The Myth of The Teddy Bear

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Two men who are down on their luck go on a journey to find a magical teddy bear that can improve their lives.

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019




Chapter One

Today is Ben’s thirty seventh birthday, and he starts celebrating it early.  He is at a bar called Dan’s Tavern in Detroit, Michigan. 

“Bartender! Give me another shot of vodka,” says Ben.

Ben is a very thin man and gets drunk rather quickly.  Ben is also tall, and dark-skinned, with an afro.  The bartender pours Ben another shot of vodka and gives it to him.  The bartender is short, and light-skinned with a heavy-set build.Ben drinks the shot.  It is his seventh shot of vodka, and he is visibly drunk. 

“Bartender! Give me another shot of vodka,” says Ben

“No Ben, you’ve had enough,” says the bartender.

“Forget you, then!” yells Ben.

Ben then takes his cell phone out of his pocket and calls his girlfriend Candice.  She answers the phone. 

“Hey baby! You gon’ give me a birthday kiss today?” asks Ben. 

“Ben, are you drunk?” asks Candice.

“Yes! Candice, it’s my birthday,” says Ben.

“What did I tell you about your drinking? You promised me you would quit,” says Candice.

Ben smashes his drink on the table and breaks the shot glass.

“Don’t you tell me what to do; I’m the man in this relationship!” yells Ben. 

Ben hangs up the phone. He blocks Candice’s phone number so that he can’t receive phone calls from her.

“I don’t want her ruining my day,” says Ben

Ben goes to a liquor store and continues to drink for the rest of his birthday.  The next day he wakes up in his apartment, and he doesn’t remember what happened the night before.  He notices that he blocked Candice‘s phone number, and he unblocks it.  He looks at his phone and sees a text message from a different phone number.  Ben then reads the text message.

“This is Candice.  I see that you blocked my phone number.  I think you are a complete jerk, and I’m tired of putting up with you.  Don’t ever contact me ever again.” 

Ben knows that he has messed up with Candice.  He tries to call her to apologize, but Candice does not answer the phone.  He makes several attempts to contact Candice, but she will not answer his phone calls.

 Chapter Two

Several weeks have passed, and Ben has still has not heard from Candice.  He has tried calling her, texting her, and sending her flowers.  Candice refuses to answer him.  One day Ben decides to go by Candice’s apartment.  Candice is beautiful.  She is tall, thin, and dark- skinned, with long and beautiful black hair.  He knocks on the door. 

“Who is it?” asks Candice.

“It’s me, Ben,” says Ben.

“Go away, Ben. I don’t like you anymore,” says Candice

“Candice, I’m sorry about what I did.  Please forgive me,” pleads Ben. 

“Have you been drinking, Ben?” asks Candice.

“I only had two beers so far today,” says Ben.

“That’s the main reason I don’t want to talk to you anymore.  Go away and leave me alone for good,” says Candice.

Ben leaves Candice’s apartment.  He realizes that he has lost Candice forever, and he makes his way to the liquor store to get another drink.  As he departs the store, he drinks his beer and tries to fight back the tears in his eyes, but he can’t control them anymore.  Out the corner of his eye, he sees a man with a muscular build.  He is short, and light-skinned, with a black Mohawk for hair.  It’s Timothy, his best friend, and he is walking instead of driving his car. 

“What’s up Tim?  Why are you walking?” asks Ben.

“My driver’s license is suspended for reckless driving,” says Timothy

Timothy tells Ben that he was driving his car fast because he was training for his dream to one day drive in a NASCAR racing event.  He also tells Ben that he failed his audition to become a NASCAR driver.

Chapter Three

Ben and Timothy go over to Dan’s Tavern, and they continue to drink and talk about their problems.  Ben tells Timothy that Candice left him, and Timothy tells Ben more about how he is depressed because he failed his NASCAR trial.  They are both upset by the way their lives are headed.

“I really need to quit drinking.  It is ruining my life,” says Ben. 

“I need to quit driving so fast on the main roads.  It’s ruining my life,” says Timothy.

