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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
life is just a work in enjoy the journey.

Submitted: July 15, 2019

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Submitted: July 15, 2019



Anne stood in front of the fridgerator for about the 5th time that morning.  There was no reason.  She wasn't hungry.  Hell, she'd already eaten all the crap in the house.  Five little boxes of cereal, six small blueberry muffins, a whole bagged salad, apples with oatmeal on top, and it wasn't even 9AM.  This seemed to be a pattern when she got back home to her apartment in LA.  It seemed that her controlled alcohol addiction had moved to food.  'Maybe I should go to a meeting." She thought.  As she stood there with the fridge door open wide just blindly staring at the contents, a rustling of puppy feet came rushing towards her from her daughter's bedroom.

"Stella!  Bee Bee!  Come here and see Grandma!  You need to go out?"  Anne started towards the door where Stella excitely ran to move Anne's shoes from the shelf.  Anne grabbed the pink dress harness to quickly let her out to pee.  Stella was a pug chihuahua mix with way more chihuahua than pug.  Her daughter's dog. Anne, not being a dog person at all, wasn't on board at first when Trixie first brought her home. 

"Trixie, when will you have time for a dog being in your first year in college?  You have school and work and coaching and a very active social life.  Dogs are like kids and don't expect me..." 

"Mom!  Chill!  I'll figure it out!  I want her!  I promise I'll figure it out!"  And she did.  Trixie, Anne's 20 year old and youngest daughter, was good like that.  She figured things out and was destined to have her life on her terms.  Anne admired that about her daughter.  And as far as Stella, she became part of the family and good company when Trixie was away. 

As Anne walked back into the house, she sees Trixie in the kitchen.  "Hey Trix!  Did you hide the Nutella?"

"Yes!  You just bought it and it's already half gone!" Anne's sighed as if to say 'I know' when her phone suddenly rang. Trixie picked it up and said."It's Grandma.  Jeez.  She just saw you a few days ago! "  Trixie handed the phone to Anne as if to iquire if Anne wanted to take it.  Anne's almost 87 year old mom LaVerne could be a little needy, and just having come from the 5 hour drive from Northern California she was always a little hesitant with the worry there was an emergency that would prompt an emergency drive back up North.  Anne reached out for the phone.

"Hi Mom."

"Hi Honey! It's your Mom!"  LaVerne screamed into the phone.  Anne quickly pulled the phone from her ear and put it on speaker. Trixie quietly laughs and mouths "Oh My God".

"I know Mom.  You called my cell that tells me its you who is calling."  Anne said in a normal tone.

"What???" LaVerne screame louder.

Anne yelled, "I knew it was you!!!  Your name!!!  Oh forget it!  What's UP?!!!" Trixie started laughing harder. 

"Honey are you mad?  Why are you yelling?"  At this point Trixie was doubled over in silent but hysterical giggling. Trixie looked at Anne and whispered, "She's so cute!" 

Anne smirked.  "I hope you say that about me when I'm this annoying." 

"What???  I can't really hear you!  Are you there???"

"Oh sorry Mom....What's going on?"

"I'm just calling to see how you are.  I had a dream last night."

"Was it a dream that I blew up like Varuka Salt in Willy Wonka? I'm eating like a mad man."

LaVerne laughed.  "Are you stressed?  You just got back from vacation!  You got all my business taken care of.  You should be sitting all stress free now."  Trixie skipped off back to her room with Stella.

"I know.  Or I don't know.  I think I came to the conclusion that being here in LA makes me sad.  I mean I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Daniel and now we're not together and I'm still here.  I guess I need to redefine it or something."  Anne's heart sank a bit.  She and Daniel had been separated for almost two years, but he finally made the move to make the divorce final by filing before she went on vacation. It still felt raw.  Anne was still angry, or maybe disappointed.  She couldn't tell yet as those two emotions just blurred together into a self destructive path of wallowing and self pity.  "I just thought this marriage was the one.  I was willing to do anything to make this one work.  This felt like a real marriage."  Anne was almost in tears.

"Oh Sweetie.  Even if he came back now begging to get back together, would you?  I mean he hit you!  Even without that fact, he's a self centered weenie!  I didn't like him when you dated him in high school, but you know that."

"I know." Anne rolled her eyes. "It just seemed different when we reconnected.  And it was for a while.  He seemed different."

LaVerne continues, "Well, a leopard really never changes his spots.  Believe me.  He put on a good show for a while, but that can never last.  I'd just be thankful you're not in that anymore.  Besides, who doesn't show up when their wife is having surgery?  He's a weenie.  You deserve so much better.  But I know what you mean.  When Big Norm did what he did to me, my world was crushed.  I vested so much trust in that man and he destroyed me when he broke it."

"I feel like I'm never going to be able to trust anyone again."

"And maybe you won't.  It took me 9 years before I trusted enough to marry again and even then I didn't really trust him.  Fucking men.  Anyway, when are you coming back up here?  That movie I want to see is coming out the end of the month.  Will you be here for that?"

"I don't know Mom.  I just got back home here.  I was thinking of staying down here for at least a couple months so I can get some stuff taken care of.You know, work and clients that I have here."

"Oh, OK.  Well, I guess I'll see you when I see you."  LaVerne was good at giving the guilt trip.

"Mom.  I'll be back up in a couple months.  I love you and when I come up I'll take you and Dorothy to one of the casinos so you can do a little gambling like we did before I left."

"Oh!  That would be so good Honey!  Dorothy would love that!" 

Dorothy was Mom's last living friend.  They had been friends since they were 5 and their birthdays were 6 days apart.  Anne loved getting together with the two of them.  So many stories and at 87, both had loosened their filters.  Sometimes when she got together with them, she would bring her good camera and film them.  She had a need to record everything in her life.  It was a weird need to have documentation just in case she needed to go back, like a manual of mistakes and sometimes revelations to learn from or remember.  In this case, it was just to have a memoir of her own mother knowing that at age 87, time was precious and short and there we so many aspects of her own mother that Anne never really understood until recently.


To Be Continued... 


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