A Sight

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It was only a sight, wasn't it? A road with two life-changing choices. Had it been fantasy or mere reality?

It was a typical afternoon, with no hurries at the moment. Why would there be any hurries at all?
I had finished working for the day and was gladly returning home after taking a last stroll at a neighboring park. The Sun was setting on the horizon, its final rays were shining across some tall evergreen trees, and some thickening clouds were menacing the city with upcoming rain, a fact which didn't bother me since I just needed to get the bus and then walk half a block to my apartment. I didn't live very far off though, to my relief.

I grabbed my portfolio with my computer in it and headed to the bus station to wait for my bus. As I entered, I saw dozens of people hurrying both sides everywhere and some creating unnecessary traffic by standing on the subway stairs, only making it harder to transit either way. I walked at a steady pace to avoid being bumped against people. This was definitely a very tough hour to take the bus, but that was no surprise for me nor for anybody.

When I arrived at the main door through which my bus usually arrived, I had searched for a nearby bench to sit down but saw to my surprise that the bus was already there waiting for the last couple of people to board it. I held my portfolio tightly, opened the station’s door, and hurried to catch it as fast as I could. 

As I reached it, I climbed inside and tried to find myself a place to sit. Unfortunately, it was beyond crowded and there was nowhere to rest. What I didn't know at that moment was that the next half hour of my journey I was about to take would change my day’s course dramatically.

I didn't get off the bus, moreover, instead of exiting and waiting for the next one, my stubborn mind decided for me to move backward through it, search for a small standing spot near the back-exit doors and hold on to a pole.
Why do such a thing? I unconsciously asked myself. It would have been much more comfortable if I had just waited for an emptier bus, thus I was in no hurry at all to get home, except perhaps for the menacing clouds nearby. Maybe I was just too lazy sometimes.

It took me some difficulty to make my way through the bus but eventually found a place to stand near the doors. I held onto a pole with both hands and waited for the bus to move. That was the precise moment when I noticed someone staring at me from my right.

It was common for me, and I believe for everyone, to get stares from someone while taking public transport. Bored people either viewed the landscapes through the windows or stared at cellphone users doing nothing more than playing some random games. I didn't have the custom of watching people around, but more of daydreaming and glancing at the forests and small buildings through the windows whenever I got the chance. Yet, that somebody's sight caught my eye in the most unlikely and bizarre way.

My eyes slowly turned right and my mouth involuntarily opened, gasping in the quietest way possible. It took me three seconds to get a perfect glance at my main subject. A man, sitting on the top seats at the back of the bus, some three or four meters away and two stairs above from me, was staring at me.

I didn't know if it was his face or his stare, but something caught my eyes and gave me butterflies that I couldn't quite contain to feel throughout my body, mainly my stomach. The way he was sitting with both arms on his lap and his black short hair was mesmerizing to see. Nevertheless, the astonishing matter was that he was watching me, out of all people present. 

I lifted my chin and my body posture. I moved my silky hair over one shoulder, such a useless action to do because it immediately fell back to the way it always was. I turned my face to look at the door in front of me and remained calm. The bus started to move a minute later.

It had only taken one moment, one moment to change my mood instantly. I could just imagine how wonderful it would be to sit beside him, a thing which was utterly impossible at the moment because there was another old man sitting there instead. There were people standing behind me, making myself almost static against the crowded bus.

I wanted to look at him, watch every detail about his face and just smile internally at what luck had stricken me this evening. I could sense that he was still staring at me. That made me feel happy in a strange sense.
It took me about ten seconds to decide if I should turn around again or not, to let him know I was conscious of his stare, or to possibly make eye contact. 

How many times would I see him after I got off the bus in about 5 minutes? He was a stranger. There was zero probability that I would see him again in like forever. I turned around and gave another glance at last. 
He was still watching me. In fact, we were both watching each other. We made eye contact.
This time I looked into his dark brown eyes from afar. What a sight.
I glanced at him for five seconds and then looked at the front door occasionally. Everybody was giving their backs to me, I was the only person facing in his direction. I glanced back at him again and still; he had not stopped staring at me. 

I could swear that I had just blushed. A smile had appeared on my face. Such little pleasurable moments in life.

