Teenager Soup

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A dead beat dad must fight to save his children from a pair of cannibals.

Submitted: July 11, 2019

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Submitted: July 11, 2019



Teenager Soup[VLM1] 


Jeffrey Roy Ford


“You’re late again!” says Sally as she sees her ex-husband, Braxton, arrive at her door.  Braxton enters her home wearing a white t-shirt with holes in it and baggy blue jeans that sag off his tall and skinny body. 

“I’m so sorry!  I overslept, and I came as soon as I woke up,” says Braxton as he wipes the warm sweat off his face.

“I don’t want to hear it.  This is your court-appointed weekend with the kids,” mentions Sally.

“I know I’m three hours late, and again, I’m sorry.”

“I wish the court didn’t make me leave our kids with you,” says Sally as she frowns and shakes her head.

The two children, Kelly and Winston, come into the living room with their parents.  Braxton gives both of his kids a hug.  “Winston, congratulations on passing the seventh grade.”

“I passed the eighth grade,” says Winston as he frowns and turns his short, frumpy body away from his dad to look at his sister.

“Kelly, I’m look forward to hearing you sing in your pageant!” says Braxton.

“Dad, the pageant was last week,” says Kelly as she grinds her teeth and snaps her tall and thin body away from her dad.

Braxton looks down at the ground and shakes his head as his face turns red.  He cannot look his children in the eyes because he is upset about forgetting the important events in their lives.  Sally’s new husband, Barney, comes into the room wearing his expensive silk robe that covers his broad shoulders and house shoes.  He gives Sally a wet kiss on her lips and hugs her shapely, petite body while looking at the children.  “Kids, I’m going to take you all summer shopping and get you all the nicest clothes,” says Barney.

Braxton violently stomps his foot on the floor and clinches his fist.

  “You don’t need to buy my kids anything!  I can take care of my own kids!” 

Barney takes out a long brown cigar and puts it in his mouth.  “Braxton, how can you buy your kids anything without a job?”

“Don’t worry about it!  I have an interview next week,” says Braxton.

“Braxton, why don’t you just let me and Barney have full custody?  That way you can continue to waste your irresponsible life partying and getting high,” says Sally as she puts her arm around her husband’s large body while he plays with her long blonde hair.

Braxton takes his children to his old Mustang and puts their overnight bags into the trunk.  Sally waves goodbye to her children.  “I’ll be calling to check on you guys.”

Braxton swiftly drives his car out the driveway of the huge mansion.  They are two hours into the long drive, and he is awkwardly biting his finger nails trying to figure out what to say to his kids.  “Do you kids want to listen to anything on the radio?”

“No!” exclaims Sally as she stares out the window at the cornfields.

Winston stays silent as he continues to draw pictures of the beautiful sunny sky in his notepad while the wind blows his long brown hair in different directions.Braxton takes a deep breath and exhales.  “I’m sorry that I haven’t been in your lives since your mom and I divorced.  I promise that I will be a better dad.”

Kelly aggressively pounds her fist on the car seat.  “You don’t even know what grade Winston is in, and you forgot about my recital again! You know I'll be a senior next year!”

Braxton pulls the car over on the shoulder of the highway so that he can look at Kelly and talk.  “I’m sorry!  I’m trying to change.  I have a job interview on Sunday.  I promise I will not miss anything else important in your lives.”

Sally folds her arms as her face turns red as her hair.  “Whatever, Dad!  All you do is smoke weed and hang around slutty women!”

Braxton pulls the car off and continues to drive.  He has no idea how to repair his relationship with his children.  He sits behind the wheel and self-loathes.  He thinks about how he dropped out of college after he met Sally.  He figured she had a promising career as a nurse, and he could live off her and not work at all.  He thought that as long he was giving her great sex, she would be happy and let him not work.  He feels bad that he played video games and smoked pot all day.  He realizes that he never really helped with the chores or the kid’s homework because Sally was the smart one, so he let her take care of it.  Tears pour down his cheeks; he didn’t know his kids felt this way about him.  In his heart, he knows he didn’t mean to be a bad dad.

He looks at his gas tank, and it is almost empty.  He quickly gets off on the nearest exit at a small town called Peeville, Michigan.  Peeville is an old city with dilapidated houses and buildings that look like they’re about to fall apart.  It’s the smallest town in Michigan, and it has very few tourists.As he is driving through the town, he spots a small diner that serves hamburgers.  The place is called Simpsons Burger Joint.  “Are you kids hungry?”

“Yes,” says Kelly.

Braxton pulls into the parking lot, and they all go inside.  The restaurant is very clean, and it seats about fifty people.  Braxton and the teenagers sit at a wooden table with wobbly legs.  The waitress comes over to take their order. She walks incredibly slowly, and her face is very pale, as if she is dead.  Other patrons in the restaurants also have pale faces. The family looks down at the menu. 

