The Evil Hero

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The New world savior is also the destruction of the world itself

Submitted: July 10, 2019

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Submitted: July 10, 2019



Chapter 1: The End to a new Beginning 


“A-are we going to die” I say looking over at my life long friend. His face down not looking at me he nods slowly as the world turns dark.


I awake in my room looking around. Gasping for air I grip at my chest I hold my heart. Was it just a dream I think still looking around my room. “I guess it was just a dream after all” I say letting out a deep breathe. Rising from my bed I head to my mirror. “Today is the martial arts tournament” looking at the calendar near my mirror I smile slightly. “Alright guess it’s time to do my best today is the day I win” looking at the picture of me and my friend as children. “I’ll show you that I’m stronger we will no longer tie” walking out of my room and towards the shower. After showering I quickly run downstairs to the kitchen grabbing a piece of toast, my bag and bokken rushing out of the door. As the crowd of students engulf me I shift to a walk. “SHIROOO” a soft female voice calls me from behind. I turn my head around searching for the person the voice cane from. “Good morning yae” I say as she catches up to me in the crowd. Good morning Shiro” she says through a smile. It’s become regular that she catches me in the morning no since her confession. 

~flashback~ standing behind the gym I run my hands through my hair. “I know why she called me out here but...” I sigh kicking over a small rock. I look up watching as she walks around the corner. Our eyes meet but it was not who I was expecting. It was yae my senpai in sword training. “Y-Yae is that you where you the one who called me here” I look at her our eyes meeting briefly until she looks away. “I have something I want to tell” her face blushes. “Shiro please go out with me” she says with a bow and I feel a pain in my heart. “Yae I like you I really do but I’m not right for you” putting my face in the ground. ~flashback over~ 

Walking to class with one of the most beautiful in the school was fun. She also smart and athletic I couldn’t believe when she asked me out I wanted to accept but she deserves better.

Sliding open the classroom door I can sense his bloodlust coming quickly drawing my bokken. Both swords clash and a smirk escape both of our lips. “I see your excited for today’s tournament huh...Híroÿ” I say as he hops away. “I see you’ve kept up your training” híroÿ says. The smirk on his face told it all he was as excited for the marital arts tournament as I was and seeing how stocked he was made my fire ride. “Our match will be the finally huh I won’t accept you to lose to anyone else but me” I say looking at him with intensity. “Oh shouldn’t you be more worried about losing yourself Shiro” says a familiar female voice from behind. “Oh Y?sûrah their is no one who’s trained as hard as I have for this” i say pointing to the fresh scar above my eye “I’ve been waiting for the moment that me and him can have an actual spar without tying.” Y?sûrah is híroÿ’s girlfriend and I don’t see how he has come to enjoy his youth so much but he seems happy. Making my way over to my seat the usual chatter start. Mostly things about how me and híroÿ could possible be friends when we differ so but it’s a valid reasoning why. It’s because we strive to be the best we are best friends but also we are rivals. We push each other to extend past the boundaries that most people would give up at. Every since we were young we’ve wanted to become stronger for different reasons. Mine was to protect what family I have left which is only my little sister. When I was 7 years old my house was broken into by some big time mob bosses because my father was some very important person but him, mom or my older brother never said a thing to me about what he did. Until that night I was told that he ran a pretty shady business and had taken out a lot of loans. I was told to take my 3 year old little sister and hide somewhere. But I no longer have those memories all I see now is the mutilated corpses laying their and my little sister crying. From that moment on I made her a promise that I will protect her that nothing bad will ever happen to her. It’s been 11 years since then and we’ve been living pretty well I take care of the house and work while also training in different things. While she relaxes and enjoys life I know that she hasn’t forgotten what has happened but the fact that I know I can get her to smile makes me all the happier. As the school bell rings for home room the teacher enters and all the students take their seat. Looking over the class he calls out me and híroÿ for today’s national tournament and sends us on our way. As we walk through the halls to the gymnasium more and more students enter the halls each with there own weapon or style of choice. [looks like today will be a lot of fun I can’t let my guard down] the words slip through my mind a slight smirk rest on my face. After entering the gymnasium the face of the other 50 opponents stretch out with a bracket on the wall to the left. Stepping onto the mat my first match was a simple matter his speed and accuracy was less than mine giving him a simple knock out was enough. Most of the matches ending that way until the quarter finals. In this match up I met up with my senior in kendo and after each of us drew our swords the match began. This match up was not like the others we clashed swords for 4 minutes with a mix of feints and strikes but in the end my mixed training was to much for his. After switching from kendo I made use of my capoeira training to keep him on the defensive. After that the match was decided after 5 minutes I had won. Then the semi finals were next but this match was a little easier instead of using kendo I stuck with judo and capoeira and used my speed and flexibility to dance around him exhausting his stamina and casually I gave him a quick kick and he was out. [i think it’s best not to waste any stamina híroÿ is next and that match will be the end] my mind flutters as me and híroÿ take the stage. The final match is set for ten minutes and of the bat we both charge in. Exchanging blows and match fist and kicks for around five minutes we were evenly matched. Switching stances we both swapped to our kendo sticks and charged in once again clashing swords with a loud bang and again we swap clash casually hitting each other or parrying or clashing. The match ended with a tie and we both breathe heavily as we shake hands. “Well I guess today was another tie” I say scratching the back of my head. We both let out a chuckle and walk of the stage. After the award ceremony we decided to go have some dinner at a nearby restaurant little to our knowledge did we know that we wouldn’t make it. Walking through the street the dark presence from behind got more and more sinister. Taking a back alley we wait for the mysterious people as they round the count I count atleast 20. “You think you can get away with a stunt like that in the tournament” says one of the mysterious people and they all pull out a gun each and take aim. “Well I guess it’s no point in saying we can get outta her unscathed” my voice was stern and unwavering. We both charge them prepared for our last and as our first step hits the ground they all start firing. Falling to the ground holding my chest the hot liquid falls to the ground and I look over and híroÿ has fallen to. “Is this the end I wasn’t ready” my voice goes weak and I fall everything going dark. 




