The Cry Of The Wolf (Sample)

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Other Content by Avalon Davidson

Journey of the Heart (sequel to The Cry of the Wolf)

Book / Romance

George and Gretjen face their own heartache as they journey to the New World to begin a better life, escaping haunting memories. The untamed wilderness offers less than a warm welcome, however, George cares for the natives and is determined to join them as one of their own. The tribe's dying chief makes a decision that will affect generations. Jaira faces memories she would rather forget as her world is turned upside down and she comes face to face with a tribe known for their brutality. This time, however, there is no one to save her.


Book / Romance

Arlana lives in an abusive situation and dreams of escape. When her faith is at its breaking point, a door is opened from a most unexpected source. Stepping out into her new-found freedom, Arlana isn't sure if she can trust her heart.

HEAR MY CRY (Sequel to Forsake Me Not)

Book / Action and Adventure

After tragedy strikes close to home Atarah (Arlana) has to confront the demons from her past. Both Josiah and Atarah must find their footing once again. Is faith enough to carry them in their darkest moments? Their worlds having been shaken to its foundation and they are at a fork in the road. Will their faith and passion for each other be sufficient? "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the Name of the Lord...." Atarah struggles to find purpose and healing while Josiah, for the first time, struggles with his faith and identity. Two struggling souls whose love and faith are put to the ultimate test.