Timeless Memories

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Submitted: July 10, 2019

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Submitted: July 10, 2019



Time, it is a funny thought. It keeps going, whether we like it or not.

You stood there and watched, rather than you could've stood up and fought.

But you didn't, because your not.

Time may seem short, but like you it runs accord to a long distance.

Do not stop, like time, keep moving with little resistance.

Moments do not last forever, so cherish and make memories together.

Suffer and grow from all endeavors, and always remember that all will work for the better.

Time can be cruel and knock you down, just don't be a fool and not get up for the second round.

Because when time is up, you'll be the only one around, before being buried six feet in the ground.

So do not get lost, to where you cannot be found, and grieve to the silence of sound.

or you'll lose track of time, and end up a in the back of no ones mind.

like a timeless memory.

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