Lyric: 2 parts, no hearts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 12, 2019

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Submitted: July 12, 2019





I want to be, myself just me

But in this world

I'm never free.


The chains of work, the chains of life

 just downhill, a sharpened kniiiife


To get a job you need to read, you need to follow, alike the sheep. 

Cause if you don't, they really won't 

just give a chance. 

To make a right in all the wrongs

to make a place, where you belong


It's so hard, I just can't escape this surrounding reality.

Will I or won't I ever break free





P2- rap


They tell you what you need,

make a right for yourself

Get a job that you hate 

a blight for yourself.


The people they need in professions like care

are the ones who truly have feelings to spare


But the ones with a will to help another life

are put down by the papers of indoctrination

Even though the world is rife

of knowledge and offers of real education


Instead we get psychoe s who hurt the ones we are meant to protect, and add just another defect.

When you open your eyes

you cannot deflect

these blows of reality 

you cannot neglect. 


You want to do what's right deep in your heart

But your goals and attempts seem lightyears apart.

You ask yourself if the system is rigged


I'll tell you now "It always is"


The ones who offer their hearts of gold are the ones to get shattered as they get old

Cause kindness and love may be noble in cause

But not alike those who do what their told

The ones above will abuse you, use you without pause

but it's never their loss.


You're breaking apart

as you work

Their breaking your heart

as they lurk

"You'll never find out"'s what they say.

With them around it won't be okay.


Why shatter the beauty?

Why shatter the hope? 

When in the end

we all hang onto the same rope


Why strangle all love?

and devoid life of all meaning?

When onto eachother

we need to be leaning? 


You who do evil

who end others lives

you must realize

what is to come

How you'll be made to suffer

To be torn apart

I'll make it clear

what you've known from the start

All the souls you've tormented

the lives you've ruined

will come to haunt you

soon enough


We cannot let free, the ones void of guilt

Cause in your life you can't avoid filth

Even when you think you beat it

You fall flat on a knife and eat it (eat it) 


Cause life is more than just a game

you struggle to achieve power and fame

To not like Johnny, die from shame

to not like Chrissy, fly in vain


Cause fairy tales are not found

food for all's not the future in bound

but they can eat lead pound by pound

In the end

We all share the same ground. (same ground, same ground)




© Copyright 2020 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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