Bathe My Whispers In The Calling Of The Seductive Moonlight

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Poetry is the key to the hieroglyphics of nature.

David Hare

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Bathe My Whispers In The Calling Of The Seductive Moonlight

Bathe my whispers in the calling of the seductive moonlight
Lay my soul bare on the bed of your mental cortex
Hearts infusing serenity within the depth of our moving temples
Infatuating my soul, intoxicated by the elixir of your sacred manly creed, your crown
As you instill my core with hidden truths of today
Kisses upon my lips, staining them of now, yesterday
Tongues binding yonder of tomorrow

Your skin I ravenous the taste, my King
The closest to worshipping the silhouette of God’s beautiful first creation
Take me higher beyond the clouds, our bodies softly shuffling, landing among the stars
Our breaths of enlighten we come
Bowing unto the skies as we call out Selah in union

Suspending me in the hereafter
Surrendering of me as you part the ingress of my sacred Chi unto you
Clenching me as man to woman
Infusing me tenderly with the creed of you
Your seeds of gift you asunder
Sweeten fruit my chasten mind I consume

Pleasure filling me of your knowledge
The hardiness of your wisdom you twist, contouring to fit the present state of our existence
Releasing of your soul
My mind, mentally inebriated off the wondrous of you
Freeing me, pulling me closer as the crest of my heightened wave ascend

Your body finds the absence of your taken rib
Unto me you give
Unto I, shall take, keep
I am enthralled
I am in waiting

The sweetest recipient of the supremacy you have awoken
Hands as gentle as a wisp softly engulfing me
Tenderly bathing my skin with wisdom found within the power of your touch
Anchoring deeply into my Chi
The alliance of spiritual sensations overtakes us
Baptizing my soul as we rebirth to a higher clandestine plane of moral gratification

Reach out, feel the enlighten as you throw your head back
The awareness of one I feel
Sinking us into rapture of the unknown
As we become as one
Echoes of the past, a blueprint of our footsteps to which we stand
Now as destiny unbiased we lay

The illumination is on the wall
Our hushed desires veiled in sacred hieroglyphics
Only our minds, hearts, our entwined souls can decipher
Blanket me, as I float, drift
Allow the tide of your peaceful sea to calm the rage as deep waters cascade
Such a beautiful illusion drowning us both
Heavenly sensations we sink deeper only our ears can attune
Our souls can tastes, our mouths we speak not





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