Submitted: August 09, 2019



The next morning they ate breakfast early and walked up to the palace. Dismas made sure that Byulat had the letter, so he could ask the king about that too if they actually managed to get a meeting. Dismas figured it would be best if he went in trying to be unnoticed even before they knew if it would be necessary, since it would be weird if a member of their group just left in the middle of being led to see the king.

The guards were obviously surprised to see an elf and dwarf together walk right up to the palace gates. They both were in the more decorative uniforms that were mostly for show, but they seemed to take their jobs seriously and stopped Aya and Byulat a few feet away from the gate. “Identify yourselves and state your intentions.”

Byulat stepped forward confidently. “I am Byulat of the Oruziye Clan from Dragstyenost. The son of my Otetsu is missing and I request an audience with King Tobias in the hopes of discovering his location.”

“And I’m Ayaperna, from Maiorsem, but you can call me Aya if you want. I’m helping him as a show of goodwill from my people in the hopes of preventing a war. I believe that your king will find what we have to say very interesting, especially if he loves peace so much as I’ve heard.”

The guards looked at each other for a moment and one of them shrugged. “I will go let King Tobias know what you’ve said and see if he will be willing to meet with you,” he said before walking off.

“Thank you!” Aya called after him, before turning her attention to the guard in front of her. “You’ve never seen such a young elf before, have you?”

The man looked surprised. “No, but how did you know that?”

“My kind usually stay in Maiorsem until they are at least two hundred, and even then it’s rare for us to travel so far north.” The guard furrowed his brow and Aya laughed. “I am nearing 150, if that is what you’re thinking so hard about.”

“You look no older than my son, and yet you’re older than I will ever be!”

“I’m sure Byulat here is older than you as well, though there is a chance that you could live to be ninety.”

The guard looked at Byulat. “Are you really that old?”

Byulat couldn’t seem to hold in his smile completely. “About that old, yes. It is very strange how different the races are, even though we all share relatively equal mental capacities.”

“If someone would have betted me this morning that I would have a peaceful conversation with a dwarf and an elf at the same time today, I would have bet everything I own, thinking them to be a fool. How is it that you two are so friendly with each other?”

Byulat rolled his eyes. “What you see is not really friendship, but two people who know they need each other in order to be successful.” Dismas assumed that that was at least partially a lie, because Aya didn’t look offended at all.

The guard laughed. “You two are the most interesting people to visit King Tobias in a very long time.”

They spoke for a few more minutes about Maiorsem and Dragstyenost, since the guard had never been to either and was curious to hear about them. A while later, the other guard finally came back. Dismas was relieved, because watching a conversation was significantly less fun than participating in one, especially when he had things to input that would make their descriptions so much better.

“King Tobias will meet with you, follow me,” the guard said when he reached the gate. Aya smiled happily and followed him, with Byulat trailing a bit behind. Dismas slipped into the space between them, making sure that they both knew he was there and preventing anyone from accidentally running into him. He knew that he should not expect to sneak so easily without Aya and Byulat. They kind of gathered most people’s attention anyways. Even without trying to go unnoticed, he would have likely been overlooked in favor of them.

King Tobias’ throne room was very different from Otetsu Gora’s. The walls on each end were completely made of glass. The one behind the throne was overlooking the countryside of Tyrlim, and the one opposite had a clear view of the sea beyond the cliff. Dismas liked it much better than the enclosed room under the mountain, it made him feel much more free.

The king himself was much more approachable than Dismas expected. He knew he was young, but he looked like he was even younger than his mother. His blonde hair was streaked with gray, but his eyes still shone and he didn’t hesitate to smile when Byulat and Aya entered. Smiling always makes people look younger than they are.

“I was told that you have something very important to tell me. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to speak with an elf and dwarf who are on good terms with each other, it’s a very rare sight indeed.” Byulat stepped forward and bowed on one knee before the king, which made him laugh. “There’s no need for that, young dwarf. Just tell me what you came to say.”

Byulat looked surprised, but stood up. This king was completely different than the one under the mountain, and while they both demanded respect, Tobias seemed much more informal. “I am Byulat of the Oruziye Clan. My Otetsu’s son is missing, and it is most crucial that he is located before my people inevitably blame the elves of Maiorsem. I was hoping that you would be willing to give me any information that you believe would be useful in our search, as we have run out of leads.”

