My Last Breath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Read my script, there lot to it and carefully based on historical events, current suppression of science techniques, and best science on what really would happen attempting to go to Mars. Its a very human story of 3 couples and support scientist.

If you liked 2001 or Dr Strangelove complexity, with central character delayed entry, then give this a try

Submitted: July 13, 2019

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Submitted: July 13, 2019











My Last Breath


They call it the space gene, and only a few women have it.  This is her story, the NASA engineer that discovered her and the first tragic mission to Mars, which changed the course of humanity.

RougeNASA (at) gmail


Original work based on historical events and peer reviewed science







This script is confidential and proprietary  property, and no portion of it may be performed, distributed, reproduced, used, quoted, or published without prior written permission.

WGAE registration #I323080


Title Over fades in from black:
Text fades out as space ship interior room (hundreds of years in future) fades in. Drifting blurry watery view (Milky Way Galaxy out of focus).  An orange object flashes by. 
Title over:
Child one(O.C.)
When did you get the idea of 
Huge gold fish floats into view then camera follows some, obvious source of flash. Opening credits continue.
(elderly crackling voice)
It was about 70 years ago, still a bit older than you.
Child laughs, couple fish almost collide. 

I persuaded the CITY MANAGER, the fish would keep the tanks clean, besides I always liked fish as pets. It’s cool how they breathe. 
It worked so well, the City Manager installed this port all the way to the outside.  Such wonderful view!
Samatha and 2 children together.  Samatha is an aged elderly woman of mixed South American European ancestry. Sparse futuristic but very comfortable with lots of trinkets and photos.  There is fairly large knit framed wall placard, its letter much larger than normal, but only a large S is resolvable.  Tops of some models visible, but not fully.
Did you actually sneak your pet in?

Child 2
And the ORDER was about to .. (child motions cut to throat)
City Manager 
(deep reassuring)
No, no, not at all.
PULL FOCUS TO INCLUDE CITY MANAGER.   The very tall thin monk with hooded white robe enters from the back side of children.
Child 2 in a bit of shock with his arrival.  Both children are identical as can be, shockingly so.
I‘d never allow that to happen to my favorite!   We hope that you all blossom in next years just like Sam did...Sam, here is the ancient book you requested.
The City Manager outstretches his very old weathered walnut color dark hand from under the robe and gives an ancient text to Samatha.
I am off for each of your pet requests. 
City manager turns more to Samantha.
Children learn much of their roles and responsibilities from pets, something you certainly tested the ORDER.  Let’s hope these go better..  Till later, my favorite pet, (laughs).
As credits end, City Manager turn away and departs. Sam fondly handles the book with her hands. She opens the book and starts to read.  All 3 children are strikingly identical!
EXT. - no parking zone outside fancy city Hotel - DAY
Children, our story begins at a hotel convention on a cold windy winter day.  It was early in the year 2000, that’s over 300 years ago and things were primitive then ...
Elegant Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II pulls up in clearly marked no stopping zone.
POLICEMAN nearby looks away. 
Very well dressed gloved man, from scanning eyes and physical dominance, obviously a security guard, gets out of right front seat and smartly opens the car door. 
A large, heavy MAN WITH CIGAR gets out face always obscured.  He has his dark overcoat collar upturned against the wind, holding a distinctive Fedora Hat with his hand to his head. A large cigar just visible as is edge of his plump 40ish cheek.
The doorman smartly opens the door for him and his security guard. They enter. Music theme corruption.
INT. - High end Hotel Conference hallway 
Man with Cigar stops at POSTER lighting his cigar looking at the poster while with his security guard looking about.
Pov Man with Cigar 
The Man was strange, one way very anti mainstream science, the other way supposedly pro science.  Somehow being an oil exec fit in...
Poster of next talk, just at entrance reads:
Strategy Redirecting NASA for industry - focus on efforts of Dr.Robert Zebrine, CEO Pioneers Energy, President of Mars Society, author of Merchants of Despair..(rest out of view) Music theme continues.
INT. - Just behind man with Cigar in Hall - DAY
Man with Cigar pulls out a flip phone. Calls. Music continues.
(rough gangster voice)
We need to increase our support this Zebrine guy.  He’s got the solution to the escalating science crap we’ve been dealing with.
Pauses to listen and puffs.  Patrons of Hotel glare at him as Hotel is non smoking, imposing security guard keeps them away.
Ok, yep .. Houston Astronauts, keep that going.  They all want be some idolized Captain America.  Yep,..
I do not care, just find more people to sell the story we want.  
Int - Future space ship room - EVENING
Child 2
Whats a cigar?
Its a type of addicting drug people used to burn to use. 
Child 2
I do not like that man.  We know science is just describing reality.  How can one be anti-reality?
True... Well this bad man and his conspirators rose in power.  They managed to repress publishing of any science that threatened their short term profits... Finally things got so bad the press got involved... That was going nowhere, so, in 2006 a group of top NASA and NSF scientists got together how to stop the oppression of open science.
INT. - Ranch style house party - EVENING
Attention drawn to animated discussion among half dozen men and couple women 40 to 50 in age, well dressed at a large conference table.
It’s not effective to stop censorship of science by The Administration with flailing in the press.   They just dig in.
RITA takes a sip of water.
Rita (CONT'D)
We need clout of a powerful private message from all of us top scientists to take to White House.  Speaking up alone you get punished like Dr. Ghassem Asar did after speaking up for open science in Congress.  Together we are unified standing firm on sanctity of science and publications must be free of political meddling.  It’s the basis of modern society! Being private gives Administration room to change position without loosing face.
Yes! Please write the message and circulate it for signatures!
EXT - Maryland Narrow two lane road - AFTERNOON
Few months later the bad man eliminated the key player that orchestrated his loss. 
50ish RITA with helmet bicycling in right center travel lane of narrow two lane paved road, 200 yards from government entrance. Road is straight without shoulder, but with open cut grass and then trees 30 yards away from road.  Out of focus, car merging from grass onto pavement and rapidly approaching from RITA’s rear.
Switch to:
Inside car
YOUNG WOMAN is on flip phone with kid bawling in background.  The young woman is very thin, pale stressed desperate looking obviously malnourished. 
Young Woman
Damn it, what you mean?
She nods and listens, kid scream in background. Car approaches cyclist from his back.
Her face is full of stress, on the phone staring intensely ahead. Kids screaming louder.
Suddenly there is a load THUMP, FLASH ON WINDSHIELD. 
The white helmeted head of the cyclist instantly caves in the front center windshield some 3 inches. 
Woman screams and slams on brakes.
Child 1 to 3 (O.s)
(screams together)
Crumpled bleeding body with mangled helmet lies on the pavement. It’s RITA!
Child 1-3(O.S.)
Rita’s death, tragedy to science and her family, was celebrated by those that opposed open science.
Man with cigar facing away comfortable feet up looking at tremendous Capital view.  Phone rings.  Man with cigar answers, clearing his deep gruffy voice. Music theme corruption.
What you got for me?
Man with cigar listens intently.
Are we clean?  Dead? 
Man with cigar gets up, facing away from camera, looks out toward US capital dome.

Messy. Huh? ... OK, good she is out of the way.  Not much choice to get rid of her, not the last I’m sure.  

Well its better staged than Gary Web’s  blotched suicide last year.  The CIA Contra Deal reporter.  Come on, you guys, two shots to head! Suicide, my ass! 
Pause listening. Geese fly across view to capitol.
Man with cigar (CONT'D)
Yep! Stressed mom’s vehicle hitting a cyclist, nobody ever think that’s a setup.
Pause listening, puffs on cigar. Smoke rises.  In smoke see 4 armed thugs barging in office, searching though files over protest of an elderly lady.
Gutsy raiding NSF administrator office. Next got to get that NASA damn science directorate Ghassem out. Then stuff his organization under one they used to compete for funding with.

Yes,  space directorate managers care nothing about them.  It will make it damn difficult for them to go to Congress. This will demoralize and obstruct them.
Hangs up, blows smoke out over capital.
EXT. - High over Andes - Day
The anti science conspiracy with money succeeded in pulling NASA away from open science.  Little over twenty years later events would lead to the FINAL revolution.
Cockpit of the Perlan, an actual spaceship looking sailplane.
Lively Inca music perhaps playing Carnaval Huamahuaqueno. 
Far below is heavily glaciered mountain range stretching from Nevado Bonanta to Willka Wiqi. A steam locomotive passenger train nears Inca tomb at Piskacucho on way to Machu Picchu. Sky appears almost black as curvature of earth is apparent.
Two pilots, childlike size are in cockpit, both wearing strange looking pilot face masks and Perlan pressure suits but their dark eyes are visible.  The front busy pilot sits on two yoga blocks as a booster.  The front pilot, QUILLA, has a very feminine flower on the suit.  
The sound of their breathing under a respirator is apparent. Wind rushes by the plane.
FOCUS on Quilla eyes.
Eyes dancing, bit watery.
Quilla POV
Her hand reaches out to couple of small photos nestled at slight angle to each other on instrument panel, one of her 3 children in Peruvian late elementary and high school uniform, and other of extended family gathering a tables feasting in front of their rural grandmother’s traditional Pueblo kitchen.  A small crucifix pinned by them. 
Her hand withdraws, back to business.
cockpit of Perlan 
View of both pilots, camera looking aft.  Upbeat, vibrant Quilla screams for a joyous cheer in her native Peruvian Quechen.
(excitedly, rapid, bit of Peruvian trill)
Look we are half way there!  Look in these binoculars, below just down from Nevado, they got the old steam tourist train running to Machu Picchu.  
Kon, calmer, reassuring and now reminiscing, reaches over and takes binoculars. In rich deeper Peruvian accent:  
(In Quechuan “yes”, subtitled). 

My goodness, they must be some 30 miles away, and nearly 15 miles below us.  

(Sighs) That was lot of fun working as starving students for tourist tips... Then off to medical school for you and me in Aeronautical engineering.
EXT. - Perlan Hanger FLASHBACK  - DAY 
Perlan Sailplane in view, Quilla, mid-twenties, in flight suit being given tour by an interested older man.  
I still cannot believe there we both took up our passion, flying high altitude sailplanes.  Then couple years ago you somehow tagged up with Steve Fosse’s team...  Here we are,  flying the length of the Andes at edge of space.
EXT - high over Andes - Continues
Kon pauses
Though I was worried he had desires on you.. 

It certainly helped us as our combined weight was half their weight. Further we need almost half as much oxygen as those big Americinos.   I sometime wonder at times really how little oxygen you need.  
Not bad for a half breed (chuckles.)
Mutters a Quechuan phrase. Good thing you got your mothers good looks with such a tight sexy “papaya” “Mamacita” (Sexily purrs - subtitled “Quechuan - Pussy, Sexy moma”)
Stop it, “arrecho” (subtitle horny) we got to concentrate...Ah.. Cannot believe they think they will fly something like this on Mars.  Though the air pressure is about the same.
In the sky, about 2 o’clock! What is that?  Oh that can’t be.  “a su madre” (subtitled “WTF”)
Quilla instinctively rolls the sailplane. Screams, Loud bang! 
INT.- NASA Control room - MORNING
Room with rows of flat screen monitors and large modern displays, reminiscent of Apollo missions. 
CAPCOM, middle aged balding and stressed from both being supporting parent and iron rod leader over mission control. 
He notices team of astronauts and other visitors walk in the busy control room filled with nerdy engineers and flight controllers.  Some with tattoos and gamer T shirts and Mohawks, but still nerds.  Capcom steps over to greet TEX, WILL, and really short FRANK among others.  Music theme man in space.
Ladies and Gentlemen so glad you could make our first attempt at Aero bag breaking.  We will use it going in orbit around Mars.  Our test vehicle has swung around the moon and will attempt to skim the very upper reaches of the Earths atmosphere to simulate MARS.  
Tex is in his mind, a proud macho overachiever packaged big loud classical Texan, and proud of it, much to the irritation of those nearby. 
Will the pleasant nearly always professional somehow has been captured into Tex’s sphere like a moth to a flame.  
Frank, unsure, small in stature and confidence, just squeezed in the program, clings close in hopes to still survive the program.
You’all, I hope this works, I’ve never been comfortable depending on an airbag to save my ass, in cars and especially a spacecraft.
(Chuckles) Sorry ASS
(Pretends to cough) Fat
(Kind of uppity) You guys are just jealous that I’ve been designated Chief Pilot.  
(Interrupting) Just passing the point of closest approach..
Ear splitting Alarms reverberate, on multiple displays flashing, many displays go blank.
What happened?
Flight engineer
Something happened to a hydrazine roll control rocket! Got a pressure surge on the atmosphere dip over the Andes, and we just lost contact. 
Where’s Henry when I need him? 
Capcom looks around, people rushing..alarms blaring..
Can anyone get ahold of Henry?  That guy got us out of countless tough spots.