Chapter 2: The Rebirth and Training 


As my world is engulfed in darkness a sweet voice reaches out for me. “Young heroes it’s your time to awaken and start your journey” the mysterious voice says. My body feels like it’s floating in a void of space collecting nearby energy. It feels like my body was being charged up like a battery. My surrounds start to show around me but I know my eyes are still closed it’s like my senses are becoming more sensitive to the things around me. After slowly opening my eyes I look around the room is a big Japanese style dojo with a few pillars around. The person sitting in front of me was beautiful as if she was a goddess her hair was pure white with slight gold highlights and her eyes were gold. Her long hair was complemented by her caramel colored skin she also wore a light blue and green kimono. “Good morning shiro I am Kokono a world god” a light smile appears on her face. Rubbing my eyes I look at her again my face turns sad. My mind starts to wonder about everything I’ve done. “So is this where I get judged on my life” I say letting out a deep sigh. “Actually I have a mission for you and I’ve summoned you here for that reason” kokono says while handing me two little boxes and an envelope. I take a letter out the envelope and start to read it. It entails of a place where they are under attack from a being called the dimensional they trace through the void to take over different planets and dimensions to grow in power and they’ve targeted this dimensional plane. After reading the note I take the two boxes and open them up each holds a dual wield weapon. On the left is a gun that looks like a gun blade that kokono tells me can switch into any weapon I’m thinking of. On the right holds a double edge scythe that looks like something a demon would hold you can feel the energy pulsating off of it. I choose the dual wield guns and grab the holster for them. I’m glad that it’s not a waist holster and it’s more like a backpack. “I’ll be giving you your magic prowess and sending you to the training area then I’ll give your friend his gear” I bow down in front of her and she places her hand on my head after being surround in a warm gold light the guns on my waist light up. After she takes her hand of my hand I stand and walk to the next room over. As I was walking out I could hear híroÿ waking up. After meeting in the other room with híroÿ. after his meeting another person descended upon us he claims that he would be our trainer for the next year. He introduced himself as muray. he was sent to make sure our perception and observation skills weren’t weak. Throwing each of us a wooden sword and a shield he tells us that we train everyday for 12 hours then clean til it’s time to sleep. Today was an easy day and by easy I mean totally cruel he beat us til we could barely walk. Each time we tried to stand he knocked us back down. Compared to the people of earth our strength paled in comparison to his. No matter what we tried together or separately we got knocked down. On the first day after 5 hours of combat training we had 7 hours out endurance and strength training. After our bodies were ran rugged and dry from training and exhaustion set in we had to clean the dojo. After the cleaning we set up some mats and closed our eyes for a good nights sleep and immediately after laying down the exhaustion set in and my body relaxed. Waking up the next morning the ground under me felt unsteady and rugged like I was sleeping on rocks. Opening my eyes I see the top of trees looking around to a forest venue. Grasping at my chest the air seems thinner and it’s getting harder to breathe like we’re on the peak of a mountain. Looking over at híroÿ their was a note sitting on the ground next to us it read that we must make it off the mountain or risk suffocation. Standing up I wake up híroÿ and we get up and start to traverse the mountain stepping forward a flurry of arrows fly down at us jumping out of the way quickly. Quickly looking around I notice that making it off this mountain will not be that easy. As we traversed the mountain dying of suffocating was the least of our worries each and every step we took found us in another trap that could take our life if we weren’t careful. After grabbing a branch off a tree and swiping down multiple arrows that come our way we continue down the mountain. After reaching the bottom of the mountain the fatigue was shown on our faces we where covered in sud and dirt and the branches we grabbed we broken. Looking up we see our training instructor and he throws us each our weapons. “You’ve made it down the mountain but the sun hasn’t set yet so now more training” the expression on our face change and we both look at each other as if we are about to collapse. 