King Tobias nodded. “You have a good cause. I will gather anything that may be useful. But before that, may I ask who the elf is?”

Aya smiled and walked up to Byulat. “I am Ayaperna. Aesculus gave me permission to accompany Byulat in the hopes of showing his people that the elves were not involved. Unfortunately, the dwarves were less than receptive of my message.”

“And it was only the two of you who traveled with such an important mission?” King Tobias asked, looking closer at Aya’s face.

“No, we have another companion, a human from the village of Rephiym who was accidentally involved, but has promised to assist us. He has proven to be most useful so far, but fell ill and is resting at the moment,” Aya lied flawlessly. Dismas was proud of her.

King Tobias narrowed his eyes slightly and Aya gasped. Dismas wondered what he had thought that could possibly surprise Aya, but the king continued speaking before he could really worry too much about it. “Right. Is there anything else that I could help you with, or would you like me to have my servants show you to rooms you could both stay in?”

“Actually, your majesty, we were attacked by a small group of humans on our way here that appeared to be from Ogshan. They had a letter on them, and we would like to have it translated if you know of anyone who could help us,” Aya asked.

“Ah, I just happen to have someone in this castle who could help. If you’re willing to wait, I can introduce you to her.”

“That would be wonderful, if it’s not too much trouble.”

King Tobias turned to one of the people standing at the edge of the room. Dismas noticed for the first time that he was the only other person in the hall not wearing a uniform. His clothing was unusually casual for someone in the presence of royalty, with loose brown trousers and a dark blue shirt that looked like it was probably made for someone much larger than him. He hadn’t even bothered to properly tie his boots. “Go find Yltani and bring her to my office. We’ll be waiting there for her.”

The young man nodded before walking towards one of the doors. Dismas was curious, so he followed silently after tapping Aya’s hand to let her know that he was leaving. The young man looked a year or two younger than Dismas, but looked like he had his life much more together. He was working in the palace, so that was already much better than Dismas was doing. Despite his comfortable clothes, his blonde hair was well trimmed and his face was cleanly shaved, and he walked confidently, as if he should be the center of attention. Dismas was so focused on not being noticed that he almost ran into him when he stopped suddenly in an empty hallway. He took a few steps back and tucked himself in the hollow of a closed door even though it was unlikely that the young man had noticed him. But the way he was looking around the hallway made Dismas doubt his newly discovered ability.

“You’re short,” he said, breaking the silence.

Dismas was confused and offended, but knew that the young man was talking to him. He was quite a bit taller than Dismas, after all. He stepped out of the doorway, dropping to a more natural level of being unnoticed. “How did you know I was following you?”

The young man spun around to face him with a cruel grin. “I didn’t, but now I do.”

“So you just talk to empty hallways on a regular basis?”

The young man shrugged. “I just felt like it. At least I’m not sneaking around in a place I obviously could never belong like a common thief.”

“Hey! I’m not a common thief! I’m an above average thief!”

The man started walking down the hallway again, and Dismas didn’t know what to do other than follow him. “So you readily admit you are a thief?”

“Yeah. But I’m not here to steal anything, I just wanted to take a look around and make sure a certain missing dwarf isn’t here.”

“So you’re the human with the dwarf and elf. How does that feel, to be with such important people when you are nothing?”

Dismas shrugged. “It’s made my job easier, they tend to distract people. It can be a little depressing at times, but it’s better for me in the long run.”

“But it’s making it harder to convince yourself that you should find an actual job.”

“Why would I want a different job when I’m so good at taking other people’s money? I like being a thief.”

“Suuure.” Dismas had the impression that the young man didn’t believe him. “You’d change your mind if you knew how much better gold is when it’s earned honestly. Your wife would certainly be happier if you could support her with what you actually earned instead of took.”

Dismas furrowed his brow. “How did you know I have a wife?”

“I didn’t, but now I do,” the young man said again with another grin. Dismas was seriously considering punching him in his pretty face to wipe that grin away.

“Why aren’t you reporting me or something?”

“Father knows you’re here, he could tell the elf was lying. He decided not to do anything about it, so I won’t either.”

“‘Father?’ Like, the king?”


Dismas stopped walking. “You’re Prince Cephas?”

