Forever isn't long enough

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Submitted: July 16, 2019

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Submitted: July 16, 2019



Forever isn't long enough

I want to be with you forever,
But forever isn't love enough,
The idea of us splitting,
Would make me feel all kinds of rough,

You're beautiful inside and out,
I'd never let you go,
You've impacted my life in such a way,
That if you left, it would affect my soul,

I'd be a walking corpse,
I'd pay no attention to life,
You're like a drug, I'm an addict,
Sounds so wrong, but feels right,

You just don't see it,
How amazing you are,
If someone asked me to live without you,
I'd choose death over being apart,

I love you with all I have,
And that will never stop,
Before you came along,
I was mentally lost,

But now you're here,
I've found myself,
I got these feelings,
I've never felt,

They're all about you,
No room for other women,
I can't live in this world,
If you're not in it...

Written by Sohaaaaail

© Copyright 2019 Sohaaaaail. All rights reserved.

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