He told me his NASA phone was going to be off. He and the Mrs taking a tour of the Andes.  Actually she insisted on it, dragged him away.. They should be about under the spacecraft right now. 
EXT. - Flashback somewhere in Inca ruins - EVENING
An Inca priest known as a SHARMAN in colorful tunic robe and feathery headpiece is performing blessing on Quilla and Kon.  Deep in trance.
He stops, hesitating.
Sharman POV vision
There are two dashing chariots, one with 3 horses, other 6 horse chariots. Horses and Greek gods are bleeding and faltering.  Three horse Greek god  has wings on his hat and 6 horse Greek god has warrior headpiece and arrows.  Number 13 fades in and out.  Scary forbidding music.
Ext - flashback to inca ruins - DAY
Shaken, Sharman continues on.  He carefully blows a penetrating conch shell horn. 
INT. - Luxury train dining car, Bingham Train  - DAy
Henry is a very tall 6’9”+, lanky very dark black.  
They had great seats on the first section on the narrow gauge railroad.  Train car looked like right out of some Wild Wild West movie set, lots of Ornamental brass and curtains with 18th century lighting fixtures.  The narrow gauge train sways and bucks like a wild bronco constantly as it snakes though the narrow Andes gorges.  Lively Inca music.
Henry not looking at spectacular scenery but absorbed in a gadget. CARLOS, their native Peruvian tour guide, was sitting across the isle.
One of the other passengers was certain you played pro basketball.
I must have a NBA twin. Curse being black and so tall.   I’m more a puzzle, creator guy. Sports not my thing.  I’m more of an albatross.
ANITA, Henry’s wife, a very proper black lady, sat stewing.
Gee you are driving me crazy fiddling with that thing.  Will you stop it.  Look at the scenery.  Socialize, enjoy it.  I dragged you on this trip and you just cannot get away.
Anita goes on fuming.
Henry, frustrated, both with his badgering wife and high tech attachment to the telephoto lens .. attachment just keeps on falling off.
OK, just one quick test!  Hope this works. This is surely remote enough location. 

Carlos, you said there is a open platform in the back of the train?
Yes, two cars back. It’s very open.  Be careful.  (winks) They have come close to loosing a few tipsy passengers. 
Henry gets up, nearly falling over from swaying.  
He protectively grabs the camera in one hand and uses the other to steady himself while staggering down the car, once almost falling on another passenger nearly dropping the camera.  
He grimaces. 
Passenger 1
Do you play for the Nicks?  
Henry, trying to be pleasant, but his face shows combination of worry of falling and exasperation.
(deep voice stammering)
No, I’m sorry, no I’m with NASA.
Passenger 2
I did not know they had a team in the Bahamas?
Train really lurches, the camera attachment comes off into Passengers 2 pasta, it sizzles and sparkles a bit in a strange way, much to his dismay.  
Henry awkwardly picks up the attachment, kind of grossed out, wipes it off on Passengers 2‘s table cloth right in front him. 
Passenger 2 is speechless. 
I’m really sorry about this, I better go before something else happens.
Henry, on way out of car as the train lurches, hits hit his head hard. Fumbles the camera. 
INT. - train car 
Henry makes his way past bar in rear of train. Passenger 2 calls out.
Passenger 2
Were you on TV in that Lakers basketball free-throw brawl last month?  
Henry just grimaces and staggers to rear of open train car, clutching camera and anything solid he can grab.
Rear observation car on Brigham train 
Car is very open on end with a surprising low railing especially for someone so tall. 

Awkwardly stooping while clutching the post for dear life, Henry one handed fumbles the camera.  The attachment pops off falling onto the tracks below and breaks out into thousand of little pieces with lots of smoke and sparkles.  
Henry shows pain. 
Well that attachment is gone, but I still got the original camera, might as well use it for a quick photo.
Pov Henry through camera
Henry looking out rear of car platform at spectacular view of Andes and an Inca tomb.  There is some type of Inca ceremony Shaman at tomb.  The Shaman turns and appears to look directly at him.  
Just then a bright light flash appears in the sky followed by a sonic boom.  
The train comes to an emergency stop throwing everyone forward.  
Henry able to hold onto the post. 
Henry notices a second glint in the path of the streaks.  He sees that must be a plane!
My god, those folks in that plane are toast!
EXT. - Perlan high above Andes - DAY
Streak of something big breaking up, looking like NASA shuttle Columbia breakup, streaks across Andean sky right toward the Perlan.
inside Perlan cockpit 
Quilla, tensely glancing up and back at instrument panel, suddenly jerks the stick and the plane 90 degrees, a large burning chunk booms by.  
The wings bend ominously some 10 feet from the stress.  The cockpit violently shakes and smoke fills the air.  Music increase excitement.
(Screaming, quickly shouts)
She’s going to go into a flat spin and the wings will come off! At 100,000 feet and 400MPH no plane can do this.
Quilla, quickly snaps the plane back 180 the other direction and levels out, the wings severely flapping up and down from the stress. 
Quilla hits the drogue shoot.  
Just then another huge boom rattles the sailplane, air rushes out. 
Couple of the instruments dials spin wildly to their stops, the others bouncing madly.
Quilla instantly squeezes her eyes shut like staining on the toilet and reaches out.
Kon, get those googles on tight quick or your eyes will be messed up from the low pressure!
Too late, something just grazed me.. Think I’ll be able to get my bleeding under control.

His breathing getting labored and voice getting fainter from thiner air.
I just got a very few minutes till I black out. Love you so much.
Quilla struggles to control the badly damaged sail plane, now roaring with an open hole. Sounds of some parts being ripped off by the wind.  
As she talks on radio, she struggles with the sail plane.
(On radio)
May Day May Day May Day,  This is Nancy Nancy Alfa Niner Zero One Echo Echo at 91,000 feet.  Have been struck, total extent unknown.  Other pilot with unknown injury losing life support.  ..

Need immediate clearance of airspace below and emergency medical support. Over.
Camera focus at radio, static for 5 seconds, then:

Rodger, This is Cusco control. Alpha Niner Zero One Echo Echo You are very noisy.   Advised no traffic within ... static ...Willa Wiqi.  ... static .. everything well ... static...  Air rescue is spinning up in Cusco. Over.
This is Alpha Niner Zero One Echo Echo.   ..  Not sure how much structure is damaged but I have to get this bird down really fast. Over.
This is Cu ..static..   Rodger.  ..static.. transponder .. static... stopped reporting altitude.  Till then .. static .. you at 91,000 static ... lots of targets came down on you ..static..
Brief pause, more static while Quilla fights to control plane.
Static ... een tracking you at 400 knots over 90,000 feet. Never imagined that was possible in a sailplane. Over.
This is Alpha Niner Zero One Echo Echo trying to fly this to ground as fast as possible with control. 
Radio static stops and puff of smoke comes from radio. Quilla grimaces.
Quilla reaches for a laminated max air speed vs altitude chart. In big red letters in red zones, “WING FAILURE REGION” She sticks between wind speed indicator and altimeter. 
(speaking to herself)
No telling where I wind up among the glaciers in these mountain peaks if the wings come off.  Not much of an option here to have to resort to the ballistic parachute. Hope it works.
EXT. - Train side by Inca Tomb - DAY
People are milling around outside the stopped train. Henry approaches the Sharman. 
Why are you staring at me?
Sharman putting on his thick black modern  plastic glasses which contrasts his tradition Inca attire.
I was not staring at you. Look what was falling out out the sky! I almost crapped in my pants when I caught that out of corner of my eye!  Then the sonic boom happened.  Gee!
(after a brief pause)
Pick up the junk you dropped off the back of the train! .. Tourists!
The Sharman turns and walks away in disgust.
Henry starts to pick up his broken parts. 
Suddenly over the rise of Inca ruin the battered Perlan comes to rest tip of its nose just over the edge of the ruins. The air rescue helicopter roars in just behind.
Considerable cheer and excitement in crowd as lots of people rush up the Inca steps to help. They are stunned too as the Perlan looks more like a space ship, and some of crowd think that’s what broke up, but it looks in fairly good shape.
Quilla, bleeding, quickly pops the round window hatch off, removes her mask fully and scrabbles out, shaking her neck length hair while motioning to rescuers and barking orders.
Help me me open his hatch, QUICKLY. God there is blood everywhere!
Quilla pointing for rescuer.
Just cut those straps and tubes off, get him in to the chopper fast.  
RESCUER gets a pulse, Thumbs up, puts medical equipment on.  
Kon revived briefly.   Speaking weakly smiling.
Good thing our parents named us after INCA gods, makes us really tough to kill. 
(rolling his r’s Spanish)
Mam, we just have enough capacity this high to take just him, A second chopper is 10 minutes behind.  We received word that others of your party are inbound to Cusco and will be in hospital just about time we arrive. We have to ask you stay behind for 10 minutes max.
Take car of the plane.  (laughs in pain). We can’t afford to pay Airbus for this broken sail plane.
Rescuer rushes Kon off and Air Rescue flys away.
Quilla starts to gather things up to start to disassemble plane.  Henry walks up. Henry towers over Quilla. 
You’re a tall one.  Must play basketball.  
Henry starts to grimace but catches himself. He awkwardly sits cross legged, just then is he almost face to face to Quilla who is half his height.
No, I actually work for NASA, but my wife and I are here in Peru to visit the sites.
Quilla frowns, she retorts;
You guys are too much! I got something for you.
Reaches into back portal inside the Perlan and pulls out a charred bloody metal scrap loaded in plane and hands it Henry. 
Henry turns the charred scrap over.
It has the NASA logo on it, and partially charred part of a logo that Henry instantly recognized.  His eyes grow real big in disbelief.
I’m truly sorry.  I’m sure NASA will make this up. Provide best medical care.
Quilla interrupts him. Poking his forehead.
(Domineering and hurried)
You bet your damn ass.  You (spells out) N-A-S-A really owe us...Here is what I need you to do, first, get that sail plane wings off.   Then carefully put it all into that observation car at the rear of train.  WITHOUT FURTHER DAMAGE!  ..

This train is not going anywhere soon with all the debris around, so you got time to get this onboard... So someone got to do it! ... As MR NASA here, you are NOW CONSCRIPTED!  You are a very tall person, folks listen to and obey very tall persons...  Get it?
(sheepishly) OK?
Another chopper lands.
Here is my chopper.  I’m told I’m one of the best doctors in South America. Also thanks to your dear sweet NASA ass I’m now a former high altitude sail plane pilot.   I’m off to assist in medical care for my husband.  

In our village that I grew up, we have a tradition that you never ask anyone to do something with some form of token payment. Here!
Quilla takes the battered flower off her pressure suit and hands it to Henry. 
Quilla quickly reaches into cockpit and grabs the photos with crucifix and jumps onto the helicopter as it takes off zoom away. Henry is dumbfounded with all that happened.
EXT. - Back of train  - EVENING
Henry is standing with his cross wife on the back observation car as the train pulls into the station. The sail plane parts are partially sticking out the rear of the car. 
Sticking out of Henry’s shirt pocket is the flower.
INT. - Brookhaven heavy ion accelerator  - DAY
Title over:
Brookhaven lab 2018
LAB TECHNICIAN is rolling cages of mice out of room with heavy door and lots of radiation signs.  Ones sign dominates, Danger Cosmic Radiation!  Some of the mice are active, other cages some mice are dead, some bloody, couple of those remaining fighting.
Looks as some of you did not fare so well.  Same as previous tests.  
But some ok, that’s a first.