“Anything you want guys; it’s on me,” says Braxton.

“We want two cheeseburger specials,” says Kelly.

Winston says nothing as he continues to draw in his notepad.  Kelly starts singing a wonderful song about love.  Her voice sounds magnificent and many patrons in the bar turn to watch her perform.  Her voice is very calm and soothing.  Moments later, a tall man with a wrinkled Sheriff’s uniform and a large pot belly comes inside the restaurant.  He takes off his hat as he sits down.  There is a large tattoo on the side of his neck that gives the waitress chills. His face is extremely pale.  He hears Kelly’s pleasing voice and moves his head to catch a glimpse of her.  As he sees Kelly and Winston, his mouth begins to salivate.  He licks his lips and rubs his belly.  “Yum!” he says as he closes his eyes.

Braxton is so mesmerized by Kelly’s voice that he just realized that he forgot his wallet.  He frantically checks his pants pockets and discovers that his wallet is not there.  How am I going to pay for this meal? he thinks. 

The waitress brings the family the food, and the teenagers immediately chow down with the meal. Braxton starts taking deep breaths, trying not to hyperventilate. 

“What’s wrong, Dad?” asks Kelly as she gulps a bite of her delicious cheeseburger.

Winston glares at his father because he is concerned as well.  “You know what, kids; I’ll be right back. I’m going to the car to get something,” says Braxton. 

Braxton rushes toward the car and opens it as he is desperately searching for any kind of money that he might have left in the car.  He reaches in his glove compartment and finds twenty- five dollars.  Immediately he sighs in relief because he knows that he can pay for the food.  Suddenly, he pulls the hair in his uncombed, curly brown afro as he wonders how he is going to purchase gas to make the remaining hour and half drive back to his house.  He rocks back and forth in the car, trying to determine what to do. 

I’m stressed, and I know I think better when I’m high.  He pulls out two marijuana roaches from his pocket.  He lights the joint and takes a puff.  My weed man gave me some strong stuff.  I need to relax. I know that some cars can drive up to forty, maybe fifty miles when the tank’s on empty.  If I can drive fifty miles, I can call my mom to meet me at the nearest gas station.

He glances at his phone and sees that his battery is at one percent.  Suddenly, his cell phone dies, and he forgot his phone charger as well.  He continues to smoke the joint to calm his nerves.  A short while later, he finishes both joints.  Things are going to be okay, and I’m going to be a great father to my kids, he thinks to himself as he falls asleep in the car.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant the waitress and restaurant manager are at Kelly and Winston’s table demanding that the two pay for their meals.  “Our dad has the money!  He said that he would be right back!” cries Kelly. 

Winston immediately hugs Kelly tightly because he wants her protection.  The deranged looking Sherriff comes to the table.  “Is there a problem, ma’am?”

“Yes, officer, these delinquents won’t pay for their food,” says the waitress.

“You can call me Sheriff Bob, honey.”

“I know your name,” says the waitress.

The Sheriff grabs Kelly and Winston by the arms as his mouth continues to salivate.  “I’m gonna take y’all with me,” he says as he puts handcuffs on them.  He walks them to a police car that has several dents on it and a missing bumper. 

Kelly spots her father sleeping in the car.  “Daddy, help us!” she screams as loudly as she can.

Braxton does not wake up.  Sheriff Bob throws them in the police car and drives off.  He is driving very fast.  Kelly and Winston notice that he has driven past the police station.  “The police station is over there; where are you taking us?” asks Kelly. 

Sheriff Bob smiles as the drool drips on his wrinkled shirt.  “I’m not taking you there.”

“Where are you taking us?” ask Kelly as her lip trembles.

“I’m gonna take y’all back to my place, and I’m going cook y’all and make me some Teenager Soup.  I’m gonna get some carrots, onions, and green beans and put y’all in a pot and boil y’all,” laughs Sheriff Bob.

“Help! Help! Help!” screams Kelly with tears in her eyes as she bangs her head on the car window. 

“I want my mother,” cries Winston as he buries his face in Kelly’s shoulder.

They arrive at Sheriff Bob’s farm, and he pulls them both into the barn, where the teenagers see a large black pot that is big enough for the two of them to fit in.  There is a refrigerator, a microwave, and greens, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce all over the filthy barn.  A small elderly woman with a hunchback steps into the barn.  “Bob, what are you doing making all that racket?”

“Momma! I got us some teenagers to make Teenager Soup,” says Sheriff Bob.

Momma jumps and waves her hands in the air.  “Oh boy! I can’t wait ta eat me some teenagers!”