The young man turned to face him with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah? Who else could I possibly be?” Now that Dismas was looking closer at him, he could see the resemblance between the two. Cephas’ gray eyes were much colder than King Tobias’, but they looked like the eyes of someone who had been trained to lead. And his height and looks certainly made him as attractive as the rumors always said.

“Dunno, just thought you’d be entertaining to follow. I’m excited to meet this Yltani person.”

Cephas glared at him and started walking down the hall again. “Don’t be too excited, she’s not much really. Just Ogshinian scum.”

“Oh? You don’t like her?”

“I didn’t say that, just that she’s awful like the rest of her country.”

“I’ve never been to Ogshan. Is it really so bad?”

“It’s a smelly swamp and nothing good could ever come from such a place. I don’t need to go there to know that much.”

“You’ve never been there either?” Dismas asked.

“Of course not. I already told you that it’s awful, why would I ever want to go there?” Before Dismas could ask anything else, Cephas turned suddenly and opened a door. He didn’t bother to go through it all the way and just started shouting. “Yltani! Father wants to see you in his office!”

“Give me a minute!” a voice from inside responded.

“Hurry up, slowpoke!”

“I’m coming, goodness!”

Dismas tried to look through the door to see what was in it, but Cephas was almost completely blocking the entrance. “What’s in there?” Cephas turned around and started walking away again, ignoring Dismas. He decided that was an invitation to look and see for himself, and glanced in cautiously. The door opened into another hallway, that appeared to open to an open air courtyard. Before he could investigate further, however, Dismas noticed a girl barreling towards him. Or rather, towards the doorway he was standing in. He turned and ran to catch up with Cephas. 

“Cephas! Watch out! There’s someone else here!” the girl who Dismas assumed was Yltani yelled. That was his only warning before he was tackled to the ground. The pressure on his back led Dismas to believe that she was crouching on top of him, and he was struggling to catch his breath. “How stupid are you to try and attack Cephas in his own castle?”

“I wasn’t,” Dismas managed to gasp out.

“The thief speaks truth, he’s not doing me any harm. We were actually having a relatively pleasant conversation.”

Yltani didn’t get off him, but he felt her move, like she was standing up. “Relative to what?”

“Relative to conversations with you, of course.”

She finally stepped off his back, and Dismas started cautiously standing up, only to see Yltani clinging to Cephas. She was small, even a bit shorter than him, so she was able to hang on his arm enough to be off the ground. Somehow Cephas didn’t fall over. Dismas assumed that he was used to it, based on his bored acceptance of there suddenly being a person on him. “Oh, you know you love talking with me the most!”

“No I don’t. Now get off me, you loon. I came to get you for a reason, you know.”

Yltani reluctantly let go of Cephas. When she was on the ground, Dismas could get a better look at her. Unlike what he first thought, she was likely close to twenty years old. From her behavior he had assumed she was much younger. She had long black hair that was tied up, but looked like it would be a mess of loose curls if it were free, and her skin was the same color as caramel. She was wearing a long flowing skirt that was dark red that only partially covered up the fact that she wasn’t wearing shoes. The golden scarf tied around her waist was holding up a short curved sword. “Who’s this?” she asked, turning her attention back to Dismas.

“My name’s Dismas. I’m with the dwarf and elf princey-boy’s bringing you to meet with. We were attacked by some Ogshinians a while back and want to have the letter they had on them translated.”

“But why are you here and not with your friends?”

Dismas shrugged. “No one stopped me from following him.”

Cephas raised an eyebrow. “That’s because no one bothered to look at you with a dwarf and an elf in one room not arguing or trying to kill each other.”

“Yeah, but you still didn’t notice me until you tricked me into talking, so it was obviously also because of my skills as a thief.” Dismas couldn’t help the proud grin on his face.

“That’s true. If you were responsible enough to actually hold a job, I would consider hiring you to spy on everyone for me.”

“Hey, I’m responsible! I could have a job if I wanted one!”



Yltani suddenly pinched Dismas’ cheek and used it to shake his head. “At this rate, you’ll be working for Cephas within a year.” She let go and skipped off in front of them. 

Dismas opened and closed his mouth a few times in an effort to make his face feel normal. “Is she always like that?”