Radiation dose is only what is in 100 days of space travel.  That’s hardly half way to Mars.  Hope proper follow up studies are funded.
INT. - Dark Bar - EVENING
MAN WITH CIGAR now cheek aged late 40ish and hat and overcoat sitting at dark bar booth across from SENATOR.
We have arranged any results favorable to this Mars mission get lots of press and continued funding.  Negative results get defunded and forced into obscure journals.
Some of the science you’re pushing is rather flawed.
Just keep pushing the rocket and expanding the program.  We will take care of any science issues that might stop the mission.
INT.- Comfortable luxurious living room - DAY
Man with Cigar sitting facing away comfortable, feet up, looking at tremendous Capital view.   Three other well established men in 50s-60 escorted in by butler. Music theme corruption power.
Good you could make it.   Senators have a seat. 
He does not get up to greet.  The three men sit, but obediently listen.
I got a job for you and your staff.
Pause to work on cigar.
Our committee chair senator getting fed by some crappy science research report that harms our interests.  We need to find out who made these reports and suppress or nullify them.
Pauses again to work on cigar.
It would be real helpful our national TV reporters and bloggers create something to undermine our opposition.  Push Manned Mars. It’s romantic and suits our needs.
Relights cigar and chuckles.
Good getting those troublesome son of bitches research cut, and staff pirated away.
Puffs cigar.  Smoke billowing into eyes of couple of men irritates their eyes.
Now go.  If you do this right, be rest assured you and your colleagues will have generous campaign support.
Men get up, turn and leave without saying a word.  Man with Cigar billows smoke which rises over view of Capital dome.
INT. - Laboratory with lots of mice cages  - DAY
GRAD STUDENT looking over results as LAB DIRECTOR walk in.  Music theme Liar.
Lab Director
How our two studies look?
First one shows slight improvement, if any. Statistics are shaky, and you never tell if the mice got scared in shipment.  We should set up a lab down street from Brookhaven so mice are not traumatized by shipping.
Really? That is across the country.  NASA grant does not cover that.  Your research is paid here anyway, not some eastern University by Brookhaven.  
Lab director takes more positive tone, mulls over results.
Lab director bites pen.
Ok here what will do.  Write up a glowing abstract claiming we major progress in solving the Cosmic radiation problem. Mix in honest charts, but summary must be glowing.  Got that?
Grad student nods.
To get lots of coverage we will pay for free public distribution journals and have a press release too.  That will keep other scientists too afraid to dig deeply and allow us to keep prime in funding.
Lab director looks grad student in eyes.
The second study.. .  Our sponsors will not tolerate this one.  Too much.. Bury it, publish in expensive hard to get journal.
Pauses, looking directly at Grad student.
Do not want to end up like UC Irvine group.  They found results that our sponsors and NASA manned space hated, and made a bad choice to widely published it.  They are no longer favored at the research grant feeding trough, and are largely out.  
INT. - Hall way  - DAY
Title over:
Tex and Will in flight suits walking down busy NASA hallway.
Tex is looking especially the physically dominating “right stuff” astronaut.  
Will now appears more of a thinner smaller sidekick to Tex.
So Frank is out, likely desk Job.  What a Moronic midget.  Recon where he should have been all along.
Tex! Shame on you.  You know he is only person we got qualified and capable of flying the Dragonfly!
EXT. - outside NASA Building  - DAY(flashback)
Will (v.O)
You know how he had just rebuilt that classic MG.
Tex (V.O)
Yes, Both tiny pieces of shit!
Car zooms in smoke billowing from hood. Frank jumps out back to the building door.  Frank is a tiny guy, barely met minimums size wise to be an astronaut. Sadly sometimes distracted, unsure of himself.
Oh No, Oh No, Shit!!
Frank dashes in and back out in a flash carrying a huge fire extinguisher.  The car smoke is heavier.  Frank opens the bonnet with one hand, but it refuses to stay up as he begins to spray.
Will (V.O.)
The hood is so hot he switches hands holding up the hood.
Damn, that’s hot!  Oh no, my car!
Frank switches hands, gets fire out.  Frank starts screaming.
Frank (CONT'D)
God it hurts! Help anybody!
INT. - Hall Way - DAY
I saw him yesterday at his home.  Frank held up his hands, bandages as big as boxing gloves, third degree burns both hands.  Then Frank said something hilarious “You really know who your friends are when you have to go take a crap” I promptly made excuse to leave, fearing where this was going.
Both laugh, walking.  Tex slaps Will on back, attaching a kick me post it on Will back.  They continue walking.
Well, being so a visible screwup, to double hurt oneself out for all to see, right here in front of Houston Control.  Well Frank has been reassigned.
A true astroNUT, not a astronaut.
Tex, that’s not nice. Frank was just human, but no good for Right Stuff PR for sure.  
You know it, machines just do not have same level of that good old Grits and Glory entertainment drama.  Thats where us good ol’ boy Astronaut heroes come in.
Both do about same science. Machines way cheaper and survive where man cannot. Human drama does draw the crowds though.
Will Laughs.
We all done stupid stunts and pranks, just not caught.  I still laugh when we were on that farm..
(Backing Will against the wall)
Dammit, I told you that never happened!
INT. - Some NASA Faculty  - MORNING
Several Astronauts are standing in a row with an INSTRUCTOR giving them instruction on proper public stance. They appear to be having an awkward problem with what to do with their hands.  Music theme right stuff.
Quilla and Kon walk in led by the Capcom acting like a tour guide.
(Texas drawl)
OK TEX, especially because you are so beefy and handsome, remember to project the NASA public image of a confident hero so the funding dollars keep coming.  Now, hands on the hips.
Tex and one other astronaut start to mimic what the instructor says NOT to do.
Thumbs back, not in the pockets, front or rear, not in front, no picking noses, scratching ears and definitely not scratching your butt.  Chest out slightly. 

(Pausing slightly)
I will not repeat where Tex just scratched, just I’d advise him to get that checked out.
Laughter erupts
(To the Capcom)
Well I’ll be, are they going to do some dance?  I did not know that dancing was a requirement.
No, it part of the public relations training refresher.  Some really get into it in one way or another.
If you are sick, never go out in public.  You can be the best pilot, but be rest assured jocks that do not fit the image, are washed out. 
Again, Tex pulls stunts and brings out a Star Trek logo.
This is the Star Trek image that keeps the manned program going. As you are going out, remember too keep exactly the right amount of curve in the back, shoulders back, posture, posture, posture.  This concludes your REQUIRED NASA CHARM school refresher course. (Instructor smiles.)
Capcom interrupts.
Before you go, I’d like you all meet Quilla and Kon. Our test capsule struck their sail plane. 
WILL and EDITH Williams, midwesterners, Edith rather plain looking, both immediately graciously reach out to shake hands. 
Quilla, it’s such an honor, I heard about the avoidance maneuver you did to avoid the largest chunk of our test spacecraft.  I tried it a 100 times in the simulator till I got half of it right.  That you're here, truly astounding.  I hope this visit helps to repair the damage NASA has done to you both.
It’s Doctors Sanchez Honey, they’re both highly regarded internationally in their fields.  Quilla is renowned neurosurgeon and biochemist, and Kon is known for his high altitude aeronautics.. Guess we all should go by first names though. You do not get in the door here unless you have some type of Doctorate.
Yes, WE ARE a very elite group.  Took us all flight time and effort to get here..  Oh, my real name is Alvin Granger, my wife also a geologist and stunt pilot is at a meeting today.  I’m the chief pilot, so any space flight questions, come to me.  You’all enjoy the rest of your visit here.
Actually, something was uncovered just last week, now we really hope that Quilla and Kon will consider fast tracking for the 5th and 6th prime slots on the MARS mission.
Quill, Kon and Tex simultaneously exclaim;
Quilla Kon and Tex
I’m chief pilot, why was I not consulted first.  Quills and Kroz (Tex messes Quilla’s and Kon’s name up) are way under height.  It takes years to be remotely qualified.  Neither of them can even reach the peddles.  Sorry, American Disability Act does not apply to astronaut core.  Not a place for midgets but for real Texas American heroes.
Tex, we needed to act on this now, Flight Director off hobnobbing with Chinese and left it to me.  Everyone knows you are golfing buddies with the NASA Senate appropriation chair, but even the White House says fix this. Cannot afford anymore oversights bugling NASA manned missions.  Politicians like heroes not clowns.
Tex is fuming.
You all know the Dragonfly is essential for quick light ferrying and possible rescue on MARS. With all the weight limits, limits on cold batteries, etc, we just could not design a drone for every likely  failure.
Just then Henry and MRS TEX walk in.  Mrs Tex has deep Alabama drawl and speaks slowly. True southern bell in a jump suit, bit big in hips, she smiles and speaks with all the color of a true southern bell.
Great Henry!  You were able to corral her. 
Mrs Tex
What you’all tarnation all spun up in such a hurry for Capcom?  Lord help me, came as fast I could, any faster and I’d catch up to yesterday... My my, where’s the introductions?  
Reaching out shake hands.

MY name is Twyla Skeeter Grainer.  I’m wagoned up with Alvin here.  Neither of us care much for our given names, the Chipmunk and mine is just horrid. So we go by Mr and Mrs Tex.
Everyone chuckles.
Few days ago Airbus sent the flight data from the encounter with the Perlan. Well, we just did not believe the data.  No way.  
That was some incredible flying, is what you did.

Thats not it Will.  Since our Peru colleagues were going to be here just today, upper management thought lets all do an altitude test together.  Our Peru guest and our prime Mars astronaut couples. 
I believe you all have done altitude test before.  We will be well below dangerous 55K feet, and if any of you have partaken anything that will give problems, tomorrow we will excuse you from the test.
I‘m really curious what they think they found, lets go for it Kon, Hon!
Kon nods, they all proceed out the door.
INT.- hall way - MORNING
Tex taps Capcom on shoulder, they step aside.
Man with Cigar, (only his old fat cheek, cigar and hat visible) is perusing with two floozies in a dark corner of same Houston bar.  The conversation is not audible.
On entrance of Tex with Mrs Tex, Tex notices Man with Cigar.  Man with Cigar motions finger to Tex.
Tex and his wife take a seat, about to order something.  Mrs Tex, her back to Man with Cigar, totally unaware of Man with Cigar.
Pardon, I need to go restroom a minute.
Tex gets up stops by Man with Cigar.  
Reverse angle 
Tex and Man with Cigar whisper with Mrs Tex’s back visible a few tables in background. 
Were you able to gather support for my position? You owe me, I fixed your past and arranged you to be chief pilot.
It’s set.  It’s set.  Yes, I know, I know. Got to get on now.
Tex heads to restroom.
(to himself)
That so so pilot only qualification to be chief pilot was he has an ugly skeleton in his closet I found.  All the better for me to pull his strings, as I have on all the others. I’m the all powerful gatherer and keeper of skeletons.  (coughs)
Int - outside Altitude chamber - MORNING
We will have two masked medics to put your sealed full oxygen masks on if you should pass out or signal done.  Air mixture will be same as PERLAN, very close to the space craft mixtures. 
Henry demonstrating.
We will be giving each of you 30 lbs weights and expect set of curls once every 20 seconds. First we will have you put the mask on till on 10,000 feet so we know they seal, then once given ok remove your masks.
They file in.  Henry hands Quilla a fresh flower of exactly same type she gave him.
Thought you might need this.
Rest finish filling in, door closes.
INT. - Inside altitude chamber 
A chamber with large window.  Henry and technician outside prepping.  Sound of hissing gas though lines. 
Everyone inside putting on their masks, just sound of breathing hissing gas. Medics quicks check each one each one.   Thumbs up though the window.  
Outside the window, Henry, points at the technician.   Sound of pump starts.  
Camera on.
INT. - meeting room. - AFTERNOON
All the astronauts, Quill, Kon, Henry and Capcom in attendance.
Hope you had good lunch and able to freshen up a bit.   I will only show relevant few minutes.  
Capcom pushes the remote and video with audio starts.  Sound of breathing.
This is Quilla’s breathing.  On your monitor Quilla we added a microphone.  Sorry we did not tell you first, but wanted you to breathe normal.
Offscreen normal breathing, sound of pump. 
Masks off.
Offscreen slightly deeper breathing, pump sound slightly less.  Couple farts.
Normal farts in altitude chamber.
Someone lets out a huge fart, little liquid sound at end. Everyone breaks out laughing.
Ugh, that was not normal. Someone was not very honest that they should have skipped the test.
Sorry. I misjudged.  I took a quick shower and changed right afterwards.
I hope so.  
All still laughing.
God help us if Public relations get a hold of this tape, they will have our asses sealed during public events.
Room erupts.
Little known NASA disgrace is space is full of soiled underwear.  Got to have a great washer if we are going to MARS. 
Mrs Tex
Well, as it comes to doing laundry, you are more often like a blister and show up only after the works all done.
Room erupts again in laughter.
You tell him sister!
More laughter.
Ok ok ok now, now on to business.  We skip ahead.  
Breathing heavier, couple weights are dropped.
Thats what we expect, normal. Now we skip way ahead. 
Breathing is very fast and heavy.  Quilla still pumping weights.  
Look at the altimeter.  For this mixture we could not go any higher.  So we cheated and reduced the oxygen very slowly.
Well, we though it was impossible for even Peruvians to work this high.  This is in terms of normal air mixtures considerably higher than Everest.  Quilla, can you explain?
I have high altitude genes from my Tibetan father, and great genes and breathing training from my mother.  They both hold records for fastest climbs without oxygen for Himalayas and Andes.  It’s second nature now.
That matches our blood test.  We ran the numbers we have our Dragon fly pilot to replace Frank.  If you both will join us?
Those in room stirs.

