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There are different kind of women in the world but the worst is a confused battered woman

Submitted: July 12, 2019

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1. Battered

Hi my name is Janice-Ray

I live in Southern California with my family, and I struggle with low self respect as you see I said respect as my self-esteem isn't accepted in this new world we live in. I'm 17 years old and I'm black. Fuck up right! Yeah living as a black woman is hard to have self respect because the world already portrayed you as a hoe with no morals.I guess all they think of us is girls with fat ass and Welfare. So here's my story;

I've been dating Frank for about 5 years yeah yeah I know we're young but he's a little bit older than me. we just got our place together. The first couple years were great I was happy to be out on my own indefinitely being with Frank. As the nightmare began I thought it was my fault all over again taking him back after he abused me,  beaten me  and emotional battered me. I gradually withdrawals myself from my family and friends.  I was sad the entire time I was with this man. but Strangely I had endless opportunities to leave, but the thought of leaving him was my biggest struggle. Because every time I thought about leaving Frank he tells me those devil words (he loves me) which at the moment it did makes me feel like I was a queen. Knowing that he really did loves me. her the twisted For the last three years he was cheating on me: hell I think he even dated a few of them women he was cheating on me with as . He fooled around on me so much it became a routine, I got used to it until he went down my family chain started messing with my little sister.[right I know he was a nasty fuck] she was only 18 years old I guess he like young girls. This was strange for the most part.  I was Fed Up I did the unthinkable. I invited her over and I made her have sex with him as they lay in the bed , I blown they're fucking brains out. Made it seem like it was a robbery,that went wrong.becsuse everybody knew Frank sold drugs. the sad thing about it is I wasn't  sad. thinking yo myself. o well! they had it coming. I moved down south hoping for new begining.I was having emotional ups and downs it took a toll on me. I had this dark cloud above me everybody,I came across could notice it. It was a tragedy, a secret that I was hiding from everybody

I always knew I would  have to take this one to the Grave. I realize a women relate to pain and pain relate to a women. I asked myself 1001 questions what makes me happy now? as I could never answer it. Here I am miles away and I killed frank and  my sister. 

2. Depression

I moved down south I'm about 22 years old at this time I'm loving the people I'm loving the weather. I start working at this Hospital as an morgue technician.where I met Mrs. Flower Brown she was an older woman tall thin lady with grey hair down her back. She finally talked to me and she asked me...Hey you why do you allow yourself to get this low life? My initial thought was bitch mind your business, but I listened to Mrs. flower she then said to me women complain about the same problems over and over again after a while people think you are joke. I stood there puzzled took me back about what she had just said to me and thought about it and i said why you say that. She then asked why are you always crying? I look at her and said my ex.. she  laughed she said stop crying about the same problems learn to put in the passed and walk away. She looked at me and said if you need anything let me know and she walks away. Everyday me and Mrs. flower had lunch together and there was a new security guard. Journey

The security guard name was LaShawn Jones but people called hem Sean. he just sit there at the window desk always flirting with all the women everytime I come in he says the same thing with this Big Bright Smiles: good morning; i look over and Smiled Back and say good morning walking to my station telling Mrs. flower how much I thought he was cute.  Sean was tall dark skinned brotha with short hair with 360 waves; I know he was so fine he was a black woman's dream. I know what you're thinking she moved away she killed her boyfriend she's about to be a hoe this wasn't the case. my new life  begin here! Four months I thought about him everyday I come in and he's sitting there with the same smile, same amazingly charm.. but girl let me tell you he smell so good it makes you wet when you walk pass hem. I'm just falling in love with hem. he doesn't even know. One day after a long day of work on a Friday he asked me to meet with him to get drinks, we follow each other to the bar down the street name krankies. We laughed, had a couple drinks and got to know each other. funny thing is we found out we have a lot of things in common. The evening was over he asked me for my number I proceeded to give him my number knowing that he will never call. The next day I go to work there's no Sean there's a new security guard I worried. Ashley her name the new security guards... I can't stand this bitch...2 weeks went passed no sean and no call.  I walk in early to work on a Wednesday , Ilook over and Isaid: hey where's the old security guard? Ashley proceeded to answer -he took a new shift at a different location. I knew my luck I would never hear from him again. About  a month Go pass I finally get a text.from a strange number it was Sean. Sean proceeded to say I'm sorry I didn't hit you! Ibeen very busy latelyx trying to catch up on bills taking care of my daughter it has been kind of hectic, 

I text back it's okay . Sean texted and said I would like to see you. So course you know i had to play hard to get. I texted hem about week later and said  I'll let you know when I'm available. With a smirk on my face. I told hem I'm pretty busy. So about a month or so passes by. I'm finding myself thinking about sean,you know a woman has needs and they were at its highest peak. it has been about a year since I had sex. 

