Re: Addiction

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Have you ever been addicted?

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Listen. Can you hear it?

Your medicine's calling for you, can you feel it?

It's reaching for you but you fear it

consumes you, it does, it's that real shit

Took control of your wheel, now it steers it

but you fell for it's allure, now it reels it


Do you want it? No, but you need it

Wanna throw it away but can't waste it

This addiction of yours, you can beat it

You go a day without it, you can taste it

Your heart beats in your veins, can't concede it

Mix a drink, mess it up, 'cause you laced it

Write the sober you a letter, then read it

"You can do it," you say, then you chase it

"It's over for you, believe it"

Recovery's a long process, you'll ace it

But you're not alone- together we'll succeed, shit


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