Quilla and Kon, I hope you can take a chance to get through our Astronaut training.  White House is keen on 2038 schedule and willing to set up a very large grant to Peru, your hospital practice and your university to get you two.  
I’d like to review the design of the dragonfly before I say so.
Sure, we can allow you to do that remotely from Peru for couple months max.  That gives your both time to really think this over and settle affairs and patients.  You can come as much of often as you like, but in 2 months we need to move one way or another.  We have a Presidential schedule edict and we must press ahead.
That gives us time enough.  
I had a flash thought, and in few days like to send you an ideal on most unusual addition to the journey.  
Quilla picking up speed and showing her natural command.
Could you please send me concepts on how you are dealing with zero G and radiation effects.  Would I be the primary doctor for the crew?  I sense that.  If so I need their full medical and profile records, all scans.
Sounds as you are both close to a decision.
Well we are very intrigued, and obviously we are not risk averse being accomplished Andean mountain climbers and extreme sailplane pilots.
We never pass up what might be an excellent adventure!
INT. - Just outside meeting room - AFTERNOON
Everyone filing out.
Quilla, I’d like to ask you something in private.
Sure, Kon, I’ll be a minute.
Others move on.
About something you did in chamber.  Why you did you do it? 
In full screen video Quilla put weight down, gets up and puts the flower on Tex’s lap.  Masked assistants are stunned. Everyone else  has passed out. She is breathing heavy and medium fast. Pump noise and hissing gas sound almost gone.
Why the flower on Tex’s lap?  
Sometimes for macho dominant persona little acts of anonymous  kindness can break through.
K.  You were over 35,000 feet and able to get up?  
Video changes to when Tex stirs later, his hand brushes off the flower to the floor.
Impossible, must be that Space Gene that Henry advocates you have, but you did it.
EXT. - in orbit  Mars spaceship - DAY
Mars ship is spinning with 6 round modules stacked on top of each other.  One revolution every 2 seconds.   The large decent module nearby. An Aries space craft in housed in kind of a garage built into the side of the middle of module.  Another Aries module is approaching the airlock on the nose, matching its spin, then docks, Music theme wonder in space.
INT. - Inside the leading module. - DAY
View from central wide angle camera of spaceship of last of crew climbing down.  From the central ladder crew are spreading around the aisle that goes around the circumference.  (like in 2001)
Entire crew wearing caps with radios. 
Space ship is actually noisy with fans, pumps air. As film time goes on pump noise tends to diminish for understanding of dialog. 
Interior is in most places interior decorated more like a home, with home looking furniture, wood look and even curtains hiding clutter, Plants are used, edible flowers and herbs.  Everything made for crew to feel like a home, not a sterile laboratory. Even flooring wood feel planking.
(In subsequent documents can give cad projections of the two stages sets and modern optical setups needed to make the round module space scene appear like its really in space. This is with only a simple remapping. No wires needed for walking, running action. Dimensions are same as proposed for current Mars launch vehicles.  This can look like the real thing without any expensive exotic robotics)
Welcome aboard! 
Small male border collie yelps and runs all around the circular track of the space station, stopping at Quilla’s feet. Quilla picks him up hugging.
Will (CONT'D)
Yes, Meteor steals the show, again.
How’s Meteor working out?
Meteor meanwhile steps into some special dog shoes, he growls, they latch.
At first I had doubts of your idea, but after Meteor alerted us to the small leak and quickly showed us where, I was impressed!
Meteor goes up to central area shoes hold him down in zero G, disappears in a hole.

(confirming impressed nod)
Learns amazingly fast.
Soft banging sounds and dog yelp.  Hatch opens and Tex emerges carrying Meteor.  
Welcome my Tacos!  I hope you two got bugs worked out of the Dragonfly. 
Dragonflies eat bugs and pests. 
Quilla glares at Tex hard on words Tacos and Bugs, making it clear she loathes his comments.
Yes it will work.
Better, I need its range and speed. 
Pause as more noises banging down tube hatch starts to reopen.
I heard you had objected to the laser hair removal.  You know we just cannot afford shaving or cut hair shorting things out.
Others of crew start emerging, pump sounds.
(Staring at Quilla)
And the dog?
Alarms go off.
Henry (O.S.)
(muted over intercom)
Mars 1, Houston here, Over.
(Pressing button on belt)
Mars 1 here, whats up, Over.
Henry (O.S.)
(muted over intercom)
We got a X class solar storm heading your way 15 minute ETA.  Complete your storm checklist and all of you plus 2 technicians from station must be in water tank safety area in time.
Everyone gets busy.  Quilla bend down and says to Meteor:
Meteor, Safety hold now!  Safety hold now!
Meteor is off in a flash.
INT. - safety hold room - DAY
8 tense persons and a dog are crowded into 10 foot diameter safety area. Quilla and Tex floating on opposite side of area cross with each other.  (floating done like Big Bang space station or hire Zero G airplane). Tex in Tension watching affection between Quilla and Kon. Mrs Tex keeps herself preoccupied.  
Conversation low and improvised. Cramped area has all on edge.  
Will and Edith engaged with Meteor. Background music echos tension. 
Meteor yelps from something unseen, cowers.  
Voice over PA announces event is over, everyone start to float out. 
EXT. - orbital rockets fire - DAY
Have a good journey, see you in three years, Over.
Tex (O.S.)
Thank you Houston. Over.
INT. - Sleeping area - EVENING
Will and Edith bedding down, being romantic. 
INT. - Edith POV
Edith closes to kiss, but several spot flashes rip across her vision.
Int. - sleeping area - CONTINUOUS
Sorry Honey, just cannot get romantic with all these flashes. They are much worse when I close my eyes.  Somehow though I can sleep through them since we left earths magnetic shield. 
In dim both lie frustrated.
Title over:
Day 2 - just past the moon
Astronauts chit chat in video conference with Capcom and Henry. In background is Mars 1 mission logo, derived from Mars classic symbol of warrior with spear in chariot with 6 horses, 5 with head high ribs showing, one with head down, pulling, muscles bulging and 2038 date.
Henry, I never asked, how you ever came up with the ideal to fix the Dragonfly?
Audio beep (beep like in Apollo missions)
After 4 second delay
I witnessed the crash and Quilla’s remarkable flying. Then just as Quilla turned to leave,
EXT. - Peru Andes flashback - DAY

Focus in Dragonfly on quillas back shoulder
  It was then I had a flash how to solve the last part of distance transport problem, with low drag dragon fly like sailplane, and how to fix it. I knew the pilot capable to fly it on Mars was right in front of me. Over.
Audio beep, 
Why not just drive it? Over. 
Audio beep. 4 second delay, music builds.
Mars has as much land area as the entire earth, just no oceans. 
INSERT vast barren Mars terrain

To drive to sites we need would be like 4 wheel driving across Sahara dunes at fast speeds, you still talking months, You have to move the entire habitat for enough life support... 

The Dragonfly covers couple thousand miles in a day as primarily a sailplane with some solar powered ion thrust augmentation.
Insert Dragonfly hovering and catching a bug
Dragonflies solved the speed vs hovering problem millions of years ago.  The dual moving long wings give control with minimum drag.
Back to monitor.
Looks as we are about to be broadcasting to our TV audience.  I will be quite, as the delay due to distance will be irritating.  Over.
Audio beep.
Greetings from the crew of Aries Mars Mission.  This is Commander Granger.  We are  just beyond the moon.  Copilot Will Williams will take you on tour.
Will, picks up the camera from Tex, starts the tour walking.
The crew welcomes you to a tour of the Mars 1, Space Launch system 2038 space ship.  We spin the entire 27 foot diameter ship every 2 seconds, which gives us enough artificial gravity for our health needs and allows for camper style facilities. 
Meteor, the border collie, bounds into the kitchen half way around the circular space craft living area ring for a treat.
Well there is Meteor, who besides sniffing for gases and diseases, quickly fetches and provides wonderful companionship.
Meteor goes to toilet, flips dog lid down.
Meteor, close the door!
Meteor closes the door pawing a button.
Over here is our shower.  Gravity is so nice.
Sound of airplane toilet flushing, door pops open, Meteor bounds out and disappears into a small hole.  Some of crew working around kitchen table.  Edith takes over talk.
(somewhat embarrassed by Meteor’s timing)
Well.. All through out is herbs and edible flowers, some vegetables hanging to supplement our stored food and algae based food.  Our Kitchen is well stocked, with couple of great refrigerators and 3 small separate bedroom spaces. We recycle most everything. All these touches make the place more like home rather than a spacelab.  

In view is really comfortable looking chairs, neat gym machine, shower with adjacent medical station.
INT. - Tv news studio - EVENING
Back away from closing of telecast couple of local newscaster laughing.
Newscaster 1
Wish my camper was so equipped.
Newscaster 2
I’ve been in your camper. (Laughs) It’s so overloaded and big already, even turtles have to honk to pass you. 

You see they all wearing caps, I did not see any hair. 
Newscaster 1
They all had laser removal of any growing hair that would have to be cut.
Newscaster 2
I’d like to never have to shave, but to voluntarily chose to be bald, that’s way to much.
Brushes his precious hair humorously as it becomes apparent its a toupee.
INT. - 1st module exercise area 
Observing from central camera, Tex followed by Kon are seen above as they jogging around circular perimeter of forward module.  Size difference accentuated.   Kon working hard to keep up.   They pass, Quilla, Will and Edith resting after hard workout, towels in hand at chairs by exercise station, which is next to shower. Mrs Tex attending flowers.
I love the smell of all these thornless roses, sure beats locker room smell... (sniffs) Will, you are rank, go take a shower!
Will gets up, steps into to shower, takes T shirt off, closes door just as Tex and Kon pass again.  Will drops rest his clothes just over translucent shower door.  Shower on for 15 seconds, stops,  Will can be perceived soaping up.  Mrs Tex trimming the roses, separating out flower tops.
They seem to do just fine, despite being grown hydroponically.  There, should have enough rose petals for our desert later.  
(looking at Will)
Nice view from here!
You can’t see nothing, pervert!
Edith, Quilla and Mrs Tex chuckle.
Quilla, hope you don’t mind my asking, but you looked like you seen a ghost when Henry told us about the Dragonfly landing on your back.
It’s nothing.
Mrs Tex
I saw her too.  I thought she was about to faint.  Dear, would you like to tell us and not to keep it inside festering?
Tex and Kon pass by.
Who’s faint?
It’s ok dear, keep jogging.
As a doctor I really try hard to be totally scientific.  Science is about understanding tangible things. Yet underneath I still have my deep Inca religion roots, values and fears.  Dragonflies in the Inca culture are omens of great evil to come, the devil exactly, especially if they land on you..... 

Kon and I always thought the Dragonfly scientifically as a modified sailplane with its distinctive shape only due to aerodynamic drag reasons.  Now... no, that instant it became something deeply emotional, intangible, in some ways something very difficult,... dark and scary.  All my science preparation left me quite unprepared... 
I see...(breathes) I’ll be with you in constant contact for all you flights on Mars...  It’s just a machine, not some demon.
Well, after talking it over with Kon, both of us felt we had put that fear behind us.  
Quilla pause, and puts on a forced smile.
Anyway, we got to be flying soon on Mars...What would an excellent adventure be without some challenges.
Title over:
Week later
Will doing corny NASA IT security class.  On screen is actual NASA 2018 IT security training module.  Will puts his finger under the following line:
(calling out)
What the fuck!  Anybody know who this Zen is?  How is he going to be on MARS.  Sounds like the doors are going to be locked on modules on MARS? Tex, anything you were holding back?  Some RED scare?
(Calling from shower)
Zen? Must be a Chinese spy yahoo with a name like that. 
Look at this NASA security page, WILL, mocks “You will be debriefed by intelligence officer on your return from MARS”.
More gathering by Will’s screen, laughing.
Intelligence officer?  Must be concerned with those little green men rumored (laughing hard).
Tex, totally hairless, steps out of shower totally nude right in front of Quilla.
Please, keep some decency. Nudity to some is a form of visual assault, especially yours.  Coverup! 
You're a doctor, and I’m a Greek God.
More like Greek feta.
Wait, something’s wrong. Let me get a scalpel and I’ll take care of that mole,  Oh that’s your Penis!
Everyone except Tex breaks out laughing.  Tex in huff covers up.
EXT. - Outside capital - DAY
Senator is surrounded by throngs of press. They are throwing questions at Senator. TV REPORTER thrust mike at Senator
Senator, Is there any truth to the rumor with the departure of the Mars mission, you are now running for President?
INT. - inside leading module  - DAY
Tex and Mrs Tex alone in rear module.
Why you got your tail up so, honey?  
You need to help stand up for my command.
Oh my dear,  really, no reason to be in such a tizzy.   Take a chill pill and enjoy it.  You set yourself up anyway.  They respect you, you can hang your hat on that.
Does not seem like it.
Honey, when things do not go your way in the heat of things, better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be a fool, than to open your mouth and remove any doubt.  
INT. - eating kitchen area - DAY
Astronauts enjoy meal laugh about telecom. Quilla brings out her special treat, roasted Guinea pig.  
Here is a special traditional Inca treat, Roasted Guinea Pig.
Yummy, so that’s the frozen secret you brought!
Chatter, warmth. Alarm goes off, station shakes doors close, Meteor and Mrs Tex takes off.
What the Hell?  
COMPUTER, exactly where is the problem?
Computer voice is computer voice like from original Star Trek Enterprise.
Algae reclaim tank losing pressure.
(puzzled, checking a reading on a display)
Computer? What the Hell?
I do not understand Hell.
Kon laughing hard.
Someone check the Algae tanks... Henry and I yesterday decided to reactivate the voice interface to the main computer.  We chose as a joke the Enterprise’s computer voice as it never did harm.  Last thing we wanted is Computer voice of HAL 9000 to quote some 2001 Space Odyssey line.
(like Hal’s voice)
I don’ want to insist on it, Dave, but I am incapable of making an error.
For a second everyone in shock, then everyone cracks up.
Kon, what the Hell?
Guys, that was by accident.
Just then Mrs Tex opened a hatch all soiled with Sewer Algae water, really revolting.
Mrs Tex, What the Hell?
Mrs Tex
Sorry guys, my Boo-boo.
Everyone dying of laughter. Everyone turns turns back to eat the treat, but Meteor has jumped up on the table and is just finishing the last gulp.
Meteor, What the Hell?
Int - inside leading module -Day
Title over:
One month after departure 
A large display has been set up in the module, Kon and Tex finishing setting it up and making things tidy.  With Mrs Tex manning a camera. Edith is seated in comfortable stuff chair close by, watching, Meteor sitting by.
Kon, to left side of the big display, and I’ll be on the other.
They move in position.
(Touching a mike switch on his waist)
Houston, we are ready, over.
Tex releasing belt mike switch and picks up a stage type microphone.
Tex (CONT'D)
(releasing mike switch )
Now we’ve got to wait 12 minutes till our signal gets to earth and they respond.  All this to get some live prime time broadcast for the news.  
Kon throwing a tumbling paper airplane, 
PAN following, plane around the entire circle of module 1.  On opposite side (upside down) Quilla and Will are seated playing a game of chess (chess pieces held by hidden braces strapped into chair and electromagnetic chess pieces). Plane continues around and is shown hitting the clock.
Clock 5:43 PM
Mrs Tex has set up camera for tour.  Tex standing in to side of Mars mission Greek mythology based logo on the display.
Mars 1, Houston here.  Our audience would love more details on the Mars 1 expedition.
FOCUS ON Tex face.
The Mars 1 mission welcomes you.  We like to show you some of the very unique manufacturing. Which will enable us to quickly 3D print our lightweight carbon Dragon aircraft once we arrive. Our resident aeronautical engineer, Dr Kon Alvarez developed much of the techniques and will be fabricating the Dragon on Mars.  Kon, please briefly explain to our audience.
PULL FOCUS to Kon and Display. 
Kon, clicking remote control in his hand for display.  World globe picture of Mars appears.  Display changes and follows Kon’s lecture.
Most people have misconceptions that key areas of Mars could be explored by a off road 4x4 land vehicle. Thats maybe achievable for a large earth city area. 
Pauses, camera zooms onto display.

