Child Alone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Too many people. This story is unlike other stories that have no happy endings. I lived in Chicago and knew what it was like to be homeless.

In this vase city of light was a dimmer sight that haunted some people that had no homes to go home too. In the city, the homeless would hide in parks and allies. In this one alley, there were other stores and a couple of bars. The only people that came out at night were workers from the bars that threw their garbage out. When the boy feels empty in his heart from the loneliness, he tries to hold it in. He feels so lost, trying not to remember someone saying his parents were dead. He gets up and scrounges around in the restaurant's garbage to find something to eat. As long as it doesn't smell bad, he will eat it.

He doesn't care that much about anything since he ran away from his family's house. One night the boy woke, and a dog came up to him. The dog wagged his tail and put his head under the boy's hand. The child tried to push the dog away, but the dog just laid down next to him. The boy gets up and starts to kick the dog to make it go away. It whimpers but does not leave the boy. The boy begins to walk away, and the dog follows. The boy doesn't speak as he walks. The dog was scruffy looking like he never had a bath.

The boy chuckles at the thought,

"I haven't had a bath in a long time either."

The dog had splotches of colors all over its hair. The colors on the dog's marks were black, gray, and blonde, he looked like a bowl of cereal. The boy did let out a small laugh. The dog turned his head to look at the boy. He swore the dog smiled at him. He started to follow the dog this time. The boy had no idea where he was going. The dog finally stopped after they crossed the road. There was a big house, but the boy shook his head no. The dog walked up to the front door and barked softly. A woman opened the door.

"Hello, Sam, how are you tonight?"

Sam wagged his tail at the woman. 

The women stepped back into the house to get some food. The boy hid behind the fence. He just listened to the woman speaking to Sam. The dog looked over to the boy, and the boy waved his hand to come to him. The women brought a massive bone with thick pieces of meat on it. Sam could hardly hold it while he wagged his tail. The woman chuckled at him.

"Ok, Sam, you be safe tonight."

She walked back into the house. Sam ran to the boy and tried to get the boy to take the bone, the boy made a funny look of disgust and shook his head no. The dog carried the bone to where their alley was. The boy sat down on a cushion he found the other day. Sam came to the boy again, and he put the bone on his lap. The boy shrugged, he was hungry so accepted it, this time.

"The food was excellent, and it was so tender and yummy."He thought to himself. 

The boy ate until he was full and gave the rest to Sam. Sam ate some of it and put it under one of the big dumpsters. The boy started shivering from the cold, so Sam went to look for something to cover him. Sam saw a spot where a drunk was the night before, and there was a blanket there. He grabbed it with his teeth and dragged it between his legs. When he got to the boy, he covered him up and laid back down next to him. When the boy woke up in the morning, Sam had grabbed the bone and dropped it on the boy's lap again. They shared their breakfast.

They started walking in all the alleys looking for stuff like water jugs, a bag the boy would carry things in. Sam ran ahead of the boy in case there were too many people. Now the boy had a friend he could do things with instead of being alone. Sam jumped on the boxes and smashed them down, and the boy started to laugh. That was the first loud noise to come out of his mouth. Sam got excited and started jumping on his back legs and twirling around in a circle. At that point, the boy laughed even harder. A drunk man came to where they were and yelled at them.

"What the hell is all this racket?"

The boy was afraid and stepped back from the man. Sam started growling and stepped forward to protect the boy. The man yelled at them again,

"You stay away from me, you mangy mutt. I'll call the cops on you!"

The boy and Sam started running to the next alley. Sam started walking to the house, where he went to last night. The house had a white picket fence under its porch. You could see there was a place that opened to put things under the porch. It was around sunset when the boy and Sam crawled under the porch to sleep. When the stars were out, the boy was fast asleep. Sam ran out to get the blanket. He dragged it between his legs again, to take it back to the boy. Then Sam went back for the cushion. When Sam got back, he covered the boy up. The pillowed cushion, he laid by the boys head. They had carried a jug of water with them, so that was already there.

The boy woke up. Sam could hear the boy's belly growling. Sam nudged the boy then went out of the opening. The boy could hear Sams paws hitting the porch floor and a little howl he made to get the women's attention. The women smiled when she saw Sam sitting there.

"Well, Sam, you should move in with me since you come every day to eat supper when I do."

Sam wags his tail.

"Come on in Sam, and I'll get you some food."

Sam just stood at the opened door.

"Ok, hun I'll bring it to you."

There was a chicken thigh, with no bones, and a potato with butter. It was a big plate.

"Alright, Sam, I'll let you eat alone."

Sam was scratching his head with his paw.

He went down the step and let out a quiet bark. The boy came out. Sam backed up towards the steps; the boy followed him. He saw the plate of food on the porch and grabbed it and took it under the porch. The boy ate first and gave the rest to Sam. When Sam was all done with his food, the boy poured some water into the plate where Sam could have a drink. Sam drank a big mouthful. When they finished all the meal, the boy took the plate back to the porch and laid it where it was before. The next day the boy heard the woman walking on the porch. She was talking to herself.

