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The Review Chain is holding a contest, anyone is welcome to join.

Submitted: July 10, 2019

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Submitted: July 10, 2019



This contest is for anyone who is a part of the Review Chain house. Everyone is welcome to join, so if you're not in the house and want to enter, just join!

Maximum 1500 words 
Write a new piece
Any type of writing allowed except novels (no chapters)
Any genre 
Use one theme
Participate in one of the Review Chain topics
Review another entry
Deadline is 16th July

I always get someone asking me how much I'll stretch the word limit, so I'm going to put it straight down now. You can go to 1550 and I won't say a thing, or if you ask nicely you can stretch it to 1600. Send me a brownie and it's unlimited. 

You must participate in the Review Chain at least once and also review another entry. If you don't do these two things, I will cut your entry. So, go to one of the topics (novels, poems, etc.), go to the last comment on the last page, leave them a constructive review and then you get to ask for your own work to be reviewed. Also, you must review another entry. I would love for everyone to review everyone's entries, but I know that's not going to happen. I'm just making you review one, to be helpful and encouraging to fellow contestants. When entries start coming in I'll create a list.
You don't have to do either of these things before you enter, they just have to been before the contest ends. This type of thing is usually where I have the most problems and questions so if you're in the slightest bit uncertain about this please send me a message first. 


You can take the themes as literally or as broadly as you like. It doesn't have to follow the typical idea of what people would usually think. I enjoy seeing creativity and imagination, so don't be afraid of going a little out of the box. However make sure that the theme is evident, I should be able to know what theme it is without you telling me. 

To enter either send me a message or leave a comment underneath here with the title of your entry. 

The winners can pick their prizes from this list:
- One constructive review
- Fan/Shelf
- I'll promote you on my profile page
(I'm also open to suggestions of a different type of prize you might want)

First Place- 3 choices
Second Place- 2 choices
Third Place- 1 choice

That should be all. Please send me any questions you have. I hope that you all enjoy the themes and get creative with them, and have a fun time with this contest.

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