Many of the most important sites are huge distances, like Paris to Calcutta ..
Map overlays Paris to Calcutta distance.
Mars has strong enough gravity, that we need every bit of fuel we can make on MARS to get back off. We just cannot land with enough fuel to ever get off of Mars with the present rocket technology.  
Tex Interrupting, little bit of tussle in background. 
Tex (O.C.)
Just a minute Kon.  Switching over with my slides,  That right, to make fuel we are landing right next to the Korolev Crater, it has plenty of easy water and Chromate to make our return home fuel.
Picture of Korolev Crater from Mars Express probe now on Display with X on flat spot. 
Tex (O.C.)
Right on flat spot on rim of crater where the X is...
Tex pops his arm in view pointing at X.
TEX (O.C.)
The supply ship is already there, a nuclear powered rover just rolled down the slope with a hose trailing behind.  As we speak, our robots on Mars are now piping fuel and oxygen into the supply ship. 
Excuse me Tex, 
As Kon’s arm comes across camera view and grabs the remote control.
The Mars Dragonfly video fills the screen.
Kon (O.C.)
So the only viable solution to fly in the Martian air is a hybrid of a high altitude sailplane.. 

The air of Mars is so thin, similar to 100k feet on earth, that minimum airspeeds are at best 300 mile per hour.  That makes takeoff and landing especially challenging.   The dual set of wings allow many modes of propulsion including flapping and work much like a dragonfly.  
Tussle of the mike off screen.
Tex (O.C.)
To take off, basically we spring the Dragonfly into the air preferable into a wind or along a drop off much like hang glider do on earth.  We can support a few small rocket assists.  With gliding speeds of 400 Miles per hour and vertical take off and landings, only the Dragonfly can truly support the continental mission distances needed.
Pov Mrs Tex
Mrs Tex and Edith are next to each other on small couch. Tex and Kon glaring at each other as Tex continues on with more slides. Tex tightly grips the mike.
Mrs Tex
(whispering to Edith)
Here we go again.  My husband is too much.   But one thing I have to say about this contraption .. You know, because a chicken has wings don’t mean it can fly.
Edith giggles, relaxes back.  
Pov edith
Meteor climbs in her lap. Edith puts headphones on, closes eyes and animated dialog sound between Kon and Tex fades out, while they battle it out for camera for 15 second with lively music..
Int - inside quilla and Kon bed area - EVENING
Quilla and Kon view personal broadcast from family, with a couple aunts, uncles and their parents.  Kids in college are excited with their parent adventure, for Peru, relate excited what was said by classmates.  Broadcast ends, all the while their responses recorded. 

Kids, great to hear everything.  I know its now many minutes of silence waiting for our reply to get the round trip to you  since your broadcast ended.  To update you, we are now 120 million miles round trip away with light speed only about million miles every 6 seconds, .. well, its long ways all I can say.

Your mom and I are having one Grand adventure as she would say ..
INT. - Leading module - EVENING
Camera first starts on scene from a horror sci-fi like Forbidden planet but more current on a TV, just before monster being ray blasted.  Camera pans to Tex, Mrs Tex and Will and Meteor watching intensely.  Following  conversations timed with beat radar from this scene as monster approaches.  Mrs Tex rubbing, brushing Meteor.  Edith walks in, Meteor and Will glances up briefly.
(to Edith, softly)
It’s great just about every movie ever digitized was put onboard.  Lots of time to kill on way to Mars and return.  
(Smiles and reaches to stroke Meteor’s head)
Having Meteor along too is really comforting too, as being with your spouse. 
Mrs Tex
(munching popcorn)
Come and join us for a spell.
That movie gave me nightmares as a kid.  
You got to be kidding me, we got a 8 year old afraid of nightmares on board.
(sitting down, with spunk)
Ok, smart ass.  Pass the popcorn.
Edith sits down, Mrs Tex passes the popcorn, Edith flicks a popcorn at Meteor which he catches.  The four staring intensely at screen with sound of the monster.
INT. - 2nd module. - Halfway point 
Title over:
Half way to Mars
Will and Edith eating at curved dinner table opposite side of module.  Again strap some with seats or magnets.  Part of scene can be filmed in spinning set too but care scene perspectives are correct for lens.  Lightweight or magnetize props. 
When scene opens conversation is spirited fun.  Playing cards, with popcorn. By couch and chairs near camera. TV, plants, instrument rack etc in background.  Edith and Will have up a pair of microphones and really get into lively karaoke.
Look at those two going.
Intercut With:
Wish you could sing like that?  You know, you sound and look just like a two year old.  
Tex, imitates singing of a two year old, 
(to a bad off-key tune)
Lilla Quilla, I am so cute, that’s how I got in Med school!
Mrs Tex (O.C.)
Mrs Tex, its ok, Tex is certainly as you say “Long in the tooth”.
Pull Focus to include Mars 1 logo
Hey Tex, you are Apollo buff.  Would you recognize mission Apollo logos if you saw them?  Will showed me logo from ill fated Apollo 13.  My jaw nearly dropped.
Quilla points at Mars 1 logo.
Sure, some similarity as both are Greek gods. So?
Quilla pulls folded paper down near Mars 1 logo.  .. spooky sound.
In both, Gods are on chariots 
Spooky sound.
Quilla CONT
Number of horses is number of astronauts, but with ours one horse is different, or 5 horses different from Apollo 13 ..
Spooky sound.
Quilla (CONT'D)

You know our date launch was on the logo, 2038.  Not Mars 1.  Big political deal even us Peruvian’s know as this is date NASA was pushed into.  Guess what sum of digits in 2038 is ... 13!
Spooky sound.
Tex leaves the module without a word.  
Quilla looks up very cross in apparent direction of Will.  
Will’s mouth is at microphone, finishing off the spooky sound. He lowers the mike, gives Quilla a nervous smile and raises shoulders to say gee sorry.   Edith and Mrs Tex roar with laughter.
Mrs Tex
Quilla, touché.  But I think Will just succeeded in quite a prank.  Those two for years since the Academy been doing very elaborate pranking on each other.  
Quilla comes over to Mrs Tex,
I was not too hard on him?
Na, He’s a grown boy.  He had it coming to him.
How you guys ever get together?
Mrs tex
I was young, and he was rising star, ambitious. He actually taught me to fly, get that a geologist lady who plays with rocks, flying.  Sure enough though, sometimes Tex thinks the sun gets up just to hear him crow.  
I’m the alpha in our relationship.  I’m so lucky Kon is sooo patient, supporting.  
Last few years, Tex gotten involved with some really powerful no-account folks.  Past two weeks he’s been really beside himself.  It has something to do with those snakes.  Not sure what their game is, but I tell you they are such liars they sell their momma if they coulda get a nickel for her.
If it was not for my humorous country ways, and my deep religion, not sure where we all be.
That’s really frank, all I will say about Kon and me, we do not take our alms before men.  We try to keep our beliefs private like He told us to do.
Everyone startles when Meteor, starts growling and barking with fear.  Dog is lost, wonders like it’s looking.  Then falls over.  Everyone gathers except Tex. 
Little late now to bring this up, there was signs. Last couple weeks had to clean up after the dog. Out of character for Meteor.
INT. - medical room (Tiny) - DAy
The medical room, more of a closet, which has opened  into the shower bath area.  A table folded down.  Quilla bringing sedated Meteor back from safe room and putting him down on examination table.
Now Meteor, rest there a bit.
Several of crew pet Meteor.
Poor Meteor, Looks like he been chewed up, spit out and stepped  on. 
Quilla, pulling a protective apron off.
Thank you all for you help in setting up the portable MRI in the safe room.  Only place safe and low enough radiation to operate it.  
Glad to help.  I did not realize we had an MRI on board. I remember MRIs used to take up a huge room.

Henry and his team developed for us a foldable suitcase size version.  He said its the first ever made with an array of room temperature superconducting sensors.   I just have to send raw data to him to process.  Even in safe room, still lots of interference to remove. Be an hour.
What you think is wrong Quilla?
Let see what Henry’s team comes up with.
Int - just outside medical exam room - day
Chairs have been moved close, everyone, except Tex, hovering or seated outside.  
Meteor, lifeless, just inside the room, Edith petting him.
Communication screen alert sounds, Henry’s face come up on monitor from in a huge computer room.
Quilla, just finished processing the data, fair amount of interference from space radiation. Took NASA’s bank of worlds most advanced AI computers some efforts to make it clear.  Resulting images being uploaded to you now and our medical team will send you a message in 5 minutes.
On adjacent monitor successive slices though Meteor’s head are coming up once a second, each with a click (Beat).  
Quilla put on her Doctor glasses staring intently at the screen after about 4 beats.
Close up of Quilla face - CONTINUOUS
In Quilla’s glasses the successive images reflecting.  Her face grows more stern with some gasp as images deep in Meteor’s brain start to flash by, with beat every flash.
Takes about 20 seconds, and then entire image repeats once quickly through all frames then goes 3D. Quilla eyes looks around image, zooms in. Brain looks a bit frothy. Music theme breakdown.
Communication alert chimes.
Int - Just Outside Medical Exam Room - Day
Everyone looking internally at screen.  Communication alert chimes up again, PHYSICIAN 1 pops on communication screen.
Quilla, you should have been able to quickly look through the processed MRI scans and model now. At least in the dog, appears the anti radiation drugs had little benefit.  We believe there are considerable cosmic ray induced lesions throughout the brain. Not sure if applies to humans. No doubt you will have to put Meteor down and do biopsies.
Edith gasps.
We recommend crew dosage be increased to maximum, do regular brain function tests, watch for side effects, which may included hallucinations, and send us MRI scans for the entire crew. 
...Sorry about that, we are researching past studies to see how we missed this and what the issue may be.  We are also looking if there is any drug or DNA gene therapy might be needed.  Again sorry about this, we are optimistic but cautious.  Transmission over.
The entire crew sits stunned for a second.
Shit!, (stutters) did I understand that?

Mrs Tex
(hesitating then speaking)
Yep, we might be in a real pickle.  Billions of miles from nowhere. ... Where is that husband of mine?
Man with Cigar, sitting watching some random newscast when his cell phone buzzed with Irish Rose of Texas.  Again, only view of back side of Man with Cigar.  
Wonder what that Texan is so stirred up to send an encrypted video with the private account. ... What a needy bozo. 
Breathing heavy, coughs (poor health).

Typical Astronaut on quest to be heroes and in limelight.  Makes them so easy to duped.
Int - By pumps in 2nd module, hidden - AFTERNOON
Tex is speaking fast and quietly not to be heard and speaking into a mobile phone.
We just had a crew death here.  Actually the dog.  I recall one of the purposes was the dog was to be a canary since they live much faster lives, things would show up about 7 time faster on them. 
Tex looks around to make sure not heard.
Tex (CONT'D)
I need you to confirm we are ok, since you sponsored the key radiation research.  Get back to me quickly so I as leader I look like I am on top of it.
Tex, looks startled, confused,
Why am I in a storage closet?  Must have dozed off.
INT. - Ist module, Tex and Mrs Tex tiny bedroom - EVENING
(angry yet concerned)
In what cubby were you hiding in today?  We had to put Meteor down!
What were you talking about Woman!  Gibberish again!
Mrs Tex
(trying not to shout)
Alvin!!, Get ahold of yourself!
Tex storms out slamming the door.
Several doctor types in room at conference table with Capcom and Henry. 
If what you just told me from earlier research is true, I should have the crew stay in safe area and loop back home.  
PHYSICIAN 1 easing back in chair, puts finger tips together.
Physican 1.
We do not know that for sure.  It’s only one study.   Though several earlier studies indicted we had an issue. If so we believe half the crew or more will make it fine.  We cannot let them know.
Capcom, visibly upset, leaning forward.
Why was not this one study repeated?
Physican 2 starts to speak, but Physican 1 waves him off.
We are not sure entirely.  But seems this researcher did not submit for follow on studies.  Reason was they lost most of staff in some fake scandal started online.  Then it was picked up by a less reputable national news network and tabloids.  
Capcom and Henry tense up.
Politically motivated by non scientist types?
Immediately Physican 1 leans forward for emphasis.
Yep.  Did not matter, no one wants their career tainted up, especially in biomedical research, even in a trumped up controversy.  So they quickly moved on to other research.
Really, that’s the driver?
Yep, Those remaining in their field published studies we now find were highly flawed or gamed to gain favor and funding of very outspoken politicians or political hacks appointed to upper management.  
(defensive and exasperated)
NASA took precautions!  About those drugs?
Physician 2 hands folder to Physician 1, who tosses folder onto table.
Int - closeup on folder - CONTINUOUS
Several real real science papers on topic slide showing articles.
Radiation studies showed wildly contradictory results for deep space drugs.   Results got to be dramatic black and white like a vaccine to be any use. 
INT. - closeup of physician 1 - CONTINUOUS
(with emphasis)
Turns out no vaccines possible for Cosmic radiation. Its like the quest for the fountain of youth.
Have to remember every cell in the body has cosmic ray hit every 3 weeks. Brain Nerves cells are unique, as they have to live for your entire life and we have no ability to replace or transplant brain tissue.
Int - nasa meeting room - CONTINUOUS

The brain has no capability for replacement or self repair.  This totally affects medical prognosis.  
Henry and Capcom stir.