“What are we going to do about our problems?  Candice is gone, and it is probably impossible for you to get a driver’s license any time soon,” says Ben.

“I don’t know,’’’ says Timothy

An elderly man named Dennis over hears their conversation.  He is a tiny, and light-skinned, with a bald head.  He walks over to them and introduces himself.  He tells them his name, and he explains to them about the Myth of the Teddy Bear.

“The Myth of the Teddy Bear is a story of a magical Teddy Bear that grants wishes for people.  He grants one wish per person.  He lives in a magical world called Deppyland,” says Dennis. 

Dennis tells them that he went to Deppyland and took the bear.  Dennis then says that he has possession of the Teddy Bear in his home in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ben and Timothy start to question Dennis. 

“Where is Deppyland?” asks Ben

“Deppyland is a magical world that is through a magical portal inside my closet in my home in Georgia.  My closet is the gateway to Deppyland.  Deppyland is beautiful. The sky there is purple, and the trees are green and white,” says Dennis.

“What about the people in Deppyland?” asks Ben.

“There are no people in Deppyland.  Deppyland is a world filled with magical teddy bears.  These magical Teddy Bears can talk, and grant wishes to people.  The Teddy Bear that I met name is Marcus.  We talked and became friends.  After we became friends, I convinced him to come back with me to Earth,” says Dennis.

“What part of Georgia did you say your house is located in?” asks Timothy

“It’s in Atlanta, Georgia.” says Dennis.

After some initial doubt of the story and understanding that they have nothing to lose, Ben and Timothy decide to take a road trip to Dennis’s house in Georgia to meet the bear because they hope that he could improve their lives.

“Maybe the Teddy Bear can save my relationship with Candice,” says Ben.

“Maybe the Teddy Bear can help me get my driver’s license back,” mentions Timothy.

Ben and Timothy thank the old man for his story.  They also thank him for the directions to his house.  Ben and Timothy both begin their journey to Georgia.  Ben is driving his black station wagon since Timothy’s driver’s license is suspended. They drive for several hours, and they stop at a gas station in Ohio.  The name of the gas station is Driko’s Gas Station.  As they enter the gas station, they catch sight that it sells liquor.  Timothy grabs Ben.

“Ben, you know that you shouldn’t be drinking and driving,” says Timothy.

“Come on, Timothy, I can handle it.”

Ben puts fifty dollars in his gas tank and buys two pints of vodka. Timothy buys two plastic cups from the cashier.

“Well Ben, I’m not going to let you drink all that by yourself,” says Timothy

Ben and Timothy laugh at Timothy’s joke.  They get back into the car, and they drive off on the way to Georgia.  The two are drinking vodka heavily.  Ben is drinking so much that he is unable to keep the car straight.  He is swerving in and out of different lanes. 

“Ben, keep the car straight before we get pulled over,” says Timothy.

“I’m sorry, Timothy I’m feeling a buzz.  I’ll keep the car straight,” says Ben. 

Suddenly, a police car pulls behind them.  The police car turns on his lights and tells Ben to pull over.  Ben begins to pull the car over slowly.  Timothy and Ben are sweating and taking deep breaths trying to calm their nerves.  

“Timothy, hide those liquor bottles under the seat,” says Ben.

“Ben, you look drunk, and I don’t know if we will be able to get out of this,” says Timothy.

“How drunk do I look?” asks Ben.

“You look really drunk,” says Timothy.

As the police officer gets out of the car, the two see that he is very tall and muscular, with light skin.  He also has a long gray beard.  He walks toward the car and looks inside the window.

“Howdy, my name is Officer Theovon Dogoody.  Oh boy, does your car smell like liquor, and boy, you look drunk,” says Officer Dogoody.

“I’m not drunk,” says Ben.

Officer Dogoody dashes aggressively toward Ben.  He opens Ben’s car door and yanks him out of the car.

 “How dare you lie to me boy!” yells Officer Dogoody. 

Officer Dogoody then punches Ben in the stomach.  Ben falls on the ground and vomits up some of the vodka that he drank.  Timothy then takes out his cell phone and begins to video Officer Dogoody hitting Ben.  Officer Dogoody looks at Timothy. 