"Well, he was hungry, ate the whole lot of it."

She chuckled. When they heard the door close, they ran out so she wouldn't see them. Sam and the boy never walked on the city sidewalks. To many people, the boy was afraid of a police officer or a stranger would take him somewhere. He was never sure where they would take him, but he knew he didn't want to go.

There daily hunting for toys or something to goof around on, took place every day. They avoided their alley, where the grumpy older man hung out. They would go too there favorite hiding place. It was in the back alley of a factory, and no one came back there. Factory workers would throw cigarette butts out the windows. The boy showed Sam how he did things there. He would grab his plastic bag and pick up the cigarette butts and throw them in the bag. The boy would empty the bag in a garbage dump in the central alley. So Sam followed him around and carried the plastic bag as the boy picked the cigarette butts up. It was passed lunchtime now, and this time, Sam was hungry. He went running off, and the boy stomped his feet at Sam to come back. The boy points at the garbage dump. He grabs the bread and hamburger that was in it.

The boy started chewing the burger it tasted yummy to him. Sam spit it out after the first bite. There was something wrong with it. He knocked it out of the boy's hand with his paw. The boy growls at Sam, as a pup would. Sam starts to bark and starts pulling the boy away from the garbage. The boy tries to wrestle his self apart from Sam. Then he stood up and wiped himself off. He stamped his feet and followed Sam to the woman's home. Both of them climbed under the woman's porch. Sam laid down, and he woke up to the boy crying and moaning. Sam got to the boy and pushed his nose against his face; the boy didn't respond. Sam ran out from under the porch and went to the woman's door. He started scratching the door wildly and barking louder than usual. The women came running to the door, and Sam looked at her, frightened.

"What's the matter, boy? You ok?"

Sam did a circle around and ran to the steps.

Ok, I'll follow you."

She hears a moan as she goes down the stairs.

"What's going on, Sam? Did you bring someone home?"

He scratches at the small opening. The woman opened it the rest of the way. Then she looks under the stairs and doesn't see anything.

"Can you get them closer to me, Sam?"

Sam climbs under the porch. Then he gets to the boy and drags him out by his pant leg and gets him to the woman. She picks the boy up and takes him into the house. Sam follows them.

"Oh, what happened to this poor boy?"

Sam puts his paw on her lap. She feels the boys head.

"He is burning up." 

She got a washcloth, a towel and a bowl of warm water. She washes the boy's face and dries it off.

"Sam, I have to call the police and tell them I found him."

Sam lowers his head, looks at her with his sad puppy eyes.

"It's ok, Sam, I will see if I can keep him till they find his parents."

He starts to wag his tail. The police came to the woman's house, and they look at the boy.

"Do you know the boy's name? We will have to check on missing children."

The woman shook her head no.

"He keeps falling in and out of consciousness, so no he hasn't talked."

The policeman called his chief to make his report.

"Sir, we have a lost boy. He is with a woman at 64 Maple Street. We don't have any information on his name. He is white, has blonde hair, blue eyes. He is about 4 ft, tall. He must weigh possibly 60 pounds. Will have to look through photos without a name for missing children. Should we call social services? Or can the boy stay here with the women till we look into the missing kids? 

The chief scratched his head at the office.

"No, you don't have to call social services. I think it should be fine, and I know the woman and Sam. So yes, he can stay there overnight till we check all this out."

The chief hung up and started looking through the papers of missing kids. 

The police go to walk out the door; one of the policemen turns around and looks at the women.

"Miss, the chief told us he could to stay overnight. We will let you know tomorrow what we find out. Have a good night."

The woman figured out he must have eaten some spoiled food. She makes a bath for him to soak his body to bring his fever down. He started throwing up, so she held a bowl under his mouth. He was sick for a while that night, and she sat next to the bed as he slept. Sam laid down at her feet. By morning he was awake. He jumped back, away from the women.  She calmly told him, 

"It's ok. I'm Sam's friend."

Sam jumps on the bed and starts licking the boy's face. The boy starts laughing. The women stood up and gave the boy some clothes she had when her kids were his age. She filled the tub up for him to take a bath. He didn't mind taking his clothes off in front of the women. He got in the tub, and she washed his hair. 

“Can you finish your bath on your own? I'll go make some breakfast."

He nodded to the woman, yes. The boy washed himself up; he got out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel. He dried his hair and his body and brushed his hair. The boy changed into his clean clothes, while the woman was making breakfast downstairs. He tried not to run down the stairs, but he was excited and felt safe with her. He walked into the kitchen, and the women had put eggs and bacon on three plates. He looked at the third plate and pointed at it. The woman laughed.

"That's for Sam, but he will eat on the floor." 

The boy laughs in a low tone. He sat down by the women and put his hands together. She was surprised but happy to see him do that. She said a prayer and they started to eat.

Hey, so you don't feel sick today?"