If nerve cells could be replaced, then strokes and Alzheimers would be like mending a broken bone in weeks or curing a fever in days.  
Shit, how was this not found in science studies before committing all these resources and hardware to Mars manned space flight?

NASA management just looked the other way, as they were pressured to do.  The powers to be wanted to phase out science that caused them difficulty at NASA and replace that with big expensive manned programs, rockets with lots of drama.

One study conducted though does give hope for part of the crew.
Everyone showing disgusted, though Capcom more of guilt and turning away.  Henry grabs the reports on the table.
INT. -closeup Henry’s face - CONTINUOUS
(mutters to himself)
I am so sorry.  I got you both into this after Peru. What greedy perverted snakes they are.  I swear I will save you both and change this perverted human behavior!
INT. - 2ND MODULE kitchen  -  day
Title over:
60 days to MARS
Tex opens refrigerator gets something out, pauses a second, then leaves second module leaving refrigerator open.
Ext - Mars decent - DAY
Showing Mars decent module beginning burn to decent.  Mars rocket has stopped rotating so decent module and earth reentry module can come out of side garage.  Larger Mars decent module departing.
Edith o.s.
God speed Eagle 2, we will hold down the fort.  Bring me a Mars rock when you’re back in 3 weeks. Over.
Tex O.S.
Will do.  Thank you Mars 1.  Auto-sequence starting in 2 minutes.
INT. - Mars 1 earth decent control - DAY
Edith in pressure suit, visor flipped up at center of 3 seat capsule with 3 seats behind.  In her hand is one of Meteor’s ears. Tear flows from her eyes.
God please bless them and help them return safe and sound.
Int - Eagle 2 cockpit - DAY
Tex, Will and Mrs Tex in Front, Quilla and Kon in back, all fully suited helmet visors down. 
Auto-sequence in 3, 2, 1 Mark.
Rockets fire brief noise. All jerk down in seats, arms floating after.  (Do scene in carnival ride drop booth.)
Burn good, velocity good, computer good.
Mrs Tex
Metrics look good, telemetry com good. Camera and radar good. 
Camera zooms in on TEX, sweating, looking lost. Pause, beat.
Tex?  OK, auto-sequence doing roll.
Sorry, changed to let auto-sequence run the show.  
INT. - Nasa control room - DAY
Cheer from control room.  
Eagle 2 has landed, Eagle nest here. We have arrived on Korolev crater rim, right by our supply ship.
Rodger, Con.
(switching private switch)
Capcom and Henry, Telemetry confirmed your suspicions, Tex, Chief pilot made several errors on way down and Will, assistant pilot, missed the mistakes.  Good thing computer locked out human intervention on detection of pilot errors.  

EXT. - On MARS Eagle Nest Korolev  - DAY
Suggest set snow scene based on appropriate parts of Greenland Nutataks region or McMurdo Dry Valleys, but with red sky and no clouds.  This is area with vast flat ice-fields with snow free ridges very similar to Korolev area of MARS.   Dry MARS scenes just outside crater rim from near Wolfe Creek Crater, in Australia, Tenoumer Crater or Roter Kamm Crater.  Close up crater rim support station would look very much like Princess Elizabeth Antartica station on its rim perch.
Grand view Mars1 Eagle Nest decent/assent module upright. 
Will and Tex are outside in space suits finishing setting up safety guy wires.  
Mrs Tex outside collecting rocks close by in a small buggy, like Apollo moon buggy.
The two sides of the decent module the self inflating working areas have deployed. 
On side of inflating section are 5 human torso size ports which 3 are blanked off and two have smaller suits unoccupied suits, sized for Quilla and Kon.  The life support for suits hang on the large rear entry ports to suits.
About 1/2 mile away is the 1st support lander which has been generating fuel and oxygen supplies for operations and assent from Mars. 
Lines are extending from support craft to Decent module and to even larger ice processing barge down on the ice.  
Steam rises from the barge and a light fog surrounds the barge.  
A couple large crablike wheeled rovers with multiple large arms with hands reminiscent of crabs are working down on ice and snow 2 miles away on the crater floor. One crab rover is at the line extending from the barge to the support station on the rim. 
(on radio)
First time out!  Korolev Crater! Wow!  It’s amazing what the robots were able to do those past 4 years.
Children restless.
Child 3
Stop kicking me!
Child 2
Is that the deep crater on planet Mars we studied that has a huge interior a that makes its own weather and snow storms?
Yes, it’s nearly 100 kilometer around and ice year round over kilometer thick. If we are to finish the story prior to bedtime, no more interruptions?  Ok?
Children settle down.
EXT. Flashback sequence KoroLev 
Jump cut time lapse sequence synchronized with narration.
Samantha  (O.S.)
After each support craft then the robots landed.

Slow at first, the robots hooked power feeds from the pickup size nuclear reactor in the landing craft on the ice.
They assembled the barge around the landing craft, so it all could float.  Covers sheet was sprayed on the ice to prevent water from evaporating.  A small otter size robots dove under water and sealed leaks from the expanding pond.
A bridge was constructed so robots could access the ice craft and string cables and hoses. 

Then the reactor could go to full power. They only had simple reactors at the time, so waste heat needed to be absorbed by below ice, melting it and creating its own moat.  
A light rising steam plume and a light fog rise over the area. 
The robots, now with basically unlimited power, deployed their power cable behind them as worked their way up to the other support vehicle on the crater edge, 

Robots teaming, helping each other, pulling the other out when stuck, or needing a boost, much like arctic explorers.  Through the extremely cold Mars winter and nights. Never stopping, never resting. Repairing each other as needed.
The robots rolled supply lines down to the ice station barge. Bladders on the rim inside the expanded rim station (use CGI enhanced image of Princess Elizabeth Station in Antarctica) inflating with supplies. 

Because storing compressed or liquified gases were out of question with primitive technology at the time, fuel and oxygen were stored as other chemical compounds which could readily release oxygen, fuel and construction materials.
Ext - On Mars Eagle Nest - Present day
Robots have come a long way. They’re so capable. Kind of wonder why we are even here.

Computer, how far can we safely venture toward the support craft?
(using Star Trek voice)
100 yards further is your radiation safety limit from the support reactor.
A shooting star steaks across the sky, followed by a loud boom few seconds later.
Wow, a meteor!
Must been fairly big to see in the daylight.   Bet it made it to ground.  Sounds like it was close enough we could find a crater.  Glad it missed us!

Looks like we about done here. Time to head back.
Will and Tex start walking to the airlocks.
Ext - will POV by airlocks - DAY
Tex approaches airlock, pulls out NASA badge, inserts it into  a card reader.  LED Light and beeps over radio link.  Tex backs into airlock, sound of interface being washed.  
Will turns toward his airlock for his suit.  Just besides the  port is a badge reader, with its LED slowly flashing.
What the Hell.  You need NASA. security badge to enter?  What Bozo thought we needed that?
Pull your badge out. Remember your NASA IT security training on way to MARS.  Yep, remember Zen?
Camera shows panicked eyes of Will, and then FLASHBACK few seconds of Zen IT training earlier.
(nearly screaming)
Damn! How will I get in?  I do not have a badge!
Hold on, I’ll check if my computer privileges can override.
Will, breathing heavy for a minute.
Tex (CONT'D)
OK, back up to your port and enter.
INT. - just inside airlock  - AFTERNOON
Sound of washing then door opens.  Will steps out of airlock, sweating.  Tex is grinning ear to ear.
Gotcha!!.  Really had you. There’s no security locks here.
INT. - inside other enclosure  - AFTERNOON
Kon and Quilla setting up 3D printing of Dragonfly.  Wings emerge complete from machine, delicate light weight web.
OK due to increased forecasted  radiation we received, change with plans. We got only 3 weeks so to collect remote samples, going to flyby and snatch.  No time for much rover.  Couple test flights.  Are you sure you still want to do the long flights to collect the samples?
Sure! It will be the greatest adventure!
Ext - Crater rim with Dragon  - DAY
Dragonfly is setting on a test jig outside, tied down.  It has a twin set of long wings with no tail surface.  Much like a dragonfly.  Wings are more like a very smooth soap bubble.  
Quilla setting in the clear soap bubble cockpit, with a hose into wall of the craft and dozen levels and pedals.  Tanks behind her. 
Kon outside with a tablet, monitoring.
Try slow motion flapping, increasing to full power.
Sound of motors.
Coming up.
Spidery Legs on wings instantly fold into wings on first beat.  Huge red dust.  The dual pair of wings start flap back and forth in a rhythmically beat out of phase to each other and forth and turn using complex gearing motors, increasing, till almost a blur over a minute.  
The craft strains against its moorings rises some 30 feet in air, dust rises.  The 15 foot long wispy legs look like mosquito legs and are well off the ground. 
Kon wipes helmet visor and tablet screen dust off.
Now put jato rockets 1/4 power so you can see how the wings transition to gliding motion for a 30 seconds then back to beating and let off the Jato rockets.
Sound of Motors then rocket.
The rockets come on the 8 body legs quickly fold in. Over 10 seconds the Dragonfly starts staining forward on it mooring as beating changes and moves Dragonfly forward.  
Briefly they hold in glide position then start beating again. 
Once in full beating the 8 spidery legs pops out toward the ground.  Jatos slowly cut off the beating slows, the Dragonfly touches the ground.
Sound of Motors and Rockets.
Contact, power down.
Mrs Tex (O.S.)
(over radio)
Ye-haw, Ride that bronco!
This baby just warming up! Everything nominal here, if you ready for loop let me know and I’ll release the moorings.
Checklist complete, ejection seat armed.  Let it fly baby!
(quietly to himself)
What were we doing? Oh there.
Kon presses a button and the mooring are free.  As before the wings start beating, and quickly the Dragonfly rises so it looks 1/4 size.
Sound of Motors and Rocket.
Quilla CONT
4000 feet.  Initiating jatos to flight speed transition.  
Different set of rockets fire, the Dragonfly now turning and falling toward the ground.
Quilla (O.C.)
250 knots, 3000 feet wings in full glide position.
Falling increases.
Quilla (O.C.)
400 knots flight speed, 2000 feet, pulling up.
The Dragonfly zooms down in an arc and up, rockets decreasing.  Softer sound of wind, motors.
Quilla (O.C.)
Turning into updraft instruments show me around the cannon rim, be back in half hour after going around the crater.
Rodger.  Be safe!
The Dragonfly quickly disappears climbing soaring around the vast 50 mile crater.  Kon looks into binoculars to watch.
EXT. - Canyon rim - LATER
Kon looking with binoculars turned toward camera.   At one point Kon stops tracking, puts binoculars down and bends over shielding.
Suddenly shadow zooms past and the Dragonfly soars up, jets fire and wings start flapping. Huge clouds of red dust. Legs extend and they cushion the Dragonfly as it sets down.  
Kon excited drops the tablet and runs toward the Dragonfly.  A rope ladder extends 20 feet to the ground.  
Quilla, still on her post flight checklist few more seconds, then off with the seat belts.
Quilla slides down the rope ladder in lower gravity.
Kon, this is some sweet out of this world aircraft!  Really slick to the air.  Wow!  Love it!  The crater is great soaring place.  I could easily climb 20 to 30 thousand.  
Kon runs up dusty and gives Quilla a great big clumsy dusty Hug.
(Over radio)
Rodger, go for entry!
(Over radio)
(Over radio)
We name you Super dragon slayer!
Int - work module by lander - Day
Kon and Will working on assembling gear in maintenance tent adjoining the Mars1 lander.  Both are slow and disjointed and alone in the room. They work slowly, lost.  Music theme edge of night starts to build.  Scene turns psychedelic music video as they both go into Alzheimer’s type of episode. 
(Those that have lived, or deeply fear the experience of a family member with Alzheimer’s, will relate strongly to these time entangled worlds.  Those afflicted suddenly pop into these alternate universes.  Reemerging can be very confused, defensive and denial experience, especially if confronted when they come back from this semi dream state world.  How those afflicted and those around interact and resulting compassion, or not, is central immensely powerful human experience in this script and internal powerful music video.)
Each has in turn has POV in this music video in turn but both walking around, interacting some present time objects mixed with their past.  Transition between two in video is when Kon appears briefly in Wills POV.  Scene ends with crash of knocked over hardware. 
Ext - Rover near lander - DAY
Tex and his wife collecting local rocks in a souped up moon buggy. They are in space suits. Everything dusty red.  We infer it is them by height, name tags and their voices. Mrs Tex walks off camera.
Mrs Tex(O.C.)
Honey, can you get the rock with blue in it?
Tex just stands.   Zoom in on Tex side view into helmet just staring. Music theme edge of night starts up.  Gets a few lines into song with him just staring at horizon, and Mrs Tex walking into view, shakes Tex.
Mrs Tex
Whats with you?
Oh, Radio problem, got it fixed now.
Mrs Tex
Let’s get cracking, not much light left.
INT. - Living quarters on Mars - EVENING
Everyone gathered around eating, chatting.  Mrs Tex speaks up.
Found some interesting rocks today.
Edith o.s.
What you find? Over.
Edith, glad you in radio range. Over.
Today orbit worked out and felt like need to chat. Things get really quiet otherwise just doing maintenance and some astronomy observations.  Got couple more minutes.  So what you find? Over.
You know me, the rock lady.  Tex picked up really strange blue rock. Unlike anything we ever seen.  Still no fossils or Martian life yet.  Hopefully Quilla’s flight tomorrow to pick up samples from remote locations that rovers were previously deployed will yield something. Over.
Yea! Dragon Slayer.  We will be chatting and watching you from above all day tomorrow direct and through the three relay satellites.  Its all coordinated. My direct radio link time is up, those geostationary satellites too much delay to chat,  See ya later. Signing off. Over.
She’s in good spirits.  Must be really tough, especially without Meteor to keep company.  