I Text Sean the address to the hotel I was going to stay at for the weekend 6907 lovers Hotel on the hundred block of toland Ave. He sent back emoji and said he'll be there in about an hour. I was nervous a lot of text back and forth for the last month with no meet ups so this was going to be different. I waited at my room patiently for Sean to come. so an hour went passed. Still no Sean I was starting to get worried. As I thought that he stood me up a small knock was on the door I open the door and he was standing there with a bottle of Remy and a whole bouquet of red roses. The look on my face was stunned the inside of me was so geeked up so happy so lost for words he comes in. As I fill up the jacuzzi he's pouring us drinks and the back of my mind I'm thinking about him and me on that king size bed  wondering what he's going to do to me. I take off my clothes and I get in the hot tub as a Jets and the water was feeling so amazing waiting for Sean to accompany me, as it took him about 20 minutes to get in because he said the water was too hot we laughed and giggled and I forgot about all the pain and suffering I've been dealing with hell maybe it was the Remy as well. As we sit in the hot tub things start to heat up he tells me to sit on the edge of the tub as he slowly kiss on my pearl, as I  start dripping wet and not from the water. With every lick I just felt more and more in love with Sean. I get out of the hot tub as I am hot and ready I dry off and lay on the bed watching him get out of the hot tub with a big hard thick boner. My pussy is throbbing thinking about him walking over towards me. He throws my legs in the air and continue to slowly lick my pussy as I'm grabbing onto the sheets I feel like he's taking my soul out of me.,(oh no) I'm about to cum. He turns me around slowly puts his dick deep inside my pussy as he is thrusting harder and harder until I cum. He grabs my hips pulls  me towards him faster and faster until he cums deep inside me I can feel it. We continue again and again as this put us to sleep. he"holding me Thru the Night I realize this is the man I want to be with... we wake up to the sun beaming on our faces. He says what are you doing today? I respond going to work-'he laughs ;okay I'll call you later. he reach down and gives me a kiss.  then he walks out the door. months go past it seem like we was inseparable. it was  kinda like Bonnie and Clyde without the criminal Acts. but I knew our love was real a year went passed.

 So we got engaged it was the most fantastic moment. He did everything for me he taught me how to be a woman ,how to love myself again, I felt like I was Unstoppable , amazing, beautiful but there was a little secret I was holding from hem as well everybody knew at work, my family , his family but I wanted to wait until it was the right time.

5. Betrayal

I call Sean I let him know I have this surprise for him and meet me at our favorite restaurant The hoax. He agreed as he showed up right on time like always Friday night I had everything planned out. he walked up to the table with his all black True Religion outfit on smelling like cool water. And he sat down with a frown on his face as I smiled and I said hi Sean he said what's all this for. I kind of was adamant about why he was acting like this.we ordered our food  it Desert time the waitress brings over this little red box. Sean looks at me and he says I have to tell you something...I knew it was something I didn't want to hear it. I said okay we'll talk after you open up your present he looks at me he rolls his eyes , he opens the present here lies an ultrasound of twins girls. He sat back in his chair looked at me and said I'm happy but we need to talk. My heart drop down to my stomach and i said Okay Sean what is it. He said babe I fucked up! I responded Sean I already know. I said to hem let me guess, you got another woman pregnant, he was confused that I knew about his secret. I was hoping it wasn't true he said yes and it's mine he then tells me she's due in a couple months which is crazy because so was I. As we walked out tears roll down my face. I thought my life was over and the only thing I wanted to do is take his. We had a long ride home he was in his car, I was in my we pulled up to our residence I get out the car instead going straight in I grab hem and smiled and calming said. we can get through this babe no worries I'm always going to be here for you he lays in and give me a kiss. About 2 months later I had our twin girls and  two weeks after I had my girls The Other Woman had her son. Somehow seeing my daughter's made me fall more and more in love with Sean and I knew we was going to be together forever  yes we got married. Our little family was growing yes we had his other kids all the time. everything was going great. When I thought my life was coming to A New Beginning I find out I'm pregnant again damn here we go!

6. Betrayal / murdered 

 I was very excited to tell Sean. I yelled into the kitchen. I said:hey bae come here. he comes in the room I just told blurted out we're having another baby. the look at me and he gave me this  hard to swallow look and I can see on his facw hw didn't seem happy this time. He said Ray which was my nickname I don't want no more kids there's another woman again who said she's pregnant by me I don't know how, this happen. it just happened. I yelled in anger I would never get abortion... and why you do this shit to me again.. while I sat back and smiled he had his head down...I said okay Sean. The girl had her baby he never even mentioned it ... I guess it wasnt important. but what makes it so worse we was still married. This time I was pregnant  With twin  boys damn what a coincidence this is crazy I'm dealing with this emotional downfalls and now I'm pregnant with two more kids I'm excited but drained.. 6 months later I had our boys. At this time we are separated he comes over to get the kids. i smiled said Sean come in the kids are gone they'll be home in a couple hours. He sat there, he smiled.. I'm thinking to myself damn I always fall for that smile. He giggled and said since the kids are gone you should let me get some of my pussy I laughed as I start taking of my clothes. I'm not going to lie I missed him too... so we proceeded to the bedroom. i start thinking again to myself I hope I don't get pregnant again and I smiled. As I'm ontop of him he looks up at me and he says! those devil words I love you so much  I'm so sorry for what I did to you.  I truly love you. It triggers something in me. all I know is I reached over to the bedside and I grab my mail knife and I slit his throat as blood was gushing and squirting everywhere I was smiling  I kissed him I said you right you will never hurt me again and you will always love me. It took me a couple weeks to chop up his body and burn it as I was professionals mortician technician. once I got done everything was put in this coffee container oh my dresser

..the weirdest thing is the kids haven't asked about him. The moral to the story is smile from your heart nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy with herself don't hurt a women who truly loves you. a  battered woman who have secrets..maybe will kill you. to be continued....






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