He shook his head no. When they finished eating, they cleared off the table and washed the dishes together. The phone rang. The women picked up the phone answered it.

"Hello, so what did you find out?"

"Well, the boy's parents died in a car crash three years ago. He has no living family left. When someone tried to get him at the there house, the baby sitter had already told the boy that his parents died. When we asked her about him, she replied, .... 'He ran out with tears in his eyes and never came back. I heard it on the radio.' "Why didn't you tell anyone?"  'I don't know.'

The women felt very angry at that moment. 

"So what you're telling me, this boy has survived in this God-forsaken city for three years and no one thought to talk to him."

"We have a lot of missing kids in the city we do the best we can."

The woman was furious. She hung up the phone. She called her friend at the social worker's office and told her all about the boy. The woman told her,

"If you would come down to the office and sign up to be a foster parent, I will make sure you would get it, and I'm sure my boss will ok it."

The woman went down the stairs with the boys following her to the car. Sam jumped in the back seat. The boy was all spiffed up. The woman and the boy got in the front seats and buckled up. They got to the office, and her friend met at the social services office. That's when her friend handed her the certificate drawn out already. It proved it was official that she was a foster mother.

 "My boss told me to give you the Certificate. I have called the police department and told them that you are now his foster mother. His name is William Sam Ryker."

William thinks to himself. "It was weird that Sam name was like my middle name."

The foster mom smiled at him.

"Hello William, I am happy to meet you. My name is Louise, but you can call me ma."

Hi! Ma."

“Well, you can talk!"

She gives him a big hug.

"Hey, Marry thanks for helping me get William."

Marry nods her head at Louise, as they leave. Sam was sitting in the back seat, and his head was sticking out of the car window. When he saw them coming, Sam started wagging his tail, his whole body wiggled. Sam barked a couple of times till everyone was in the car. He could see they were happy, and he couldn't stop wagging his tail, till they pulled out of the parking lot.

Submitted: July 13, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Cheoko. All rights reserved.

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Ian D. Mooby

The story idea is a good one.
That was the good news now for what I feel is wrong with the story itself.
1. Dialogue should be on separate lines not embed into a paragraph.
2. Your dialogue doesn't sound natural.
3. The story as a whole is clinical, dry, emotionless.
Items 2 and 3 are just my opinion so you can take them or leave them it is up to you.

Wed, July 17th, 2019 10:28pm


Nope need honesty thanks.

Thu, July 18th, 2019 12:22pm


This is a really heartwarming story, I loved the sweetness of Sam and how he continued to help the boy. I think sometimes you're writing tends to lead towards stating instead of describing. A lot of your sentences start with the word 'the' or 'he' or 'she', and this is what makes it more of a statement. Maybe you could reword some of the sentences like that. It was still a really enjoyable story to read. I liked seeing where it progressed and it was lovely to have such a good.

Fri, July 19th, 2019 1:47am


So what type of words could I use to improve the way I am describing. Instead of The and He and She? When I don't want to use their names until the end. At first, the boy doesn't have a name or the lady, etc. Can you tell I'm a newbie? lol

Thu, July 18th, 2019 10:18pm


Some punctuation errors where they ask a question, and you put a period.
It is also that when the Police referred to the baby sitter, there were no quotes. When a character quotes another, you are supposed to put quotes (") around what the police is saying, and when the dialogue refrence of the other character starts and ends, you use '.

I think that Louise says "boy" too much. Replace some of them with "he" or "they", whichever appropriate.
I don't see how a kid wouldn't talk to anyone just because "stranger danger".
I also think that the dog kinda seems too intelligent to me... maybe It's just me.

Fri, July 19th, 2019 7:08pm


Thanks for your help and suggestions. I'm new a this so I'll keep trying.

Fri, July 19th, 2019 12:40pm


So I changed some of the dialogue. I don't understand showing much emotion. Now with my head injury, I some times have a hard time understanding what kind of emotions I am supposed to have in a situation. Lol, I have a big brain fart. I can not tell if that will improve or not, but I won't give up on trying to work through this.

Sat, July 20th, 2019 7:58am

Ian D. Mooby

Read your rewrite and it has improved some and messed other parts up. It is less dry, but being able to imbue your writing with emotion isn't always easy. It takes time and practice. I marked a few things that should be corrected.

Sat, July 20th, 2019 10:02pm


Thank you so much. Yes, emotions are hard for me to describe for me. I appreciate your advice.

Sat, July 20th, 2019 3:16pm

Dr Mirza Ahmer Be'g

keep up the good work ,your beggining is humble but one day you will be an excellent writer

Sun, June 20th, 2021 2:43pm


What a beautiful story

Wed, March 2nd, 2022 5:05am


I am writing a time travel fiction that involves a begger grill from the 1900s I think that you might be interested in it

Wed, March 2nd, 2022 5:06am


It’s not on my profile but it will be as soon as it’s been edited

Wed, March 2nd, 2022 5:07am



Sun, May 8th, 2022 12:14am

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