“Unfortunately. Let’s get going. While insulting you is terribly fun, I don’t want to keep father waiting for too long.” Dismas nodded and followed after Cephas. It didn’t take them long to reach the king’s office, or at least what Dismas assumed was the king’s office. It was a pretty normal looking door, and if Dismas didn’t know it was the king’s he would’ve assumed it was just an average office.

Cephas didn’t knock before entering, he just opened the door and barged in. The king was sitting behind a large wooden desk, and Aya and Byulat were in chairs in front of it. “Ah, wonderful! The third companion makes an appearance!”

Dismas bowed slightly because he wasn’t sure what else to do. “Your majesty. I apologize for not revealing myself to you sooner.”

“No need for the bowing, I’m sure you had your reasons. You hoped to see if we have the dwarf somewhere in the castle, correct? Ayaperna just asked me about it, and I’m sorry to say that we know nothing of him.”

“That was my intention, but I got a little bit sidetracked following your son. He tricked me into revealing myself to him, and so I figured it would be best to introduce myself. And, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you know that I was here?”

King Tobias laughed. “Ayaperna was lying when she said that you were not here, so I just assumed.”

“Father, you’re getting distracted,” Cephas interrupted. He was looking just as disinterested as he had in the throne room, and was slouched against the closed door with his arms crossed.

“Right. Dismas, take a seat, Yltani, come take a look at this.” Dismas sat down next to Byulat and watched as Yltani looked over the king’s shoulder at the slightly bloodstained letter. “Can you read it?”

Yltani nodded. “It’s been a while, so it’ll take time, but I think so.”

“Good. We will provide the three of you with rooms here until the letter is translated and I get reports back regarding any information we have about the missing dwarf. You were staying at an inn, correct?”

Aya nodded. “Yes, we left most of our belongings there.”

“Cephas, why don’t you accompany them to gather their things and then show them to the guest rooms. It’ll be easy to get in and out if you’re with them.”

Yltani bounced quickly. “Can I come too? It’s been so long since I’ve been outside of the palace!”

“We literally went to the marketplace together three days ago,” Cephas commented dryly.

Yltani ran over and tugged on one of Cephas’ arms so that he was forced to look down at her pouting face. “But it’s so much fun to be out and about, and the people love to see you!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be working on that letter?”

“That’s no fun though! Please can I come?”

Cephas shook his head. “It really makes no difference to me, just make sure you’re also doing things you’re supposed to and not just running around like you usually do.”

“Yay! We’re going out! Come on, you three, let’s go!” Yltani said as she pulled Cephas out into the hallway. Dismas wasn’t sure how Yltani could be so happy when Cephas was so obviously unhappy to be spending time with her. She just didn’t seem to care what he said, and did whatever she wanted. And he wasn’t afraid to hurt her with the things he said. They must have known each other for a very long time, or they wouldn’t be so comfortable around each other while Cephas was so mean. He seemed to just be resigned to the fact that Yltani wouldn’t leave him alone.

Dismas looked over at King Tobias. “May I ask who Yltani is? She seems very familiar with the royal family.”

“She has been living here for a little more than six years and will not be dissuaded, as you may have seen. It has been long enough that Cephas has given up. I have always thought of her as a daughter, though.”

“Is she from Ogshan, then, if she knows the language?”

“Yes, but I don’t know much about her past, other than that she was brought to this country by her mother, and was raised in a relatively wealthy family when she did live in Ogshan. I am under the impression that they were political exiles, but her mother passed away after making it to this side of the desert, and Yltani knows nothing.”

Dismas raised an eyebrow. “So you allowed such an unknown factor to live in such close proximity to your family? Your son?”

King Tobias shrugged. “Mara always wanted a daughter.”

Yltani stuck her head back inside the office. “Are you all coming? Come on, the sun won’t stay up forever!”

“Is it okay if we go, then, your majesty?” Aya asked.

“Yes, of course. She’s very impatient with things like this. It wouldn’t be good to keep her waiting for long. That sword isn’t just for show, you know.”

That was enough motivation to get Dismas, Byulat, and Aya out the door. Yltani immediately grabbed one of Aya’s hands and started leading her down the hallway, with the others trailing behind. “What was your name again?”

Aya looked slightly unsure of what to do, but smiled anyways. “Ayaperna, but you can call me Aya, if you’d like.”

“Aya! That’s a pretty name! You’re from Maiorsem, right?”

