Chapter 4: (v.2) {Part B}{Reasonings & Philosophies}

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 147

The troupe of Specialist Audrey Addison and Specialist Yasmin Valdivia have arrived in Suburbia City, teleporting to the peak of the tallest building within the City.

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *inspecting the City* “Doesn't seem like anyone has been here…”

Specialist Audrey Addison- *inspecting the City* “The King did quarantine this place, so the Military has no basis in this City. Yasmin, you and I both know what is going on...This is because of the Nephilim...The Queen wanted to cover this up, and now Populations are disappearing...Where is she anyhow…? She has been gone for a long time...” 

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *brushing her Hair back within the breeze* “She is cruising around the Land. And they had to cover this up; if the Civilians knew that the Nephilim persevered, it would cause mass hysteria...Nephilim are like Dinosaurs, we have little Power to vanquish them, or even inflict pain on them…” *glaring down for the ground* “Hey, are those Footmarks…?” *diving down for the ground*

Specialist Audrey Addison is diving down behind Specialist Yasmin Valdivia as Yasmin is studying the colossal footprint impressions in the ground.

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *tailing the footprints* *playing with her Scarlet Hair* “These Footmarks are larger than the Footmarks we have...And it has six Toes too; this is a Nephilim Footmark…”

Specialist Audrey Addison- *Flaring her Aura around the Site* *walking behind Specialist Yasmin Valdivia* “...No Signatures around…”

A Spiked Scorpion Stinger is exploding through the ground underneath the Specialists, but they have the Skill to execute an Evasion as Rockets are Firing for behind them as they are within the Air.

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *glancing for behind her* “...Where in the hell…-Rockets?!” *generating White Holes around her* *Flaming Light Aura around her* “White Hole Generation!!!!!!”

White Hole Generation; an Ability that will Bless an Abilitist to generate White Holes, and with this an Abilitist does have the potential to create anything!!!!

...These White Holes are spitting Sunlight after the Rockets with the momentum capabilities of the Light itself, demolishing the Cylindrical Projectiles with an impressive explosion as the Specialists are utilizing their Auras underneath the Soles of their Feet to remain suspended within the Air…

Specialist Audrey Addison- *initiating her Aura underneath the Soles of her Feet to remain suspended within the Air* *examining the Site around her* “That huge ass Scorpion Tail is gone...And like last time, I cannot Sense any Signatures, so I cannot pinpoint the whereabouts of the Rocket Launcher Nephilim…”

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *initiating her Aura underneath the Soles of her Feet to remain suspended within the Air* *examining the Site around her* “...Nephilim have no Signatures…” *examining behind her Back*

As Yasmin is turning around, she spotted a Humanoid Butterfly standing behind them within the Air, the anomaly gripping a Rocket Launcher in his Hands as he is fluttering his Beautiful glittering Wings.

Getri- *gripping a Rocket Launcher in his Hands* *fluttering his Beautiful glittering Wings to remain suspended within the Air* “I smelled your fragrances, and now I have an opinion about your Powers...You both have Skills; I cannot devour you, but the Queen sure can!!!!” *directing the Rocket Launcher for the Specialists*

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *generating a Black Hole behind Getri to pull him within it* “Black Hole Projection!!!” *savage smile for Getri* “I am not a Specialist for no purpose, Nephilim!!!”

Getri- *struggling against the powerful Gravitational Pull of the Black Hole* “W-Wh-What…?! She can Summon Black AND White Holes?! This scarlet bastard!!!!!!!!!!” *dropping the Rocket Launcher for the ground underneath*

Getri was just pulled within the Black Hole as Yasmin is deactivating her Scarlet Wicca…

Specialist Audrey Addison- *initiating her Aura underneath the Soles of her Feet to remain suspended within the Air* “I love how your Eyes are like Rubies, so I can never tell if you have your Wicca on or not. It is so badass!!!”

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *initiating her Aura underneath the Soles of her Feet to remain suspended within the Air* *generating a Wormhole for the Left Side* “I will go bind the one within my Pocket Dimension; use the Rocket Launcher down there, and Kill whatever that other thing was. After this is done, we should withdraw…”

Specialist Audrey Addison- *initiating her Aura underneath the Soles of her Feet to remain suspended within the Air* *nodding for Yasmin* “Got it!!!”