What a magical moment it would be for me if I were to just sit on the bus together with him. Would he still be looking at me? Or would he just still be staring at my direction apparently only daydreaming? I would want to believe that we would have talked, never mind about what, but just about anything. Even the weather would have been quite an interesting subject in this specific encounter.

We would definitely exchange smiles. Stare at each other’s eyes with glee from this luck. 
How would I have known then if he felt any attraction for me? Would it have been from the way he stared at me or perhaps from the way he would communicate his thoughts and desires through words or gestures? Was I even too hasty now to let these thoughts come across my mind? How I wished sometimes some moments would last forever… 
I’ve always wanted to believe that life would be calm as nature itself and filled with love.

It would be so magical for me to arrive home and find myself with such a handsome man waiting for me inside.
As I would approach the door, he would immediately glance through the window and come running at me, ready to open it without a further touch of mine. He would then lift me up with joy, turn me around in circles, and then fill my face with kisses and hugs. Everything would be so special and magical.

We would have lunch together, also regular romantic dinners beside the dim candles’ lights. He and I staring at each other’s eyes, not caring about anything else in the world. The shining sparkle in his eye would tell me he is the one and that I would never think of any other man in my life. 

Had I found love? Would I have found the love of my life? I didn’t know, for I only knew that the sight of him was mesmerizing to take. There was something fascinating about his soul. I could only look into his eyes and feel as if I had found my soulmate. The love which I have always yearned. A love so pure…

He would always wake up by my side in every dawning morning, his eyes being the first thing I’d see. His smile, his laugh, his messy hair all over his face. The little details which made a difference in enchanting a woman in all.
He would pick me in his strong, muscled arms and suddenly take me out dancing in the middle of a crowd, with a thousand city lights surrounding us. We would dance like in the eighteenth century, him wearing a solid black tuxedo whilst I leading my flowery dress with grace. 

The scenery would turn into a big wide ballroom, its roof filled with old paintings and with bright crystal chandeliers. A small orchestra would play Dmitri Shostakovich’s “The Second Waltz”, and elegant people would gather to witness us dancing so lightly against the musical piece in the center of the ballroom.

Everyone would turn around and grab their respective partners. They would take their places simultaneously and start dancing as the final part of the music would begin. How precious it would feel for my bones and spine to fill with those cold love chills. Such magical sensations mother nature gifted for happiness to furnish each individual’s body.

Would he be such a gentleman or would he be more like a modern guy? Would he be, for example, riding his motorcycle in a black leather outfit with me on its back? Cruising through the city until reaching a clearing where motorbikes could usually speed up to full speed?
We would listen to Avicii’s song “The Nights” carelessly whilst feeling the breeze against our faces. I would hold tight to his waist and feel his strong body and essence all over me. Adrenaline rushing through my blood and soul. Little hearts protruding from our heads like in the cartoons. His hair would move freely with the wind. Everything would be pure art if you were to ask me.

Would he slow down just to reach an open flower field and pick up two dozen wildflowers to hand them to me as gifts? I would grab them with joy and smell their exquisite scent. He would hold my hand and guide me for a walk together towards the horizon. The setting Sun would shine and make his eyes glisten. I would feel nothing but mere happiness. Perfect love. Being able to daily feel a thousand butterflies in my stomach.

As we would approach a large log, he would pull me to his side and make me gently sit down beside him. Time would freeze as if everything were eternal from that moment on. Yet, the Sun would fast forward set down and the sky would suddenly turn dark blue as the stars would pop out and blink.
He would extend one arm and approach to touch my chin with both hands. His face would come closer to mine, a smile protruding from both our lips and hearts. I would feel protected by his side, warm, enclosed, graceful, happy, and overall in love. His lips would approach mine, giving me a longing desire to feel them, touch them, grasp their essence… 

If only until…

The bus came to an abrupt stop. I quickly woke up from my daydream. How had the time gone by so fast? I glanced at the street and someone carelessly pushed me from behind as I witnessed my arrival to my final destination. The flow of the people made me go out of the bus with little choice. As they forced me to climb down and exit it, I felt a flow of urge and disappointment. Where would he go?! Where would I go?