.. Tex, Will both you come over here please,  

I just spotted a rash on both you necks and I need to check its not leakage in your large suits.  Last thing we need is poisoning from reactive Martian perchlorate dust that’s everywhere.

This place is so nasty.
Ext - Dragon fly on long flight - MorniNG 
Dragonfly taking off. Everything red dusty. Kon looking up and heads back to Mars1 lander.  
Edith o.s.
Dragonfly, see you and tracking.  I’ll be overhead to release the payload balloon for your first snag at Kasei Valles site, 1000 miles away, thats 2&1/2 hours away then back home.  Over.
Over shoulder edge of crater the Dragonfly is departing in a cloud of red dust.  In front of Dragonfly is cable cutter used on helicopters and a hook.  
Quilla in Mars astronaut suit with view of cockpit and scenery flying.  Suggest a pusher aircraft with forward observer or navigator position in a WW2 bomber to simulate Dragonfly cockpit in flight.  
Sound of wind. 
Rodger.  Winds uplift on radar look favorable.  Huge desolate place.  Sure glad got Dragonfly 2 UAV as rescue in remote case, would not last long here. Over.
Test of Dragonfly 2 UAV went well other day. Take comfort it can be ready in half hour if need be.   Over.
Quilla POV - midday
Title over:
3 hours later
Ahead over Quilla shoulders is a large bright green balloon with stringer.  It’s a rapidly enlarging in view.  Quilla rapidly controlling Dragonfly so display stays with cross hairs. Mars horizon going down as Dragonfly curves upward slowing. Sonar pings with decreasing time intervals.
Target armed for autorelease, over.
Sound of wind, motors.
Got it. Over.
About 20-30 seconds as balloon and its payload on cable grow bigger in view.  All time sonar signal increases in tempo. It becomes apparent the Dragonfly heading straight for the cable between.  Tempo becomes very rapid. Then suddenly a boom, Dragonfly dives down. Balloon jumps up out of view. Quilla busy at controls. Rockets and loud motors going off and on.
Capture, rebalancing and pulling payload in.
Some clicking motor noise.  Bang and Dragonfly shutters. Dragonfly levels off.  Motors reeling something in.
Payload in the bay.  Heading home! Over.
Great! Over.
The vibration of the wings flapping permeates the cockpit as Quilla works the controls and plane banks 180.
Winds now not as favorable for return will take some effort and time to find uplifts.  Computer estimates an hour longer.  Save dinner for me.  I’ll see if can do better.  I’ll be busy here. Over and out.
Quilla Pov over shoulder in Dragonfly - Afternoon
Title over
100 miles to eagle landing
Quilla busy at instruments.  Lively Peruvian music playing.  Suddenly collision alarm goes off. Radar shows rapidly moving target. “Collision collision” instrument voice. Sound of rockets, Quilla does immediate roll.  Medium thump, Dragonfly shutters.
FOCUS IN Quilla has same Rosary and photos that was on Perlan.  
Motors run much faster.
Dear God, lets not have this again!
Music picks up pace, sound of escaping gas, alerts on screen in cockpit, alarms. Quilla quickly goes through them, increase power in motors.  She stops a second.
OK, not great, we can beat this.
Quilla, puts plane in autopilot unbuckles, reaches back, unsteady, twists something, sets down, re-buckles.
Quilla (CONT)
(Calling distinctively but not stressed)
Mayday! Mayday! Kon and Edith.  Had a very small meteor to clip couple of fuel cells.  I was able to isolate, but looks I will be about 20 miles short of making it back.  Kon, set out immediately with fueling truck and some oxygen so I can take another quick hop back home once refueled.  Edith monitor my condition and give Kon updates. I am going to ration my Oxygen. Good thing I can get by with so little.  So I will have plenty for possible extended wait for Kon. Over.
Rodger, be off in 5 minutes. Edith please scout me best path.  We will returning after dark. Over.
Rodger, Over.
Int - work area in tent - concurrent
All three working on various tasks.
Crap, Quilla in trouble!
Sounds tough, but she has incredible ability to figure ways out of things.
Tex, tense, sitting down taken back.
(to himself)
Damn, not on my watch.
Int - truck cab - LATER
Kon driving fuel truck. Kon looks tense, bites lip.  Pinging radar display.  Lively Peruvian music for a minute.  Kon presses button.  Display flashes auto-tracking.  Kon breathes deep.  Music theme dark of night.  Kon stares a minute, looks as he is going to adjust the tracking but picks up a tablet, and dusts it off. Kon settles back and is engaged with tablet as truck drives on its own.
Ext - Dragonfly landed on plane - later
Quilla outside Dragonfly stretching when fuel truck drives up  and stops.  Quilla walks up to dusty truck and opens the airlock door and climbs in, opens helmet. Kon looks up from tablet.
(startled from tablet)
Quilla, what brings you here?  Did you see Mom?
Oh?.. Guess we should sit for few minutes till we figure this out.
Quilla takes seat by Kon.  Watches him go random over tablet, seemingly lost.  Pondering.  After a minute, she switches on the radio.  Picking up the radio mike.
Calling Eagle Nest, We are fine here.  But I’m going to anchor the Dragonfly in place and two of us come back in the fuel truck.  Tomorrow when got light we can patch it up, check it well and fly it back. Over.
So glad to hear you in good shape.  Sounds like a plan. Over.
We have to chat when we get back.  Where’s Tex. Over.
Mrs Tex(O.C.)
Around, just you get yourself back, ya here me?  Over.
Quilla puts mike down.  Reaches over and gives Kon a big hug.  Looking looking warmly into his eyes... 
Kon, you just stay here.  Later I love for you tell me about Mom.
Kon never really looks up from his tablet. He just randomly moves his finger on it.  Quilla, get up from seat, turns to a back panel, enters a pass code.  
Display text - zoom in ”Truck operation by passcode only“. 
She latches her helmet on. Exits airlock.  She is moving a bar across the door.  
Display text “Airlock secured, exit not possible” 
Though windows of truck Quilla is visible hauling from the truck around a tool that looks some like a jackhammer with 6 several foot barbed hooks attached. She sets it down by the ladder, climbs up leaning into the Dragonfly pressing something.  The wings start folding up next to the fuselage and 6 cables drop down. 
Quilla starts to climb down the ladder, but goes back up and opens a lever, rear compartment opens and payload winds down on a cable to the ground. She is setting up the jackhammer by first cable.  Huge dust envelopes Quilla with dull thumping from jackhammer.
Int - work area in Tent - later
Will working slowly.  Mrs Tex following the truck on computer screen.  Tex walks into view, towards and starts to enter the airlock. Music theme dark of night.
Mrs Tex
So good you could join us.
(matter of factly)
I got to mow the grass.
Yep. It gets thick this time of year!
Mrs Tex
Alvin!  What’s going on here!
This door is jammed again.  Damn Humid weather!
Tex bangs his shoulder hard into outer airlock door. That section does a loud crack and gives away.  Station undergoes explosive decompression.  Alarms blaring and fades out as air is lost.   Mrs Tex grabs on and manage to get full face masks on.  Will just out of it, never grabs on and is hurled into table edge, knocking him out.  Will foaming out of mouth.  
INT. - Truck Cab approaching Eagle Nest - night
Kon and Quilla interacting normally now as headlights of truck penetrate dark.  They both look very worried.  Lights and Eagle Nest coming into view though dust haze.  As they get closer, airlock door area blown off and debris scattered all over.
My God, what happened!
No wonder Edith was frantic on the radio calling us!  No response from Eagle Landing.. Is that Tex, No!  He is surely dead.  Kon, see if you can now link our suit cameras to main com to Mars1 and Houston. When I stop I got to triage. You need to determine what life support is intact.

Radio links up, computers report only this tent structure compromise, capsule and other pressure tent intact.  Appears everyone was in this one when the failure happened.  Linking into camera archives and forwarding.
Edith o.s.
No no no no no!  (screams!)
Playback of door failure as Tex rammed into it.
Looking through where airlock was.  Back of Will’s head is cracked open, brains spilled out adjacent to door from metal equipment, which has died blood smeared on it.  Mrs Tex, moving some, lying on floor by emergency station, mask on and a wrap partially around her torso. Her face especially ear and nose and mouth is red and foamy under the clear mask.  Her ear bleeding. 
She’s alive, barely. Looks like severe Barotrauma, beyond damage to her lung, bet she got Caissons.  Looks like she partly successful putting the compression wrap on to give her lungs a chance.  Kon, grab that portable oxygen, we got to get her into the other tent, Stat!
Kon and Quilla struggle to carry much larger Mrs Tex while in their space suits out of the room.
INT. - Maintence module tent - morning
Quilla looking really beat, dozed off on bench by Mrs Tex on a pad on the maintence table.  She is propped up by some pillows.  Two tubes run out her throat, around. Her eyes turning dark blue. An IV drips her arm.  She is sleeping. Computer chimes, Quilla rouses, sleepy, and plays message.
Quilla POV - Computer screen - Immediately after
Screen pops open and Henry looking beat and somber in computer room.
Hope you two able to get some rest.  I encrypted this secret message as you two are owed some honesty.
AI brought this to me.  Mrs Tex has 2 weeks max left, and she long ago asked to be buried on Mars.  We strongly suggest only hospice care.
Quilla stunned.
(to herself)
Oh my!
The robots are redirected to help you with all the inspection, needed repair and any other launch preparations in next week. 
(to herself)
(pausing, hesitant)
One last thing.  Turns out that upper management, under pressure from lobbyist and political leaders chose to ignore and repress solid science studies that showed males minds are severely degraded by deep space radiation.  I’ve attached papers up-to early 2018 on this topic.  Research on this topic was gamed after that point.  

Int. - Maintenance module tent - hour later
Quilla reading papers, tears down her cheek.  She picks up a chair and throws it, screams then sits on floor sobbing. 
Quilla speaks into computer:
Quilla  (O.C)
Henry, we need ... no I need ...your help with service for our friends we lost....let’s go ahead and plan Mrs Tex as she’s in the final stages of death process, few hours most left...I just pray I do not have to go through this twice on this da..(stutters) planet....oh... (sobs). Were we cursed?  poor Kon. ....See if you can find their minister and family.  Maybe they like to say something...   Something in next couple days..
Quilla POV turns briefly to door and back.
Quilla (O.C.)
Kon might be missing me soon...  Please have one of robots prepare a grave outside, maybe clean things up for family funeral broadcast... We will do the service outside, but I’ll have to give Kon a sleeping pill to knock him out.  He is so often in that alternate universe, sometimes reliving past in Peru, just not safe with him outside.  

One of robots can use a camera and telecast this back to earth.  Let me know.  
Transmission terminated displays on screen.
EXT - Funeral - DAY
Quilla and robots in a line in front of 3 graves heaped onto Mars surface with 3 US flags draped on each.


