A New Journey

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" Lionkit get back here!" Lionkit's black ears perked as he heard Troutwatcher's angry yowl.  Lionkit's black ears perked as he heard the grumpy medicine cat yowl his name. The kit of only two moons let out a mrrow of amusement and bounded away, herbs in his mouth. Troutwatcher soon caught up with him and wretched the herbs from his mouth " hey!" the kit protested. Troutwatcher swatted him upside the head " how many times have I told you to stay away from the medicine den?! I am getting sick of you stealing my herbs, they're not for you to play with! I'll have to talk with your mother, again. Though I doubt it'll do much good. You're just too much trouble than you're worth." 

Lionkit sulked as the medicine cat marched towards the nursery and talk to a gray-furred she-cat with hazel eyes. Lionkit couldn't hear what they were saying but he knew it was about him. He shrugged, he was always doing bad stuff and all his mother did was sigh and tell him not to do it again. " Lionkit!" came another angry yowl. Lionkit looked around to see Flamestorm, one of the elders walk towards him, stiff-legged with fury. Uh oh Lionkit said looking to run off but the bright orange elder planted a paw on his tail " was it you that covered our nests in cobwebs?" the old tom spat. " No!" Lionkit lied, his whole body shaking with silent laughter. " You insolent little brat!" Flamestorm picked him up by the scruff and roughly let him down by the nursery made out of reeds and moss.

" Lakepoppy! You need to get your adopted son under control! He is annoying the entire clan with his antics!" The queen only nodded and Flamestorm stormed off. Lakepoppy glared at Lionkit " why can't you just behave?" she growled. " Because I don't feel like it!" Lionkit sniffed. Lakepoppy's neck fur began to raise " you watch your tone, you ingrate! Don't forget I took you in when no one else would!" " I don't care! I don't have to do what you say, you're not even my real mother!" Lionkit snapped back. " Thank Starclan I'm not! I see why your real mother, whoever she was, probably some useless rouge or kittypet left you to die in the snow Lionkit! You're nothing but trouble!"

Lionkit hissed and thought about attacking her but thought better of it. Instead, he spat at her and turned to walk away. He felt himself being lifted up and flung into the nursery. He landed on his side with an oof. " You can come out when you can behave!" Lakepoppy said sternly. Lionkit growled " I hate you! I hate you I hate you I hate you!" " Good!" Lionkit went into a corner to sulk and overheard Lakepoppy and the other queen Swiftstream talking. " You really should leave him on his own Lakepoppy. If he can't appreciate all you've done for him, perhaps you should leave him on his own." Lakepoppy responded wearily " I could never do that Swiftstream. I still remember that cold leaf-bare night when he was brought to me, all helpless, mewing for milk. Besides, I am quite fond of him, even if he is more trouble than the rest of my kits combined. I just wish he was as well behaved as the others."

" Well I wouldn't keep him around," Swiftstream said with a disdainful sniff. " I'm sure he'll mellow out as he gets older. In just four more moons he'll be apprenticed and then he'll be someone else's problem." Lakepoppy said with a hint of relief than sighed. " But then he'll stop needing me and will probably never visit me. I'll miss him. All my children." " I'd think you'd be relieved to be free of your burden. Do you truly care for that little rat?" Swiftstream asked surprised. " I'm his mother, I can't help it." Lionkit sullenly flicked a leaf in the den. He felt bad about the mean things he had said to Lakepoppy. He didn't mean them, he loved his mother, he did but he just got angry. Everyone was so mean to him! All because he wasn't born in this stupid clan that wasn't even all that great. He regretted taking it out on his mother, she was the only cat who didn' treat him like greencough. He decided to apologize to her later.

He apologized to her after feeding time at sun-high. She purred and licked him on top of the head and told him to go outside and play.  Lionkit bounded out of the nursery and blinked in the new-leaf sun. Brookclan's camp was soft underpaw due to the fact they were surrounded by brooks and creeks, providing the perfect natural barrier. The dens were made out of moss and reeds. He saw his adopted siblings, Applekit, Darkkit, Antkit and Brightkit playing mossball in the clearing. He charged in their direction " Can I play?!" he asked. The four kits stopped what they were doing and hissed when he got close " go away we don't want to play with you!" Darkkit hissed batting the air with a paw. " Why not?" Lionkit asked, tipping his head. " Because we don't let kittypets play with us!" Antkit sneered. Lionkit bared his teeth. Antkit had always picked on him and the other kits followed his lead. " I am not a kittypet!" " You could be!" Antkit taunted " You don't know who your family is! It could be a kittypet, a rouge, even a dog!" 

The other three kits started taunting him and Lionkit flattened his ears. He turned and ran away, desperate to outrun his adopted siblings' insults. He stomped back to the nursery trying to hide the tears in his orange eyes. " Lionkit? Why aren't you playing?" Lakepoppy asked. " Don't feel like it" Lionkit mumbled. " Was Antkit being mean to you?" Lionkit could only nod and Lakepoppy sighed. She got up from her nest and left the nursery, calling to her other children. Lionkit watched the other kits scamper to her, tails up happily. He sniggered as he watched Lakepoppy say something to them, causing their ears and tails to fall dejectedly. That's what you get! Lionkit thought gleefully. Lakepoppy went back to the nursery and settled down beside Lionkit " I'm sorry they were mean to you Lionkit. How about a story about Lionclan?" " Yes!" Lionkit chirped. " He loved hearing about Lionclan, especially the leader Lionstar. Lakepoppy had once told him she named him Lionkit because she hoped he would inherit all the qualities of the ancient leader.

" Well now let's see," Lakepoppy said wrapping her fluffy tail around Lionkit. However, before she could start her story, four cats burst through the camp entrance breathlessly. Lionkit looked up, no longer anticipating the story his mother had for him. Instead his attention was solely on the three warriors, Stormheart, Beavertail, Tornbreeze, and his apprentice Longpaw had obviously hurried back to camp for some reason. " Something's wrong" Lakepoppy muttered echoing Lionkit's thoughts. Brookclan's leader, Rainstar and his deputy of many moons, Silverrain were on full alert looking at the patrol. " Tornbreeze! What's happened?!" Rainstar demanded. The senior warrior with torn ears spoke in a low menacing voice " There are dogs loose in our territory!" 


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