Chapter 3 Training and Summoning 

We’ve been training for a little over 4 months now and today we practice magic and we summon beast. After learning that the goddess has blessed us with the ability of each but we both have different strengths. I am stronger in darkness fire and earth magic while híroÿ is stronger in light lightening and water magic we both step outside to the garden. A dark purple circle and a bright goal circle has been drawn on the ground in front of us and the goddess kokono stands before us. “Shiro you have the strongest darkness attribute so you have this one” she says pointing to the dark purple circle on the ground. I nod and step forward feeling a presence of dark energy. “So the light gold circle must be mine then” stepping forward híroÿ says looking at the bright gold light before his eyes. “Now then put your hands over the circle and concentrate on the strongest beast that you can think of” our instructor says and we both then concentrate and the magic circle fills with the respective power each. A big black smoke forms in mine while a shiny bright light shines from híroÿs circle that is almost blinding. After a little while a loud roar comes from each and the form of a huge black dragon shows in mine and a large white tiger forms in híroÿ circle. “Does a lowly human summon me into this realm I will render your bones to ashes” the black dragon says in a loud roar sending a shockwave throughout the garden. “I feel as tho these humans have a different spirit within them don’t take them likely black monarch” says the white tiger looking over at híroÿ her head cocked lightly. Looking over at each me and híroÿ looking at kokono with a puzzled face. “These are your summon beast you must see if you can earn their respect each is a híroÿ yours is a heavenly beast while shiro yours looks like a demonic beast it’ll be tough for you to earn her respect” she says taking a seat on a bench then looking at us. “Do you really believe you can defeat me human I and the great dragon that has ascended to that of God hood and I will not be disrespected” she growls at me. I smack my lips slightly and chuckle a bit feeling underestimated. Looking at híroÿ he appears to be having an easier time he must only show how powerful his attributes for the light and wind categories are and they are already pretty strong because of training. A big bright light gathers and shoots towards the sky sending a big shock knocking the white tiger back into a wall. Laughing slightly I look at the black dragon her mouth dropping open and I laugh. “So what’ll you have me do black dragon must I fight or will you surrender here” I say a light smirk among my face. “Just because your companion has amazing magic doesn’t mean...” she starts talking but I release my magic power sending her back sticking her to a wall laughing slightly before she can finish. “Now then what’ll it be I’m up for a fight I’m sick of losing to my instructor” I say but they both now to us. “We have seen your prowess and we deem you worthy please mark us and make us your summoned companion” they say their heads to the ground. “Well you both have gotten some strong companions and now all you have to do is give them the your mark and name them by marking them you after giving your thumb a little cut place it on their head” she says handing each of us a little knife. We take them cutting our thumbs placing it on their forehead a bright red mark appears on the black dragons forehead. “I hereby name you kyoko” I say and the black dragon flies out of the circle and lands next to me. After placing his thumb on the white tiger a bright gold mark appears on his forehead and híroÿ gives her the name Syrah. After summoning we are given the day off to work with our companions to see how we could improve ourselves and incorporate them into our attacks. After learning that each of our companions are the head of their class and we can summon any monster of that class and without forming a contract we can control them. Testing out different magic and abilities I’ve learned that using kyoko to make it to places faster. After being called back to the summoning area we were told to summon another companion each for when we go out into the world it might be hard for us to fight alone. Híroÿ summoned a Pegasus and named her shura and I summoned a Cerberus and named her sanguine after that we went back to training on how to interpret them into our party. 