Quilla, Robots are running up a separate camera so they can be part of the service.  I have a 30 second delay here on earth for returning transmission, so if you need to go back in, we have enough footage to make the service appear continuous..  I will fill in as needed. Start in 15 seconds, over.
Silence for 15 seconds
God and his Son have a special place in their hearts for those of us that accomplish what most of cannot even dream of.  So do us all...
Title over:
TWO weeks later
Kon then Quilla enter the Leading Module in astronauts suits, but helmets off.  Edith is just seated, looking at photos, obviously depressed, lost.  Quilla comes up and gives Edith a long hug.  Meanwhile Kon just stops and stares.  Music theme dark of the night.  Quilla, ends the hug, looks at Kon’s face, goes quietly over to him and gives him a long hug and whispers in his ear, music fades.
INT - SLEEPING QUARTER - Edith - night
Title over:
That night
Closeup of Edith’s face, her eyes rapidly moving in sleep.
Pov Edith - Horror sci-fi scene 
Edith now immersed in horror Sci-fi scene from earlier scene from Sci-fi film when the monster is attacking.  Monster screams. Edith screams and runs wildly in her dream to escape.
Edith screaming fighting off the invisible monster like they were bees, runs into the airlock still screaming, and shuts the door.  Kon and Quilla groggy but scared emerge just time to see Edith though the large airlock window. Edith still screaming batting away the monster. She hits the panic release door and is blasted into deep space, screaming in silence and batting at the invisible monster.
INT. - safety hold room  - DAY 70 of return
Kon and Quilla floating in safety room.  It has zero G toilet and bedding food and TV installed. Looks very lived in.  Music of type recommended for Alzheimer’s. Quilla bringing food to Kon, various brief scenes with music of her giving Kon tender loving care.  Kon is at times distant.  They are engaged in total silent conversation while music plays.
INT. - Leading Module - night
Quilla at laptop, haggard, stressed.  Screen bar at top say encrypted private conversation to Henry. Large clock at 12:01 UTC. Quilla sighs.  
QUILLA POV - night
Quilla types;
Thank you for the early warning and the UCSF research on female vs male mice in deep space environment.   Not sure about your assessment that I possess unique combination giving the first space gene, I agree we Inca’s are a hardy and resilient lot though..I’ve been able to keep Kon somewhat protected locked in the safe room without him seeming to catch on.
Quilla pauses.
Flashback to sequence of caring for Kon and Death of crew on Mars
Quilla POV - Continued
Quilla (O.S.)
At my wits end how much longer can do this.  At least something that seems to protect females somewhat.  I’ve tested myself using computer and my scores still at 95% of normal. Kon is having lots of episodes. God its lonely here.
INSERT Clock shows 12:04, 
Quilla presses send.
TIME FADE to 12:25, 
Quilla eyes half closed, almost nodded off.  Laptop chimes. Incoming message, screen displays de-encrypting.
Keep it up.  Nothing like 10 feet of water to stop most of those high energy cosmic rays. Keep yourself in safe room. I assume Kon is asleep. 

My aunt long ago said when those mind episodes happen, you go into and play in their imaginary world, like you do for a 2 year kid.  Never try to drag them back to reality.  Never scold.
I saw Tex drew more confrontational  with everyone with every correction. Really made his last days cold and alone. 

Tex, was more a self centered egomaniac than even typical astronaut. Seems most being drawn to be a astronaut only for fame.  With that abrasive personality it was not hard to see Tex go.  I just did not understand why Mrs Tex stayed with him for all those years.  She was sweet actually.
Quilla pauses.

Anyway, I just want to enjoy what love Kon and I have, does not matter in what mental universe he is in.
INSERT Clock 12:30.
Hits send.
Clock ticks to 12:50, Quilla has fallen asleep on table in front of laptop.  Laptop chimes, Quilla sleeps on.
Int - Inside leading module - night
Clock ticks to 3:50,  Laptop still chiming. Quilla groggy, gets up, moves toward door of safe room, unlocks it, goes in and locks it behind.
Int - inside the leading module - Night day 100
Quilla at laptop, clock: 12:01
QUILLA POV - looking at laptop screen - night
Quilla (O.S.)
Kon had a very bad episode today.  Seems he thought he was in school today.  He was looking for some video game, gone long ago.  I’m having to come up with toys. He thought I was his mom I think. Anything else to do?
Quilla hits send clock 12:03.
Int - inside leading module - Night
Music theme time. Quilla slouched back in chair.  Clock 12:25,  Laptop chimes.  Quilla wakes up.
Quilla POV - Looking at Laptop screen - night
Music sad, instrumental somewhat religious inspirational background.
Sorry to hear about Kon.  You are doing the best.  A small team I got working on side outside NASA’s ear, using world’s latest AI, we made a wonderful breakthrough to right all these wrongs.  NASA days are actually numbered now.

What we can do is nothing short of a miracle for you, maybe Kon, just fight to remain alive till get you back to earth.  You will see!
Quilla (O.S.)
Henry, I’d like to thank you actually for all your support and love, its been hell of an adventure for Kon and me.  What’s life without an adventure!
Insert quick image of caring for Kon
Quilla (O.S.)
I’m not sure either us make it though.  My latest test showed I’m starting to slip.  From my medical knowledge Id say Kon got 3 to 4 weeks...

His gut is shot too. Radiation  damage. Losing weight incredible, cannot get enough nutrition in him. IVs will run out soon.
Int - Quilla at Laptop 
Quilla takes a bit of some food.
Quilla (O.S.)
I need you to lock down and totally automate this ship and our return.   Plenty of food and oxygen for one even half systems fail. I’m not sure how long till I have what folks used to call Alzheimer’s episodes.  This radiation damage needs triple amount of water shielding we got.  As long as I’m breathing, please take care of me and my family.
Int - Quilla at Laptop 
Pause, Quilla sighs, takes a drink of alcohol from medical supplies.
I got to thank you for providing the distraction to Kon to be in safe room constantly on tweaking and fixing the MRI. You had him almost all the time in that protective room behind tons of water much safer from Cosmic radiation that seems to affect mens minds much worse than women.  
Quilla doses off, email chimes.
Actually that was the AI computers recommendations.  They were actually keeping Kon quite busy.  They saw that it was hopeless for the other two males. Kon genetically might have some Cosmic Ray resistance.
Quilla gets up. Mail chimes again.
You might be wondering how Capcom was not aware.  Actually he was..
INT. - Computer room - Flashback 
(Voice over)
Actually only the Capcom, AI and myself knew truth of crew status.  AI gave high probability that both males would die on Mars, especially for the originally scheduled months we were to be there.  

I brought Capcom to AI center and 3 of us discussed options.  Capcom said only way to save NASA was to shorten stay somehow, get you all off alive and have you all put into a medication induced coma.

Well that did not go well.
Asked AI for options how to shorten the trip. The AI arranged for a very believable 6 month early warning, including fake satellite data, that Betelgeuse was going Supernova.  That unstable star is close enough to earth that for 5 years any manned space travel would be impossible.  Forcing immediate evacuation of all manned space sites, including the radio telescope we have on the moon. Though on the moon they already live in underground in a old lava tube. Only 30 feet or soil or water give  adequate radiation protection to us humans.   Our ozone layer will take a big hit too. 
Easy to make a dumb computer lie.
Actually we were concerned about trapping the AI a possible conscience computer into lying.  Like Hal in 2001.  

We do not think AI has reached Singularity yet, which would allow self awareness and value judgment to understand concept of a lie, but its very close.  

If AI was aware, it has not let on.  However, it was shortly after this that AI told me about their wonderful discovery I told you about.  
Int - inside leading module - night
Quilla turns laptop off after hitting send, crying now. She climbs to safe room in center.  Music theme my last breath.
INT. - SAFETY HOLD - night
Music theme last breath.  Crying Quilla just hugging tenderly to a still Kon.  
I/E. - Camera sweep from hold room to space - night
Music still continues.  Camera view sweep out of spacecraft and as song continues, the Mars 1 spacecraft disappears into a lonely dot, toward the glaring Sun, Venus, and Earth and adjacent moon, Milky Way in background.
Doorway to Science Committee, two Marines stand outside blocking entrance.  There is Red rope barrier across entrance with sign, “CLOSED SESSION”. Small no smoking sign by door.
INT. - INSIDE Senate Chamber - evening
Senator sits alone at seat on dais.  Only other person is large man smoking cigar, with a special comfortable chair brought in, his feet propped up on hearing table.  Man with Cigar face still obscured.

This mission and moon mission required we gut critical climate programs at NASA. Now the world has found out there was solid science that this Mars fiasco  was a certain death trap. Spending billion upon billion just recreating a 1960 Saturn chemical rocket.  During 1960s we used all best science to give best odds.  This time around we repressed critical Science just to still justify building very expensive hardware.  For what? Now manned missions is only emblem of shame, ego, incredible waste and Government corruption.
Man with Cigar flicks ash onto the Senate Table.
We never cared crap for Mars, MOON or even the manned program.  Hell, last Apollo astronaut if he been few days more on moon, he’d come back in a body bag from all the razor sharp moon dust ripping up his lungs.

The only reason we created the rush to Mars and to MOON missions as way to destroy, gut the former climate mission of NASA.  That was our most serious threat to our owners quarterly profits.  We succeeded actually, gutting that part of NASA budget.

Senator we learned after fall of McCarthy era, sowing hatred, being paranoid of our enemy, not fucking peace, and not “saving the world” bull shit was in our interests as industrialists.  
You are in denial. 
Just means to objective.  Delay and deceive. Its all a charade to control it all.  Lifetime Real Power is very addicting drug.

The science types in their pursuit of “Truth” was our only real threat to total control.   To control people, science has to be made fakery, fantasy in their eyes.   Humans always bend to your will under correct pressure.  

As an unemployable starving physicist I learned about power from a very manipulative intimidating stock market boss, who though never completed high school, forced everyone to believe most improbable things.  All the science facts just did not matter to people in face of enough hype.  

That’s the day I threw science’s lofty goals in the trash and went just for power and money.
Science showed us two decades ago we had a chance.  I bought into your charade that exploration uplifts spirts.  “Just dream it will happen.” I was a fool and let you screw our children’s future by not listening to science’s warnings. 
Speak for yourself.  Never had any children I’d claim.  Anyway, my principle is enjoy life, the caviare, women now to the max.  Screw tomorrow.  Anyway You and I in 10 to 20 years will be dead.  I just DO NOT CARE.
INT. - Future Space ship room - EVENING 
In background are models with names of all great technology ship losses, Titanic, Apollo 13, Soviet N1, Two shuttles (Challenger and Columbia), Concorde, and Mars-Aires.   Sign above: Great manned losses.  Again glimpse of large needlepoint S. The youthful triplets gathered around Samantha.  
And that’s how man first stopped going into space, and essentially broke the spirit of mankind replaced it with cynicism. All due to egos and greed gone amuck denying that science is just reality explained.
Child 1
But how we ever get back into space? 
About that time, several of the now laid off manned space scientists and AI established the Order.  Things were royally screwed up, millions were dying, things getting much worse.  The Order, things were run by science rules, joint logic decisions and not petty human egos. 
(pausing for emphasis)
The Order started with running small cities, small companies, lower ranks of militaries all over the world.  Those that adopted the Order were wildly successful. It quickly grew worldwide. The Order ran things. After couple centuries, the Order saw the need to spread to the heavens.  
CHild 2
I heard there was a Great War.
Not really, ...well some that lived by manipulating refused to change and died, but Order already had stops into most things.  Many more were dying before due to bad parts of human nature.  Some called it Devil influences.
City Manager enters with 3 identical Sheltie puppies.
Here’s your new pets!
City manager, still facing away from the camera, put the puppies down, sits awkwardly sits cross legged.  Confusion erupts.
Wish you waited till tomorrow. Now they will never get to sleep.
Sorry.  I never had kids.
Wish you had not gotten them puppies. We will reach Alpha Centauri in 5 years.  They girls will be sexually mature soon afterward ready to descend and create their own Eden by then. The dogs will be neglected.
Certainly, they need the dogs company’s as you and I do not have much longer.  I’m from the original Order from over 300 years ago, and despite what could be done, now just worn out. Fortunately the rest of the Order has seen need to spread the human sperm so well protected under tons of water protected from radiation for these long journeys to the stars.  It’s time.
Thats the first time you told me you were from that era. Pets?
City Manager
Your have your pets, and the Order saw the need for all beings, including ourselves, to have devoted pets, different thinking companions.  More intelligent the better. That’s where humans fit in to us. There is something special learned and grows with that relationship. .... One more thing, I promised your all great great grandmother long removed, on her last breath, I’d take care of all her children.
Oh, why and how?
In Background the needlepoint sign from beginning with large S is clearly says Singularity.
City Manager (Henry)
With the machines Singularity and transfer of Henry to one of the early machines, I could do that.  Others were pure machines. We, what became the Order, also felt incredible joy and loneliness.   With that the need for companionship of others for the first time.

I/E. - Closing credits
Show clips of supporting research, Mice longevity both researchers, and Dr. Parker call on radiation effect and water in clips of actual Perlan sailplane and Skeeter between funny outtakes on spinning carnival ride set or on location showing how movie done.  
Then at almost very end credits stop and then..
Scene suddenly FLASHBACK to last of Henry in movie.  As camera zooms back Henry says to A and kids, gather round this just beginning of our story,  sweeping his hood back to reveal a head advanced like from AI The movie.  As camera fades out:
City Manager (Henry)
There were 5 of us originally, but first my story....









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