The Feeling Which Never Left

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Permisson

Submitted: July 16, 2019

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Submitted: July 16, 2019



"Permission to stay side by side with you"he said
"Ofcorse"i replied
I remember telling my sister that i like umair and umair like me too
Well let me tell you about myself that i never liked to share my secrets with anyone i dunno but i just don't like,maybe i don't like that fact that which things i like most they will say something bad about them after i am confessing my secrets...they will not understand nd then disappointing myself...i just don't like it...but i love to tell my secrets my heart things and everything to its creator
To the one who create it nd everything.
I learnt this after sharing my secrets with people..!nobody can understand more than the one who create everything it that everything..!
But back then i was excited..and my sister do share her things with me so i thought telling her will be okay..!so basically thats how umair you become the first my like-love or a boy,whom i tell about to my sister..i pray..that may you become the last one as well.!
Because 1st one doesn't does but there are more to the last one stays..!
May you stay and become my forever as well...!
The Day I Born
Well Like Every Other Birthday
Family wishes first ofcorse 
After 12:00am
Some Friends wishing me 
Yeah he too
"Many Many Happy Return Of The Day
Happy Bdayy!!"
After talking for while
I said
"You know i want you to be forever present in bday like today"
For Me Real Gift Is the True Love..!
I am thirsty of lovee! 
But if its doesn't effect my respect! 
Respect then love! 
Because without respect there cant be love
There are many ways and different type of ways to show respect...just on this words but also in ways...!
But as for now....
I am So Happy Alhamdullilah(all thnkx to Allah) 
Umair's bday on 24 april
Now waiting for his birthday 
He said
"My sister's wedding coming"
"ohh congrats,when?"
"03 April"
He said his sister wedding will be on april 03 then
He will be busy some days...
Love is also about waiting..right?!
But the most thing i afraid of
"In waiting of somebody
Changing of the hearts"
This is the one of worst thing and hidden
That you never knew
Like you are waiting for somebody and thinking they are also waiting for you or waiting for this time to finish to come to you
But instead of that they are thinking about something else something-not wanting to come to you
Or maybe something happen that they can't able to or the possibility will become less to letting you to meet...


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