Yasmin is walking within the Wormhole as Addison is landing on the ground, gripping for the Rocket Launcher as she is examining around her…

Specialist Audrey Addison- *gripping for the Rocket Launcher in her Hands* *proceeding around the Site with the Rocket Launcher directed for around her* *Flaming Aura around her* “...I hate this!!! I rather be able to Track my opponents, be able to Sense them...This is like battling a Demon…Thank the Universe that those do not Exist…!!!” *turning her attention for behind her* “...What in the fuck was that…?!”

A booming blare is gripping the acknowledgment of Addison as the Scorpion Tail is erupting out of the ground around the Specialist, binding her as Niadremeel is bursting up through the ground, his very Physique shading out the Sun…

Niadremeel- *binding Specialist Audrey Addison with his tremendous Tail* *pressing his Stinger on Audrey’s windpipe* “And about your Capabilities? What can you do, little lady? I want a brand new Power!!!!!! Help me out...” *constricting his Tail around Audrey*

Specialist Audrey Addison- *relaxing her breathing* *flickering Universal Aura Residue around her* “Universe Residue Manipulation!!!!!! Open!!!!!!!!!!!”

Universe Residue Manipulation; this Ability blesses Audrey to Manipulate the residue that has been leftover by the Creation of Yevia, blessing her to use the Aura that comes with Creation…

The Specialist is manipulating the Aura residue that is scattered around the Site, absorbing the various Auras around to Energize her Body, and this is granting her enough Power to wiggle out of the constricting Tail of Niadremeel as the Specialist is darting a Distance from the Nephilim.

Specialist Audrey Addison- *Flaring Universal Aura Residue around her* *comforting her Ribcage* “That was too close...He could have totally squeezed me to Death...So, this Nephilim must have the advantages of a Snake, Scorpion, and Centipede...Shit, this shit is too much for me!!!! I did not sign up for this!!!!!!!” *directing the Rocket Launcher for Niadremeel*

Niadremeel- *safeguarding for an attack* “You want to know what I find amusing…? I have existed for centuries, and you Humans have Killed everything you touched. You Eat your Companions in the Animals, and you love to Kill one another, but as soon as you find a challenge...Now you are the victim…? Your Kind is pitiful, but...You sure do make an excellent Meal!!!!!” *crashing his Tail for Addison*

Getri is falling on his Head within a wide Waiting Room, the lobby seeming endlessly white as the Nephilim is flipping up on his Knees…


Getri- *sitting on his Knees* *comforting his Head* “...What is this place…?” *examining the lobby* “Is this really a Black Hole…? I presumed it to have ripped me to ribbons…” *standing up to his Feet* *flapping his glittering Wings* “...How do I get out…?”

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia- *walking within the lobby Via the Wormhole* “You don’t, Nephilim…” *activating her Wicca* “This place is my domain; I can generate a Wormhole, a Black Hole, or a White Hole...I manipulate them all…” *displaying a Key on a Chain within her Hand* “You will need this to open the Wormhole, but I plan to probe your Brain, and dissect you, so this Key is futile to you.”

Getri- *Offensive Stance* “...Dissect me…? I am not your project…!!!!” *flaring Butterfly Aura around him* “I will be the one to dissect you, Human…!!!!!”

Poisonous Glittering Powder is generating around Getri as his Butterfly Physique is fragmenting to toxic and poisonous butterflies…


The Voice of Getri echoing around the lobby- “Life seeks life, and it loves it; this Butterfly does not count the Days, but the moments, and I will have the moments, I will!!!!!! This Power is beyond your clench, but do understand, your Power WILL alight upon me…” *assembling a Distance behind Yasmin*

Specialist Yasmin Valdivia Vs. Getri

Specialist Audrey Addison Vs. Niadremeel

The Story Continues with Pharaoh & Ry & Shae within the Pits of Wisconsin Indiana…...Next Chapter!!!!!!

Submitted: August 04, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Nyesha. All rights reserved.


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