Kelly kicks Sheriff Bob in his knee, and he buckles to the floor.  Winston and Kelly run as fast as they can with their handcuffs on.  Mamma quickly slams the door, so they cannot get out.  She pulls her pistol out of her sundress and points it at the teenagers.  “You two betta get in that pot, so we can cook ya.”

Sheriff Bob quickly grabs the teenagers and slams them to the floor.

“Help! Help! Help!” screams Kelly.

Meanwhile, Sally and Barney are cleaning the living room in their mansion.  Barney usually helps Sally with cleaning when he is not at work.  He is the CEO of Famous Bread.  He loves his job because he can pick his own hours.  Sally is vacuuming, and she looks on the carpet and finds Braxton’s wallet.  “Barney, we need to get in the car!”

“What’s wrong, my love?”

“The irresponsible jerk forgot his wallet again,” says Sally as she pulls her hair, her heartbeat racing.  Sally starts to take deep breaths so that she does not hyperventilate.  I knew that I should not have let Braxton take my kids anywhere.

Barny puts his arms around Sally, and she rubs his bald head.  “It’s going to be all right. I’m sure the kids made it home!”

“You don’t know Braxton.  He’s forgetful!  He probably doesn’t have enough gas to get home, and his phone is probably off because he never charges the thing.”

Sally quickly calls Braxton, and her call goes straight to voicemail.  She calls Kelly and Winston’s phones and there is no answer on either.Sally quickly tries to get in their Bentley. “No, honey, let’s take the helicopter; we can get there faster,” says Barney.

“Okay, when we get closer to Braxton’s house, hopefully this GPS Tracker that I have on the kids’ phones will find them,” says Sally as she takes deep breaths to calm herself down.

Back in Peeville, Braxton wakes up from his nap.  He looks at the time on his watch.  “It’s ten o’ clock at night! Oh snap!  My kids!”

Braxton quickly gets out of the car as he runs through the night to the entrance of the restaurant.  He observes that it is closed.  He swiftly knocks on the door and the restaurant manager answers it.  “Where are my kids?” asks Braxton.

“Are you the man who ditched his kids?” asks the manager.

“I fell asleep! I’m sorry!” exclaims Braxton.

“Well, sorry isn’t going to cut.  Your kids got arrested for failure to pay for their meal,” says the restaurant manager.

Braxton’s face immediately turns red as he bangs his head on the door of the restaurant.  “Who took my kids?” asks Braxton.

“I’m not telling you until you give me the money for their meal,” says the restaurant manager.

Braxton quickly gives him the twenty-five dollars. “Please tell me!” begs Braxton as he gets on his knees. 

The restaurant manager smiles. “Sheriff Bob took them to jail in his beat-up old police car.”

Braxton gets back in his car and drives off.  The restaurant manager looks at the waitress and smiles.  “Well, looks like Sheriff Bob has another meal.” 

Braxton thinks he remembers where the police station is because they drove by it on the way to the restaurant.  As he is driving, he runs over a sharp metal object and pops his tire.  He swerves as he unsuccessfully tries to keep his car straight.  He crashes into a wooden fence and the car goes down a steep hill, smacking into a large boulder at the bottom of the hill.  Braxton sits there motionless for several seconds.  He pulls his face out of the airbag and wipes the blood out of his nose.  He gets out of the car and grabs his ribs.  I think they’re broken.

Back at Sheriff Bob’s farm, Kelly and Winston are completely tied up as Sheriff Bob and Mamma wait for the vegetables to boil to cook their soup.  Tears are pouring down their faces.  “I don’t want to die, Kelly,” cries Winston. 

Kelly believes that they are both going to die and there is nothing that they can do about it.  She begins to sing to Winston because she wants to do her best to ease his final moments.  The melody of her voice is calming, even in fear.  Sheriff Bob and Momma stop cooking and listen to her tune.  “Yo’ song sounds just as pretty as it did at the restaurant,” says Sheriff Bob.

“It does sound pretty, Bob,” says Momma.

Suddenly, they hear a helicopter outside.  The helicopter sounds louder as it lands on the ground near the barn.  “Is that Barney’s helicopter?” asks Winston.

“Yes! Mom! Mom! Help!” screams Kelly.

“Kelly, Winston, are you in that barn?” asks Sally.

“Yes!” screams Kelly.

Sally and Barney rush inside the barn, and they see their children tied up near Sheriff Bob and Momma.  “Get away from our kids!” hollers Sally.

Momma points her gun at them.  “Put ya hands up!”

Sally and Barny both put their hands in the air. Barny gets in front of Sally to protect her.  His heart is beating fast, but he has been in many intense business meetings with entrepreneurs throughout the country, so he knows how to keep his cool.  “What do you want—money, jewelry, cars?  We can give it to you!”