“Yes, this is my first time being outside of the forest.”

“The city is in the forest?” Yltani was almost jumping with excitement.

“Yes, it’s really very beautiful. It’s very strange for me to see so many buildings that aren’t in trees, Maiorsem is more up and down than spread out like Tyrlim is.”

Yltani stopped. “You have buildings in the trees?”

“Yes, most of our houses are in the trees, businesses and such tend to be on the forest floor.”

“But, how are the trees big enough to support all that? You must have very small houses.”

“The Escatar Forest is much older than the forest here, and the temperatures tend to be warmer, so the trees are bigger.”

Cephas laughed. “How stupid, to build your lives entirely on trees. If there were a fire, the whole city would be destroyed.”

Aya turned to look at Cephas more closely. “Well, first off, we don’t ever have open flames, the city is full of glowing flowers at night. And we do have some fire prevention methods, one of them being the river right next to the city. We have stores of water throughout in case an emergency arises.”

Yltani let go of Aya in order to cling to Cephas’ arm again. “Maiorsem sounds wonderful, we should go there sometime!”

“You know I don’t have time for that. And if it were a diplomatic mission, I wouldn’t want you along, you’d find some way to embarrass me and our country, and would certainly get into heaps of trouble.”

“Okay! So we’ll go together when you’re the king!”

Cephas shook his head. “Yltani, are you even listening to the words I’m saying? I’ll be even more busy when I’m king.”

“Nah, cause when you get married your father will abdicate the throne and give you power, but still help you out. So you’ll have plenty of time to spend with me!”

“When I get married, I’ll be spending time with my wife.”

Yltani grinned. “Exactly.”

“Oh, shut up. There’s no need for that stupid grin.”

She reached up and pinched his cheek. “You’re cute when you’re pouting like that, but it really isn’t very princely.”

Cephas brushed her hands away from his face angrily. “Everything I do is princely because I am a prince.”

Dismas glanced over at Byulat, and was happy to see how uncomfortable he was. It seemed that it wasn’t just his relationship with Terry, but any relationship that he found improper. If all dwarves were of the same mind as him, Dismas wondered how the dwarves had managed to continue as a species. He supposed that not all of them were so afraid of contact with members of the opposite gender. “While you two are absolutely adorable, shouldn’t we get moving? And be careful what you do in front of Byulat, he’s very sensitive.”

Cephas raised an eyebrow. “Sensitive because he doesn’t, nor will ever, understand what it’s like to be in a relationship. Not that Yltani and I are in a relationship, it just looks like it to people who don’t know her.”

“Yeah, I dunno about all that, but Byulat almost died when he realized that my wife and I were in a room together unattended. It was really quite hilarious.”

Aya walked up right next to Dismas and put her hands on her hips. “There’s no need to tease him, Dismas, dwarven culture is much more reserved about such things, and he is still on the younger end of things.”

“That’s rich, coming from you. Although you are older than us, you are the most immature one here,” Cephas said with the same cruel grin that he wore earlier.

Aya turned to Cephas with a glare. “This may sound like a strange request, but can you think about me for a little bit, please?”

Cephas raised an eyebrow. “What good would that do? It won’t make you any more attractive.”

“You misunderstand, I can only tell what you’re thinking when you think about me. And I wanted to figure out what your ability is, because I get a little bit of it everytime I catch your thoughts.”

“What are you talking about, you freaky elf? You can’t read my thoughts!”

“Oh, but I can. When you think about me.” Aya grimaced. “You’re ability is one of the worst I’ve noticed, to be honest. Your father’s is much better suited to royalty than yours.”

“What’s Cephas' ability?” Dismas asked.

“He knows instinctively what will insult someone the most. That’s probably how he noticed you, he knew what would insult you even though he didn’t know you were there.”

Dismas couldn’t help but laugh. “Cephas, that is absolutely perfect!”

“Dismas! Don’t encourage him!” Aya reprimanded. “And you, Cephas. Now that you know what your ability is, you should work to use it to avoid hurting others, unlike what you’ve been doing. You really could turn it into something that will help you later on with diplomacy and being a king in general.”

“You both do realize how stupid you sound, right? There is no way that there could be such abilities and no one in Tyrlim has ever recorded them before.” By this point, Cephas had gotten distracted enough by their conversation that he stopped leading them down the hallway, and they were all just standing around.