Chapter 4 A New World

 After training and studying the language of the new world for a year and a half we were finally able to go to the land that we were summoned to protect. “Shiro I tell you this control your emotions you are far stronger than you think híroÿ you will become a protector don’t let the evil slip into you” the goddess kokono says to us and snaps her fingers sending us away. After waking up under next to a long river looking around and stretching I see kyoko and sanguine laying next to me in little chibi forms. “ I’ve never seen them like that before looks like I can have them around all the time” I say with a light smile. I then look over at híroÿ and his group behind them was a large town with a lot of small buildings hurdle around and a huge castle in the back. “Looks like that’s the first town we should visit shiro” I hear híroÿ voice as I’m looking at the town. After nodding my head a sense of bloodlust falls on my body as a fireball is shot in our direction. Me and híroÿ jump back dodging and looking around trying to see where it came from. Looking forward we see a large monster it has the head of a tiger and a body as big as a minotaur  and legs the size of that seem to small to hold up this weight but look more like they are for speed. Drawing our weapons I change my sword to a bow and launch three fire arrows at the beast he avoids them and appears behind me. He brings down a large sword that was held in his hand I roll out of the way and híroÿ attacks him with his scythe after colliding with scythe and sword híroÿ jumps back I then launch three fireballs at the monster hitting him with them. Híroÿ then finish him off with a bolt of lightening through the chest. “Those are the monsters we are protecting this world from and it was a lower class” híroÿ says looking at the remains as they dissolve into a black dust leaving a puddle of sludge where he died. “A lower class and it took both of us looks like things are gonna get fun then” a slight smile stretches across my face as we start walking toward the town. Shrugging off the fight we start walking towards the town it’s a little distance away so it wasn’t that long of a walk. Walking to the entrance they stop us and say we have to pay an entrance fee and present proper registration. “Sorry but we’ve just come here is their anyway for us to just pass” híroÿ says clearly agitated. “We don’t know where you outsiders belong so you’re not entering” says the head guard while he and a 10 other nights draw their swords. “You’ve drawn your swords first are you saying you’re prepared to die” I say my eyes slightly glowing purple. They’ve provoked me and then pulled out their swords I’ll kill them. Quickly drawing out one of my swords I rushed the head guard slipping my leg behind his pushing the hilt of my sword into his chest knocking him down. After that I rush the next two behind him kicking them both in the chest. Three guard rush at me swiping at me with their swords I take a quick step back spinning my body to the left avoiding their swords. I drop my body in the ground sliding using my hands to stop the momentum and pushing my body up spinning on my hand I then use that force to kick the three guards. Then doing a backflip I land behind the remain guards and knocking them out with a round house kick. Híroÿ shaking his head looks at me “I think you took that to far” he says looking down at the guards that are groveling in the ground. “They pulled out their swords in me they should’ve been ready for what comes after” I shrug as two more armored knights come from the gate. One is in a silver and gold plated armor long silver hair flows down his back with bright blue eyes. The other was a man holding a long wand that looked like it was made from a tree with a big bright stone that was orange. He hand short red hair with red eyes and was dressed in a long cloak that was blue and red. “We mean no trouble it seems our knights have caused you trouble. The gold knight says pointing to the knights in the ground. “They shouldn’t have drawn their weapons then I wouldn’t have put them down” I say sitting in the ground. “We just wanted to enter your town we just got in and lost all of our stuff on the way” híroÿ says looking at the knights. “We would gladly take you to an establishment that would register you just follow me” the magician knight says looking at us. I don’t really sense any maliciousness or ill will so I shrug and me and híroÿ proceed behind them. Walking through the town with my hands behind my neck I look around. The ribbons hung from the rooftop while food carts we passed in the street. Walking through the town for a little while we approach a large castle with guards watching the front gate.

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