Momma and Sheriff Bob both shake their heads.  “We want to make Teenager Soup tonight for dinner.  Then we gone eat y’all for breakfast.  We gonna make Adult Oatmeal outta you,” says Bob.

“Oh my gosh, they’re cannibals!” screams Sally as she tightly squeezes her husband. 

“Leave my mom and dad alone!” yells Kelly.

Barney sticks his hands out as a sign of peace.  His lips and voice start to tremble.  “Listen, you don’t want to do this.  The cops will find you!”

“There are a lot of us in Peeville.  We know who we can eat, when we can eat, and how to cover it up.  We ain’t never been caught,” chuckles Sheriff Bob.

“Are you even a real cop?” asks Barny.

“At one time I was.  That’s how I know how not to get caught,” says Sheriff Bob.

Momma shoots Barney and Sally.  Blood gushes from both of their bodies as they lie on the nasty floor, holding their wounds.

“Mamma, no!” cries Kelly.

As Sally lies there with blood gushing out of her shoulder, she closes her eyes.  Who’s going to save us?

As Kelly lies there watching her mom and stepdad dying, she realizes that when she sings the cannibals stop what they’re doing and listen to her voice.  She starts to sing her heart out, hoping to stall them and praying that help arrives.  Momma and Sherriff Bob briefly stop cooking to listen to her sweet voice again.

Meanwhile, Braxton is walking through the cornfields holding his ribs.  He cannot stop the tears from pouring down his face because of losing his children.  Where are they?  Please, I need to find them.  I’m such a failure and a loser.  I don’t deserve to live.

 He is breathing heavily from fatigue and the pain of his broken ribs.  He finally gets out of the cornfield, and he sees an old beat-up looking farm.  As he gets closer to it, he detects that there is an old, dented police car with a bumper missing.  He remembers the restaurant manager telling him that his kids were taken away in a messed-up police car.  He continues to approach the house, and he hears his daughter’s voice singing.  “Kelly!” he screams

He dashes toward the sound of the voice and gets closer to the barn.  He opens the door and spots his ex-wife on the floor with Barney; both are bleeding.  Kelly and Winston are tied up.  He gets a glimpse of Sheriff Bob and Momma cooking vegetables in a large pot.  “What the heck are you doing to my family?” he asks

Sheriff Bob and Momma glare at Braxton.  “That’s the loser who left his kids at that there restaurant, Momma.”

“Darn it!  I used up all my bullets,” says Momma.

“I left my gun in the car.  I guess we’ll just have to whoop him with our fists,” says Sheriff Bob.

Braxton gets ready to fight.  This is it!  I must save my kids and become a great dad.

With all the strength in his body, he swings his fist and uppercuts Momma in the jaw, knocking the elderly cannibal unconscious.  Sheriff Bob punches Braxton in ribs, forcing him down to one knee as he grimaces.  “Boy!  I’m so mad at you that I’m going to eat you uncooked!”

Sheriff Bob immediately bites Braxton on the arm, causing him to scream in pain while blood gushes out of his arm.  Kelly recognizes how much trouble her father is in, and she starts singing her heart out again.  Sheriff Bob stops eating Braxton and goes near Kelly.  He starts rocking his body back and forth.  “I love yo’ voice,” he says with a blank stare.

Braxton is fighting to get up off the ground because he is in so much pain.  He is badly hurt.  “I’m failure, I’m a loser, I’m a bad dad, my kids are going to die.”

Braxton takes the last joint out of his pocket and lights it.  The strong smoke from the marijuana temporarily takes his mind off the pain.  Sheriff Bob continues to rock to Kelly’s singing.  Suddenly, he smells marijuana smoke and turns around.  He notices that Braxton is back on his feet, his body covered in blood, and he has a joint in his mouth.  “Are you ready for round two?” asks Braxton.

Braxton uppercuts him in the stomach.  Then he hits the evil cannibal with a left hook and right hook combination, knocking Sheriff Bob unconscious.  Braxton unties Kelly and Winston.  He hugs them tightly.  He checks on Sally and Barney while using Sally’s phone to call 911.  A short while later, the ambulance and state police are there.  “Don’t worry kids, your mom and Barney are going to be fine,” says Braxton.

“I thought we were all dead,” says Kelly, wiping the tears in her eyes while hugging Winston.

Braxton stares at the ground, shaking his head.  “Kelly and Winston, I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused you.  I never meant to get you hurt.”

Kelly and Winston embrace their dad.  “Dad, we both know you are screwed up, and we forgive you.  When we needed you the most, you were there,” says Kelly as she grins with tears in her eyes.

Braxton smiles as well and holds his children tightly.  I know I’m going to be a good dad, and I’m thankful for my kids.


The End




© Copyright 2019 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.

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