Aya shook her head. “Elves live longer than humans, you know. Every sentient creature has an ability, or talent, that they’re unusually good at. But humans often die before they realize theirs. Because of my ability to read minds when someone is thinking about me, I can sometimes figure out what abilities others have. Like your father, who can tell when someone is lying to him. If I’m given permission to, I can figure out what someone’s ability is by combing through their memories until I find enough examples of them using it. And once you know your ability, you can practice it and develop it to be as useful as possible.”

Cephas looked at Dismas like he was a little lost. “And you actually believe this lunacy? You seemed like a sensible person when I was talking to you earlier.”

“Yeah, I believe it. Because it’s true.”

“Yeah? So what’s your ability, then, Dizzy?”

“Before we continue, there’s only one person allowed to call me Dizzy, and you certainly are not her,” Dismas said with a grimace. “And my ability is to be unnoticed. It’s why you didn’t notice when I followed you earlier.”

“Okay, well that’s stupid. What’s yours, Byulat?”

“I can make objects harder than they should be,” Byulat said respectfully. It seemed that even though Cephas was an immature jerk, the dwarf had some respect for him just because he was royalty.

“Now that’s an ability that could actually be useful. Can you teach me how to do it?”

“Umm. I do not believe that is possible, Prince Cephas. Just as I could never learn to read minds like Ayaperna does.”

Dismas looked at Byulat, confused. “Did you just call Aya by her full name?”

“Yes. It is her given name, is it not?”

“But why did you call her Aya up until now?”

“I did not listen to most of what you two were saying when we first met her. It seemed irrelevant to finding Zlato. I only just found out that her name is Ayaperna.”

Dismas turned to Aya. “Doesn’t that bother you?”

Aya shrugged. “Not particularly. I know that he only does it because he doesn’t call anyone by nicknames. It’s not nearly as bad as his general racism against me, even though now that he knows me, that isn’t so bad. And, back to your question, Cephas, you cannot learn someone else's ability.”

“That's dumb. Well, do you at least know what Yltani’s ability is?”

Yltani spun around at the sound of her name. She had been looking out the window, and Dismas had actually forgotten she was there. He hadn't expected her to willingly stay quiet for so long. “My ability?”

Cephas sighed. “Have you been listening at all?”

“Sort of? I know you're really good at insulting people, but I knew that before. I wasn't really paying attention.”

“Can't you pay attention for more than five minutes?”

Yltani gave Cephas a knowing smile. “You know that I can. Your conversation was just kinda long, so I was watching the new guards practicing swordsmanship. They don't look good enough to challenge me yet, though, so they won't be stealing my place as your personal guard!”

Cephas shook his head. “It doesn't matter to me if you beat them or not.”

“I know, but being the best makes my position more justifiable. So people don't complain that you only chose me because we've known each other for so long.”

Cephas snorted. “Yeah, because I totally chose you, and didn't just get tired of you complaining that I didn't have a personal guard and that that personal guard wasn't you.”

Dismas was starting to get impatient. He couldn't leave without the rest of them, but he wanted to get his belongings so he would have a chance to sneak around a bit to see if there was anything worth stealing. “Aren't we supposed to be going to get our stuff? Talking is nice, and all, but we have things to do, and Yltani will never get that letter translated if she doesn't start.”

“Right. We'll leave after Aya tells me what Yltani’s ability is. Don't think I didn't notice that you never answered that question.”

Everyone focused on Aya, which made her look uncomfortable. “I'd have to go through her brain to figure it out. Why don't we do it when we get back?”

“No. I want to know what she can do.” Cephas looked unreasonably angry.

“Hey, no need to get mad at Aya. She’ll figure it out later, okay? Let’s just go get our stuff first. You know, do the thing that the king ordered us to do,” Dismas said, trying to distract Cephas from Aya. He was the first person that she seemed uncomfortable around, and it was probably due to his ability. Dismas could imagine that any thoughts she picked up from him were likely insulting. Aya smiled appreciatively at him.

“Fine. Hurry up, let’s go.” Cephas didn’t even check to make sure they were following him as he stormed down the hallway.

I probably should've split this chapter up a bit more, but I like keeping it all together, in a way. Plus it gives you more of a chance to get to know my boi, Cephas!

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