I held to my portfolio and turned my stare to glance at the bus’s back window. To my surprise, the man was turning his face towards it and glancing at me through the window. No kidding, my knees immediately turned weak. It had not been my imagination! His glance had been for real. He was not from a fairy tale.

Unfortunately, the glee didn’t last long. After a minute, the bus took off its brakes and slowly started to drive off. My head didn’t stop staring at the window, then the bus… until it was soon completely out of sight. The extraordinary fact had been that he had not taken his glance off of me at all.

Maybe love as that existed, but why would it be fleeing from me at the moment? Had it been destiny for things to end this way, or was life preparing to give me something even better?

What would it be? What had happened? 

I did not know. Yet, the only thing I knew for sure was that it had only been that. Had been what?

It had only been a sight.


Submitted: July 12, 2019

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Well, you have reminded me how I should revisit my romantic side and take my wife out for an evening.

Sat, July 13th, 2019 3:36am


Haha! Thank you so much for reading! n.n

Sat, July 20th, 2019 12:02pm

Jezzy Jay

Wow this is amazing,
I have added a few comments on words or sentences that i felt needed changing, but other than that it was a really good story, with a great moral.

Keep Writing

Sat, July 13th, 2019 7:38am


Thank you so much for your feedback!! I'm so glad that you liked it!! n.n
Thanks for reading!! :D

Tue, July 23rd, 2019 1:14pm


That was excellent. I wonder how many other people have daydreams like that probably thousands I never knew anyone that shared them as you did. Thing is I had never had anyone look back at me like he did. It could be destiny, and you never know these days. It was an excelent short story thanks for sharing.

Sat, July 13th, 2019 9:50am


Thank you so much for your nice words!! I'm really happy that you liked it!! n.n

Tue, July 23rd, 2019 3:02pm

Angel Russell

Wow this is amazing,a really good story, with a great moral.

Keep Writing
ANgel Russell

Sat, July 13th, 2019 9:38pm


Thank you so much!! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!! n.n

Sun, August 4th, 2019 11:28am


Extremely detailed. I believe some parts could be abbreviated. I don't know if this work is your first draft. It's not bad, but I believe it could create more suspense. Keep writing, though. It's the only way to become an excellent author. I'm not perfect myself.

Tue, July 16th, 2019 1:19pm


Thank you so much for your feedback and for reading!! n.n

Sat, August 10th, 2019 4:43pm


I really love your story. And your classy imagination/music/etc. I heard that song "Polaroid" by Jonas something on radio earlier. I wish they had read your story before writing it. Excellent insight, I bet You are great at Sonnets too, Great Stuff!

Thu, July 18th, 2019 8:02pm


Thank you so much!! I'm very happy that you liked it!! n.n
Thank you for your nice comments!!

Fri, August 23rd, 2019 12:31pm

Paper Seas

Excellent story! I love how present your character's voice is in this piece. I also really enjoyed following them as they took in the world surrounding them. If I were to suggest anything, I'd say to slow the story down a bit. Allow us to spend more time walking to the bus and finding a spot. I think it would add some tremendous details about the world and your character.

Fri, August 23rd, 2019 6:00pm


Thank you so much for such nice comments and for your feedback!! :D
I'm really happy that you liked it!! n.n

Thu, August 29th, 2019 5:18am

Hope S. Brown

Wow! Such a heart warming experience reading this story. It kept me hooked until the end, and yes, sometimes we experience such close encounters with complete strangers and are magically drawn towards them, sometimes it just stays with us as an experience with no further explanation, but that moment is captured in our hearts forever. Beautifully written. Loved it.

Thu, October 3rd, 2019 5:48pm


Thank you so much for the really kind words and for the nice feedback!
I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!! n.n

Thu, October 3rd, 2019 2:37pm

simon arthur

It is such a shame they didn't get to exchange numbers. Putty she never got to go out with. She missed out. But it was well written. Emotional. Well done.

Could you read my story Columbus Warp: World Without Science.

Tue, November 26th, 2019 8:29am


Thank you so much for reading and for the nice feedback!! :D

Of course I'll read your story n.n

Tue, November 26th, 2019 8:33am

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