Chapter 24: Who is this Jesus?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Estelle sighed as she slipped out of her cot, across the room from her mother's. Her internal alarm clock much appreciated. Robert needed every bit of energy Mavy could afford to waken. She'd never understood why he struggled with academics. It was the highlight of her life, since the first moment she'd stepped foot in the classroom. Weekends were a bore if it weren't for shadowing their mother and doing errands. Despite her frown, she found a smile tugging at her lips even as she wrapped her arms around her mother. It wasn't that long where her mother wouldn't even let her knead dough alone. Paranoid parenting.

Mavy smiled up at her daughter. When had she grown so tall! Time truly had flown. "Why the frown, Estelle?" Mavy set down a plate of fruit on the table, leaning back into the counter to peer down the hall towards her son's room. If only Estelle's habits had rubbed off! "Don't tell me it's because your schooling is finished," seeing her nod sheepishly she chuckled, "Only you would love school! Sometimes I wonder if you are even my own!"

Estelle laughed, "Oh mom! All my friends were there, and..."

"And now it's time for them, and you, to prepare for an even greater responsibility than schooling-" Mavy turned away, beckoning with her hand that they would have to continue this conversation later. The children were already gathering outside ready to head to class and Robert? Still in bed. "Robert, don't make me come after you!"

"I'm coming," a gruff voice sounded from the other end of the hall. "I'm coming."

"Well, hurry! School will start soon, and you've not had breakfast!" Devotions were lacking too

"Well, hurry! School will start soon, and you've not had breakfast!" Devotions were lacking too. Exasperated, she ran a hand through her hair, counting inwardly to twenty before raising her voice again, starting down the hall, "Rob! Up! Now! You don't want to end up in the fishery, do you? You have the opportunity to make something of your life- Robby!"

Robert appeared, his hair disheveled around his ears, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Slower than a tortoise. This, this one was definitely her child, Mavy bit her lip to refrain from smirking as he retrieved half a pomegranate, rolling his eyes towards Estelle who clucked her tongue at him.

"Children," Mavy reprimanded as tensions started, opening in prayer. "Where were we..."

Robert chewed thoughtfully, listening as she quoted the Word of God, as she did every morning. "You know mom, being a fisherman would be a good thing. I'd be like grandpa, and I'd be able to spend more time with Jesus."

Mavy leaned back into her chair. "He is remarkable, but I want more for you..."

"What could be more important?" Estelle surprisingly agreed with her younger brother

"What could be more important?" Estelle surprisingly agreed with her younger brother. "I have heard Him long enough to feel convinced that," her voice grew softer. It wasn't particularly safe to agree with Him. "...He is the One God."

There was no more time to sit and wait, Mavy ushering Robert out the door, watching him until he turned the corner with a few of the other children before entering the house again. Estelle hadn't moved, her eyes fastened on her mother. "Estelle, we cannot just follow blindly."

"I don't feel that I am! I was coming back from Leah's just yesterday when I saw a gathering around the synagogue, and I figured since I had nothing better to do," she sighed dramatically, "Now that school is done, I would listen for a while. No one seemed to notice me."

"What was going on?"

"Jesus was teaching again, He said not to work for those things that are temporary-"

"Well, that's foolish. If one would eat they must work."

"No mom, He said that we have to go after that which is eternal instead. Lawrence asked what work it is we're supposed to be doing. Get this," Estelle threw her hands in the air, "He said just believe on Him who God has sent! Well, as you know, Lawrence isn't content with simple answers, and truth be told, with a strange answer like that, for once, I was glad that he prodded. He asked Jesus for a sign for him to believe. He mentioned Moses giving our fathers manna, and Jesus contradicted him, saying that it was His Father who gives the true bread from heaven. He said that the real bread is Himself who gives life to the world!"


"Lawrence was surprisingly sufficed, humbled even! He said "Lord, give us this bread forever... well, something like that. Jesus said whoever comes to Him will never hunger or thirst, but we must believe."

"Believing is difficult, Estelle."


Submitted: July 23, 2019

© Copyright 2020 Jessica Gallant. All rights reserved.


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