“What are you doing with that phone, boy?” asks Officer Dogoody.

“I am filming this and I’m going to put this on the Internet as police brutality,” says Timothy.

Officer Dogoody’s eyes grow wide, and he violently stomps his feet on the ground.  “Now wait a minute, boy! Don’t do anything stupid that you might regret later.  I tell you what if you don’t put that on the Internet then I’ll let you boys go.”

Timothy agrees to Officer Dogoody’s demands.  Timothy walks over to Ben and tries to help him up.  As he is helping Ben up, Officer Dogoody punches Timothy in the stomach.  Timothy falls on the ground and winces as he holds his stomach.

“That punch is for filming me, boy!” yells Officer Dogoody.

Officer Dogoody leaves the area.

“Look Ben, I’ll drive, and you just sit in the passenger seat and relax,” says Timothy as he rubs his stomach. 

Timothy is driving the car very fast.  He is going well over the speed limit. 

“We should be in Atlanta in no time,” says Timothy.

“Timothy! You need to slow down before we get pulled over again,” mutters Ben as he wipes blood off his face and drinks another shot of vodka.

Timothy listens to Ben, and he slows the car down.  As the two are driving, they spot a beautiful woman walking down the highway.  Timothy pulls the car over on the shoulder. 

“What are you doing?” asks Ben.

“That woman is gorgeous, and I have to talk to her,” says Timothy.

The woman approaches the car.As she gets closer, Timothy stares at her as she gets more alluring and attractive.  She has long black hair, and is short, and dark-skinned, with an hour glass figure. 

“Excuse me, sir my name is Linda, and I need a ride into town.”

“I’ll be happy to give you a ride into town.  Which town?”  asks Timothy.

“I live in Atlanta,” says Linda.

“Well, we are actually driving to Atlanta,” says Timothy excitedly.

Linda gets into the back seat of the car, and they drive off.  Linda and Timothy talk for several hours.  Ben has sobered up some so Timothy lets him drive.  Timothy gets in the back seat with Linda, and they immediately hold hands.  While the two grasp a view of the night sky with the stars shining brightly, they begin to fall in love with each other.  They close their eyes and kiss each other.  Ben scratches his head wondering how the two can just make out with each other even though they just met.  It must be love at first sight, he thinks.

As the two are kissing, Ben fantasizes about Candice.  He thinks about how much he misses her, how he almost getting arrested, and how he should stop drinking.  As they get closer to their destination, he thinks more about how he doesn’t need the magical Teddy Bear wish to bring Candice back.  He realizes that he has a drinking problem, and he should focus on that instead of being in a relationship.  He pulls the car over to the side of the road.  He closes his eyes and buries his face in his hands.  He imagines Candice’s radiant smile that lights up a room, and her long black hair.  He thinks about all the good memories he had with her before he became an alcoholic.  As tears roll down his cheeks, he knows what he must do.

The next day they arrive at Dennis’s house, and they see that it is a big house.  The two- story house is all blue with a brown roof.  They get to the door, and they knock on it.  Dennis opens the door and sees them.  He puts his hands over his face and screams. 

“You two actually came here.  There is no such thing as a magical Teddy Bear.  I didn’t think that you believed me and would come down here.  I was just joking!”

Ben and Timothy thought about what Dennis just said to them.  They both shake their heads and stare at the floor.  Even though they are surprised about what he said, they are not angry.

“Well, if I hadn’t driven to Atlanta then I would not have met Linda,” says Timothy. 

“If I hadn’t driven to Atlanta, I would not have decided to quit drinking and not worry about being in a relationship,” says Ben.

After a brief conversation, they all go inside the house and eat dinner with Dennis.  As they are eating dinner they detect a small Teddy Bear with a blue shirt on his counter. 

“I thought you were lying about the Teddy Bear,” says Ben.

Dennis smiles at Ben.

“I could be lying, and I could be telling the truth,” he says.


The End



© Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.

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